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2015-10-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: *yawns softly, walking in the doorway to the dim-lit room. A quick rustle as she hangs her weapons belt near the door and kicks her shoes off, and a scattered trail of clothes lead to the bed as she strips down to a open backed thin shirt and shorts before laying across the bed*

2015-10-07 [Lord Arthin]: *there is a soft knock on the door as Arthin requests entrance, though he has been invited. Always the gentleman*

2015-10-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: "Is open. Comeon in." *calls softly*

2015-10-07 [Lord Arthin]: *he walks in and looks around, smiling* you have a lovely room here, briar. *the door is closed behind him and he follows the trail of clothes to where she lies on the bed.* "though the room is not the only lovely thing"

2015-10-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: "It's still undergoing some changes since Mistress Ana forced me to actually unpack..." She says, rolling to her belly to prop up on her elbows. Her tail brushing agaisnt her legs as she looks around shyly. " thanks."

2015-10-07 [Lord Arthin]: He sits down on the bed, within touching distance but not directly next to her, his eyes not really breaking contact, save for one moment to take in her appearance. "And where was it that you intended for me to sleep." He sas with a teasing smile.

2015-10-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: She grins quickly, flashing sharp teeth. "Where ever you think would be most...comfortable." Her response is light, teasing and almost sassy as her head tilts sideways to take a long quiet look at him. It's a big room, though the only obvious sleeping space is the bed they currently inhabit there are pillows, cushions and blankets strewn in haphazard pies around the open space. Piled near the fire is a thick fur rugs and what looks like the remains of a sleeping space. It's obvious she's spent at least a few nights asleep there, though no signs of others in the room.

"All the room is available, Arthin. You're welcome to...any, of it."

2015-10-07 [Lord Arthin]: He reaches out and runs a finger gently down her spine, his grin becoming teasingly assured. "And where will you be sleeping? From the looks of it you seem to have a couple of favorite spots"

2015-10-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: She bites her lip to stifle the softly in-drawn breath at his touch, a shiver down her body betraying her. "I...generally sleep where I drop. Tonight, probably right. here."

She taps the bedspread under her, indicating the more the kingsized bed below them both.

2015-10-07 [Lord Arthin]: He smiles at the reaction the touch to her spine produced and leans down. "I believe the bed will suit me fine as well." He says softly before nipping lightly on the tip of her ear.

2015-10-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her breath stutters at the nip and words, a deep flush coloring her pale skin. "Th-there are no shoes allowed. In the bed, that shoes allowed int eh bed." She stammers, teasing.

2015-10-07 [Lord Arthin]: He smiles and nips her ear again, his hand tracing an intricate pattern across the skin of her back as he says "I wasn't planning on wearing..." He pauses and gives her a lascivious look, to make sure his meaning is abundantly clear. " shoes"

2015-10-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her lips curl into an unrepentant grin before she hides her face against the bed spread, her shoulders arching to press into his touch as her breath goes out, hard. "Oh. Well. That...that works. "

2015-10-07 [Lord Arthin]: He kicks off his shoes while chuckling and slides onto the bed, his hand still tracing patterns on her back whole his other combs her hair out of the way, and his head moves in, nipping the outside of her ear.

2015-10-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: She sighs softly in pleasure, shifting just enough to tuck her feet under the puddle of blankets at the foot of the bed, the movement curing ehr back into his touch.

2015-10-07 [Lord Arthin]: Smiling, he sucks on her earlobe, his hand now on the small of her back and moving inexorably towards the waistline of her shorts. His own jacket is shrugged off and tossed aside.

2015-10-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: A shiver runs through her body as he moves, drawing a quiet whimper from her lips as her hips shift agaisnt the bed.

2015-10-07 [Lord Arthin]: Questing fingers tease along the base of her tail and a gentle hand slips under her, cupping her chin and raising it from the bed so that his lips can meet hers.

