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Written about Friday 2011-12-02
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Some people are just too far gone to help.

So, I go into the Craigslist forums and I see a post talking about a pit bull that attacked a 71 year old woman "Un-provoked" in the kitchen of her son or something, taking her nose and a part of her cheek off. The dog was instantly put down for aggression and to retrieve the nose and part of her face.

So I stated to the people of Craigslist that dogs just do not attacked un-provoked. There is something that always causes something like this to happen. Whether the woman was down the the dog's face, was making a noise it's never heard, had a cane that it had never seen, down to the color of her blouse.. Something caused that dog to be so uncomfortable to make it feel the need to protect itself.

There are also tell signs that a dog is severely uncomfortable, like it has a tight face, whale eyes (eyes that are so wide, you see the whites), tight body leaning forward, tail tightly up, so many different signs the owner should have been able to tell and get the dog out of the situation.

Now, this dog has had two previous attack history. So this was his third attack. I also stated in my post that it was the owner's fault (after being accused of blaming the victim) for letting it happen the second time and then this time. It could have all been avoided in multiple ways.

The after the first time the dog attacked, it should have gone to the vet to see if he had any underlying medical problem that could have caused this behavior, and some of the times it is. If there wasn't a problem with that, they should have seeked a professional behaviorist to determine 1. if the dog was safe to go back to the home, and 2. determined what caused the attack and help the dog overcome it's fear of what caused him to attack.
Or they should have the dog in the other room away from guests, warning that their dog has attacked someone before, but are keeping him in the other room to prevent it.

If the owner had done any of this, the second and the most recent attack should have been prevented. But no. It's the owner's fault that it happened, once, twice, and a third time. And due to their stupidity, we lost another dog that could have easily been corrected (depending on everything stated above), and now they are probably going to get another dog and it will probably happen again.

I was called a dipshit and a moron among other names by the so called craigslisters that "Know everything". They would rather put a dog down and be morons for the rest of their lives than helping the dog overcome it's fears, or medical problems causing such behaviors.

Yep. Gotta love this world we live in.

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Written about Thursday 2011-09-29
Written: (3923 days ago)

Im thinking of Starting a donation fund thing for people to help spay and neuter their animals and help catch and fix spays and possibly find them homes. This is just an idea, and I don't know how many would back me up. I think everyone knows me enough that I wouldn't use it for anything besides what it's for, besides it would be a separate paypal account and I could screen shot it every week or so to prove Im not using it.

Idk, what are your thoughts on it?

I am just hoping to help bring down the rate of animals going in the shelters and being put down and not having a chance at life just because it was born, or some one didn't want that animal anymore.

So basically, a spay/neuter fund, emergency vet fund (not my own unless LAST resort), donations to local rescues/shelters, that sort of thing. I am going to be making calls soon to see if I can even do this and if it is allowed or anything.

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