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Written about Wednesday 2011-11-16
Written: (3722 days ago)

Pick her up and pretend you're going to throw her in the pool. She'll scream and fight you, but secretly, she'll love it. Hold her hand while you talk. Hold her hand when you drive. Just hold her hand. Tell her she looks pretty. Look her in the eyes when you talk to her. Protect her. Tell her stupid jokes. Tickle her, even when she says stop. When she starts swearing at you, tell her you love her. Let her fall asleep in your arms. Get her mad, then kiss her. Tease her and let her tease you back. Kiss her on the cheek. Kiss her on the forehead. Just kiss her. Let her wear your clothes. Go slow. Don't push anything. When you fall in love with her, TELL HER.

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Written about Friday 2011-07-01
Written: (3860 days ago)

Have you ever heard of the Rodeo? (s*x position)

It's when mount your woman from behind, start off slowly and then grab her love handles. Then tell her this is the position her sister loves and then see how long you can hold on for!

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Written about Saturday 2010-12-25
Written: (4048 days ago)

-Kissing is healthy.
-Bananas are good for cramps.
-Chicken soup actually makes you feel better.
-Its true. Guys DO insult you if they like you.
-Having someone rub your tummy when it hurts actually helps it.
-89% of guys would want girls to make the first move.
-Girls love it when Guys hug them from behind the waist.
-Chocolate makes you feel better.
-Girls love it when guys let them wear their hoodie or jacket.
-Guys think its cute when you mess up.

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Written about Thursday 2010-09-30
Written: (4134 days ago)

Behind this innocent smile of mine lay words that go unsaid, words of longing, love, anger, and hate all repeating inside my head. I just wish I could be as strong for myself as I am is for everyone else..

*hurt and crushed*

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Written about Tuesday 2010-09-21
Written: (4143 days ago)

Well this night has been a real winner!
Almost went and beat a bitch
I walked into the china cabnet
we heard a strange sound from up stairs that had us scared outta our minds!
So Its bedd time for me

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Written about Tuesday 2010-08-31
Written: (4164 days ago)

Yepp today is not my day! I didnt wake up in time to fix my sister's hair this morning. I slept all day. I burnt dinner! I cut my finger! I almost burn the house down. Any one else thing I should have stayed in bed?

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