2015-10-07 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her head lifts in his palm, meeting his kiss hungrily as she arches her shoulders up off the bed to meet him.

2015-10-07 [Lord Arthin]: A grin when he breaks the kiss and he uses the arch of her shoulders to flip her onto her back. He covers her body with his and kisses her again just as hungrily as she had returned his kiss, one hand keeping his full weight off her, the other sliding up her stomach, under her shirt.

2015-10-08 [Pretty Little Slut]: Rolls with the shift in position, her arms coming up to drag against his sides and shoulders teasingly. Pressing to the exploring touch against her cool skin, the fabric riding up around his arm as he moves.

2015-10-08 [Lord Arthin]: A small shudder ripples down his back at her touch on his shoulders. His lips press to hers as his hand slides up her stomach, brushing against the bottom of her breasts.

2015-10-08 [Pretty Little Slut]: A soft groan brushes against his lips as her body reacts to his touch. Nails, sharp but gently used, tracing parallel down his spine to rest against his hips as she nips at his lips.

2015-10-08 [Lord Arthin]: A shiver follows her nails aND he returns the nip, his hand brushing her breasts as it travels up between them, sliding her shirt up with his wrist

2015-10-08 [Pretty Little Slut]: Growls softly, pulling his hips down to her body as her fingers tighten under his shirt. "Off. Take this off."

2015-10-08 [Lord Arthin]: He chuckles and nips her neck playfully. "Impatient aren't we?" He leans up and takes his shirt off, simultaneously finishing the removal of her shirt and tossing both pieces of clothing aside

2015-10-08 [Pretty Little Slut]: She grins, propping up on her elbows behind her with a hungry look to watch him. "Well...I've been accused of that a time or two...I'm more then haappy to confess to it."

2015-10-08 [Lord Arthin]: "Shall I take my pants off as well while I'm at it?" His eyes travel up and down her body, glinting in the light and his tongue traces over his lips, he definitely likes what he sees

2015-10-08 [Pretty Little Slut]: A faint flush of pleasure colors her cheeks and chest, the quickened breathing catching the light against the small sliver hoop that adorns one breast, the only thing left on her but a nearly sheer thong slung over her hips. Her tail brushed against her legs as teeth catch on her lips before responding. " Well... unless you want them ripped, it's probably a wise move, yes."

2015-10-08 [Lord Arthin]: He chuckles and stands to drop his pants, kicking them aside, he sits back on the bed, now clad in only a pair of black silk boxers. He leans over and kisses her neck, tongue flicking out to taste her skin as his hands explore her soft skin, one playing with the small hoop through her nipple. "I love piercings..."

2015-10-09 [Pretty Little Slut]: Upturned lips show a wicked grin, her dark eyes intently watching him move. Her head tilting gently back at the teasing lick as she sighs in pleasure at his touch, bringing her body into a long arch to press against his palm. "I've always been fond of them, myself."

2015-10-09 [Lord Arthin]: "I think you'll like what you'll find under my boxers then" He chuckles and nips her neck, not content to stay in one place he moves down, nipping and kissing over her collarbone and up her chest.

2015-10-09 [Pretty Little Slut]: "O-oh?" She queries, shivering under his teeth briefly before hooking her fingers in the waist of his boxers teasingly, her pale skin showing each nip cleanly as she grins. "Do Show me, please?"

2015-10-09 [Lord Arthin]: He smiles and slides his body up, the hooked fingers in her boxers pushing them down. Kicking them off, he moves so she can see what is laying between his legs, a fairly thick, long shaft studded with metal, a four rung Jacobs ladder to be precise.

2015-10-09 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her tongue flicks out, licking her lips as he moves to reveal himself, stifling a appreciative growl at the sight. Reaching, she drags one finger ever so lightly up along him, tapping the shimmering rungs as she goes. "mmm, I do indeed like what I find!"

2015-10-09 [Lord Arthin]: "Good" his response is simple and short. A shiver runs through him as her finger trails up the ladder, and it extends slightly as blood fills the organ, making it swell and harden. Lips fasten over her unprecedented nipple, sucking and licking the hard nub of flesh while his fingers play with the ring that adorns the other breast

2015-10-09 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her hand wraps gently around his length, tensing as his lips meet her cooled skin with a gasp of arousal. Stroking her nails teasingly around the rungs, her fingers trace agaisnt the underside of his head before stroking back down.

2015-10-09 [Lord Arthin]: A soft groan escape his lips as he hardens fully under her touch. His teeth press against her skin and his hand slides down her body, over her stomach to those sheer panties, fingers tracing lightly along the hem.

2015-10-09 [Pretty Little Slut]: Hips lift towards his touch, brushing fabric on his fingertips betraying the heat flushing her skin in arousal as she traces abstract patterns along his length. Carefully working her hand over and around his girth with a gentle steady tug.

2015-10-09 [Lord Arthin]: Soft sounds of pleasure muffled by skin as he uses his mouth to tease the bountiful globes of flesh on her chest. His fingers slip under, pushing fabric up to play along her mound and down, slipping teasingly between her legs.

2015-10-09 [Pretty Little Slut]: A quiet whimper slips from her lips as her hips jerk at the tease, brushing a second hoop against his fingers as one leg shifts to the side. Her fingers drift lower, encircling his root in an attempt to wrap her hand fully around him.

2015-10-09 [Lord Arthin]: His fingers, upon finding the hoop, cannot resist playing with it, though gently. Her hand shoots a bolt of pleasure up his spine and he removes his face from her chest long enough to smile at her before pressing his lips to hers.

2015-10-09 [Pretty Little Slut]: She groans, hips lifting helplessly at the playing touch to bring her ringed core off the bed to push against him. Her lips meet him, turned up in a grin as she kisses him deeply.

2015-10-09 [Lord Arthin]: He returns the kiss hungrily, fingers sliding out of her panties and pushing them down her legs, then returning to between her legs, teasing that ring and the flesh nearby as his tongue duels with hers

2015-10-09 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her free hand comes up, wrapping around behind his head to pull his lips tighter to hers, her tongue greedily tasting him as she kicks the damp fabric off her legs. Quiet whimpers fill her mouth at his teasing touch bringing heat swelling through the nub her pierce runs through, gathering wet arousal to his fingertips.

2015-10-09 [Lord Arthin]: The wet arousal makes his playing just slightly erratic, preventing any pattern from forming as fingers slip and slide a bit unpredictably. His tongue explores her mouth as they kiss, his other arm bending, letting his chest press against hers.

2015-10-09 [Pretty Little Slut]: The random touch draws a hitching whimper from her as he leans towards her, her hand drawing along his shaft as her body rocks up to brush agaisnt his skin. Eager sounds spill from her, warm hands pulling ever so gently on his bars.

2015-10-09 [Lord Arthin]: He moves, his body shifting between her legs as similar sounds of pleasure escape his lips from the works of her hands. His chest rubs hers as he does, his lips never leaving hers.

2015-10-09 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her legs move around his, hands working long strokes against his length even as he shifts. Breaking the kiss, her teeth nip at his lips and jawline as her free hand trails across his shoulders over her.

2015-10-09 [Lord Arthin]: He shivers and groans softly as he positions his tip at her entrance. "Godess... " his free hand cups her breast, playing with the ring through her nipple.

2015-10-09 [Pretty Little Slut]: Reluctantly letting his length out of her grip, her hands come up to cradle her breasts together almost as if to offer them. A soft shudder rolls her body against him, her core sweeping heat against his length as she groans under him.

2015-10-09 [Lord Arthin]: His hand squeezes her breast as his thumb slides over her nipple. Bending slightly he applies his mouth to her offering, biting, kissing and licking while pressing with his hips, his tip pushing into her core.

2015-10-09 [Pretty Little Slut]: The breathe goes out of her is a soft moan as her body greedily presses up to meet him, pressing around his head eagerly while her back arches to better hold against his lips as her breasts swell under his ministrations.

2015-10-09 [Lord Arthin]: His mouth feasts on her flesh, covering every inch of her breasts, and leaving a mark or two behind. His hips shift and he presses further into her, the first rung slipping in before he pulls out to just the head again.

2015-10-12 [Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: -Knocks on door-Briar are you ok.

2015-11-05 [Pretty Little Slut]: A soft hiss of approval slips from her at the scattered marking, the sound drawn shallow as the metal teases against her.

"Now see, that's just teasingly unfair...."

2015-11-06 [Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: -smiles after hearing sex sounds and leaves-

2015-11-07 [Lord Arthin]: He smiles and looks at her with heavy lidded eyes and a glint of mischief as his hips thrust, burying himself inside her before pulling out and teasingly pressing just the first run in again. "Patience my dear..."

2015-11-09 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her ears flick back in a gasp of pleasure at the sudden thrust as her hands ball in the sheets below them urgently. Rocking her hips against him, the roll bringing a faint chime as her ring taps against his bars. "...never was one of my strong points."

2015-11-10 [Lord Arthin]: "Mine either..." He pressed his mouth to hers hungrily, his tongue seeking hers for a duel as his hips thrust forward, burying his shaft in her to the hilt once more. Fully sheathed, he rotated his hips, making those piercings scrape around inside her as he stirred.

2015-11-11 [Pretty Little Slut]: She growls, the sound trapped between their mouths as he drives into her fully. Hands pulling agaisnt his hips as she holds him tight against her, shuddering at the feeling of the metal against her warm core.

2015-11-11 [Lord Arthin]: A sound of pleasure, halfway between a moan and a growl echoed from his lips as he obeyed the pressure of her hands, hips pressed tight to hers but in motion, grinding around.

2015-12-26 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her spine bends, arching her body under his in shuddering arousal. Hands clenching uselessly against his hips as her nails scrabble for purchase on his skin, lips parting as a low moan of pleasure slips her lips in the otherwise quiet room.

2015-12-26 [Lord Arthin]: He presses his lips to hers roughly, the gentle exploring of earlier gone as his tongue invades her mouth, his hips beating a rhythm of pleasure against hers and animal noises echo in his throat. 

2015-12-26 [Pretty Little Slut]: Sharp teeth nip at his lips, her teasing gone ragged as she drags nails agaisnt his back with her need to move. Her hips roll in effort to drive him ever deeper within her.

2015-12-26 [Lord Arthin]: Deeper, and faster, his hips slam into hers, moving them both forward with every thrust. Her nails leave red streaks on his pale skin, and his guttural moans increase in intensity. His peak is close and every movement drives it closer

2015-12-26 [Pretty Little Slut]: A sudden shudder catches her as her body contracts hard around his, her pleasure spilling over with a loud howl as her head tilts up and back with the sensation. Lifting her hips, she braces as he drives into her center, her body eagerly taking his length.

2015-12-26 [Lord Arthin]: The contraction is too much for him and he buries himself within jer, his voice joining hers as she howls. An eruption, the best way to describe it, hot seed explodes from him, coating her inner walls, his body stiffening with pleasure.

2015-12-26 [Pretty Little Slut]: Molten pleasure floods her body, driving her over the edge at thier joining. digging her grip into his hips to hold him against her, her head drops down to lay a line of teeth filled kisses along his neck as her pulse thunders.

2015-12-26 [Lord Arthin]: Slowly, ever so slowly, he comes down from the peak, her teeth and lips keeping him shuddering past what is normal as he lays atop her, his breathing calming. His own lips nip at her ear before his hand moves, holding her chin lightly so he can kiss her again.

2015-12-26 [Pretty Little Slut]: She meets his lips gently, small shivers running through her as she cools, achingly aware of the touch of skin against skin down her body. Carefully relaxing her hands she gathershim in her arms, a grin twisting her lips agaisnt his.

2015-12-26 [Lord Arthin]: An arm slips under her and he rolls, shifting their positions though not their joining, his own lips grinning back at one of the better experiences he's had in the last few months. "Mmmm..." words may have followed, had they not died in the relaxation of the afterglow

2015-12-26 [Pretty Little Slut]: She curls against him, enjoying the warmth as she murmurs in agreement. Idle hands trace featherlight against his skin, soaking in the pleasure of touch between them as she looks at him.

2015-12-26 [Lord Arthin]: His hands caress her as he looks back, their bodies basking in warmth and the sensations that have come and gone. 

2015-12-26 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her eyes go slightly hazed at his touch against her back. the feeling as always, bringing a shier as his fingers brush against her namesake marque, the ink standing bold against her otherwise pale back. Shifting slightly, her hips still pressed to his, she leans to kiss him deeply, the metal through her skin brushing his chest.

2015-12-26 [Lord Arthin]: His fingers, more sensitive than one would think, trace her marque, exploring it as his lips press against hers, the metal through her skin cool against his heated flesh, his own metal still warm from their joining but brushing her still.

2015-12-26 [Pretty Little Slut]: She sucks in a involuntary gasp, going still under his touch as a trail of goosebumps follows his fingers, the sound muffled against his lips as she draws tense against him. the stark lines of the marque flow under his touch, as her eyes slide shut, enjoying the long missed touch.

2015-12-26 [Lord Arthin]: He caresses the lines, tracing the pattern. "Oh if only I'd seen this before... perhaps next time..." He smiles and nips her neck, rolling his hips against her as she tenses against him.

2015-12-26 [Pretty Little Slut]: She glances at him, a sort of wary apologetic look to her eyes. "I didn't know you'd understand it...most think it just ink, if they see it at all. It's been...a long time, since I bore it openly." A deep shiver rolls her body over his, caught between hims teeth and the touch of his body holding her near helpless.

2015-12-26 [Lord Arthin]: "Next time we shall both perform the languisment, and I shall bathe every stroke of your marque with my tongue." He pauses for a moment and looks at her. "You're not an anguisette are you?"

2015-12-26 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her eyes go guarded suddenly, an uneasy wariness to them before she responds carefully. "...and if I were?" Under his touch, she is tight and still, almost as if fear coiled through her alongside the pleasure.

2015-12-26 [Lord Arthin]: He feels her tense and stops, looking at her. "Are you? I was jesting but your reaction... its almost as if you think I would reject you because of that."

2015-12-26 [Pretty Little Slut]: "There are....very few, who have any understanding of pain and pleasure, fewer still those who know the coin has only one side to it." She looks away slightly, licking her lips. "Most consider us sick, or cursed, but...yes. I am a lypiphera, as we are known outside of Terre d'Ange."

2015-12-26 [Lord Arthin]: "I do not consider you sick. And it is my great pleasure to meet one of the rarer types of people on the earth. In all my long life I have known of a few, but never had the opportunity to meet one until now."

2015-12-26 [Pretty Little Slut]: A brush of color stains her cheeks as she shifts atop him. "Well meet, I would say."

2015-12-26 [Lord Arthin]: He smiles and traces her marque again, licking his lips, his body shifting under hers. "Well met indeed."

2015-12-26 [Pretty Little Slut]: A soft whimper escapes her lips, hands clutching in the sheets below them at his motion.

2015-12-26 [Lord Arthin]: "Give me a few more more moments. I may be ready to go again" He grins and slips his hands up her body to cup her breasts.

2015-12-26 [Pretty Little Slut]: She sits up slightly, straddling him to rest her hands on his chest. The change forces her breasts to mound, light glinting off the horizontal balls flanking her taunt nipples as they fill his hands. "That involves waiting...hadn't we already established I'm not so good at that?"

2015-12-26 [Lord Arthin]: His fingers rub at the mounds of her breasts before sliding down to grasp those bars and pull on them. His hips roll, his shaft, which had been soft, gradually hardening. "That is true..."

2015-12-26 [Pretty Little Slut]: A quiet pleasant growl as she shifts with the pull, the shift further arching her back rocking her against his length from where she straddles his hips.

2015-12-26 [Lord Arthin]: Another roll of the hips, grinding against her as he twists those bars, then releasing, his hands curling around her back to pull her down to him.

2015-12-26 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her lips part in a near silent gasp at the twist, dropping to come face to face with him with hazy eyes. Her skin chill where it brushes his.

2015-12-27 [Lord Arthin]: He smiles at her and bites her neck, hard, nearly hard enough to draw blood as his nails rake down her back, only lessening the pressure as he reaches her marque and begins to trace it

2015-12-28 [Pretty Little Slut]: She arches under his nails, grinding her body against his with a guttural moan of pleasure. Tilting her head slightly, her pulse racing strong between his teeth, she shudders at the swift change in sensation as his fingers trace against the bold inked skin.

2015-12-31 [Snakebyte Forktounge]: -walks in seeing lupa cumming

2016-01-01 [Lord Arthin]: A feral smile and his hands drift to her hips, pushing so that his next roll pushes his length inside her. Once there, his hands drift back to her back, stroking and dragging his nails as he licks along her pulse, still clenched between his teeth.

2016-01-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her lips part around an indrawn gasp as he sinks within her once more, hands bracing against his chest to hold her steady. Under his hands, she's a constant movement, reacting to each touch as the tracks of his nails lush red against her pale skin.

2016-01-01 [Lord Arthin]: His lips leave her skin, opening to murmur words of pleasure in several languages, not all of them still spoken, as his hips roll and gyrate beneath her, not matching her movement, but countering, so that every thrust is that much deeper, every withdrawal that much faster so that the insertion is that much faster.

2016-01-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: Faint color tints her cheeks as she draws herself up slightly, the low light of the room shimmering off her skin and metal. The shift changes his angle, forcing her to accommodate him deeper as her hips rock against his.

2016-01-01 [Lord Arthin]: His skin is flushed, and shining from their exertions. His grip on her slips, his hands slick against her skin as he rocks into her. One slides up, tangling in her hair, tugging hard, forcing her body to arch as he sits up on one elbow and takes one of her nipples into his mouth, biting it.

2016-01-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: She cries out as he pulls her back, the firm hold making it nearly impossible for her to move. A shudder of pleasure twists through her spasming muscles as he bites down against the metal studded flesh displayed before him.

2016-01-01 [Lord Arthin]: Biting hard and sucking as his he hips still, unable to move in the current position, the hand in her hair holding her, making certain his feast remains on the table as it were.

2016-01-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: Quiet whimpers of arousal escape as her hands move to cradle his lips to her chest. The spike of heat forcing her body to jerk and grind tight around him, she sinks into the taunt grip, deepening the arch heedlessly.

2016-01-01 [Lord Arthin]: His gripping on her hair tightens, pulling her towards the end point, the point at which her body can bend no more as his lips teeth and tongue make a feast of her chest. His legs bend and his elbow and feet form a bridge as he arches up into her, the position a strain but worth it if the sounds of pleasure from his throat are indicative.

2016-01-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: Trapped in his hold as her body bends in his hands, her chest pressing up to his lips eagerly. Tiny shifts of her hips, the only move they can make, as her hands splay and clench against his legs where they've fallen as a deep moan works her throat.

2016-01-01 [Lord Arthin]: Suddenly he releases her and stops moving, a devilish grin playing across his face. "Perhaps we should change the play, my dear."

2016-01-01 [Pretty Little Slut]: She looks up at him, blinking dark eyes to focus. "Oh..? Something on your mind?"

2016-01-01 [Lord Arthin]: He is panting slightly as he looks at her. "Do you happen to have any silken rope?"

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