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Bixxy Bexxy Boxxy Buu (Only really here for [Deleted user])

Member #10643 created: 2010-10-26 20:07:19Simple URL:   

Name: ♥Boxxy♥


Image missing.


Looking for
Sharing experiencesFemaleMale
18-30 years31-45 yearsMaster
MistressSlim peopleMuscular people
Tall Peoplebisexualsgenderless

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: all sexes

Sexual perversions
watchinghaving spankinggetting analsex
dick-suckingwatching squirtsbukkake

Body shape: big breasted

Height: 63

Age: 38Year of birth: 1984Month of birth: 11Day of birth: 17

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What is a Boxxy?

1.A jittery camgirl with constant eye movements, subject changing, and tonal variation.

2.A hyperactive young girl with a ton of eyeliner.

3.An unbelievably annoying yet strangely mesmerizing cam-girl that has the weird ability to bring YOUR FUCKING INTERNET TO IT'S FUCKING KNEES.

4.An adorable young girl. She exudes love and innocence in a unique, charming manner, often bringing joy and happiness to those with a pure heart despite the jaded world we currently live in. The only hope for mankind.

5.A seductive lady ;)

6.The Queen, Ruler of the earth, heavenly power, Divine might etc.

7.Boxxy is a computer generated image of a young girl. She only exist on the internet. Rumor has it that she was made by MIT computer geeks as a way to cause chaos world wide.

8.The name of the child in result of Oxxy and Boom's sensual making of love.

Since some people can't understand my language allow me to educate you.

Boxxy Definitions

1. Choup- Yep, mhm, oki, okay, ok, yes, yeah, etc...

2. Merph- An expulsion of air in a grunting motion usually signifying displeasure.

3. Okiilubibi- Okay I love you bye bye.

4. Fail- The act of disappointing a Boxxy with lame pick up lines, pushy attitudes, and anything in general that makes her face palm.

5. Meep- ish Boxxy for EEEK, Shriek, AHHH, IIIIYYAAEEE, etc...

6. Cookie Pants- Comfy pajama pants worn while lounging around the house, usually accompanied by an oversize Beetles tee shirt.

7. Squee- A high pitch girly squeal of excitment.

8. Fanfloggintastic- An expression used to show great and total joy with the events in Boxxy's life.

9. poilicentankoo- Ish Boxxy for please and thank you (cause they are the magic words).

10. Doy- A word that is used to express obviousness (Made for [Deleted user])

11. Nu- No

12. D'aww- Awwww..with a "D" sound

13. Hissimplosion- An act so volatile that if one comes in contact with it they will melt by the amount of estrogen induced rage being aimed toward them. Happens when people don't play by my rules.

14. Ishoki- Boxxy for it's okay.


I didn't want to have to come to this, but if you are about to engage in conversation with me only to see my personal wiki's then it may be in your best interest to click away right now. I have no time for you people (male and female) who do not legitimately want to be my friend.

Boxxy FAQ

What is up?- Probably my cholesterol.

What do you wanna talk about?- If you messaged me in the first place then you better come up with something (Squirrels are always a good conversation mover).

What do you do?- I'm an attorney (private practice).

Hobbies/what I do for fun? I play more video games than a person should, I read books (it's like the internet made of paper), I cook, I exercise...ish, I drive really...really...REALLY fast, and I have recently taken up origami.

What do you drive?- 2011 BMW X3 SUV and 2011 BMW Z4 convertible. Both white.

Wanna play?- What are we playing?

Wanna play with my body?- Unless you are designed to link up to DQ9 and have wifi capability then no sorry.

How did I find Fake?- Interestingly enough I was at my office (bored as usual) and while I was supposed to be listening to some banter (my employees hate me for my childlikeness) but instead I was cruising google. I found Fake when I typed in Swedish and Sex (also some stuff about sheep fornication...but that's another story). so I was curious and made a profile. In like 2 minutes I got like 15 messages. So yeah I log on (or try to) daily now and keep up with all the wonderful people on here :D

So a few things you may need to know. I love sending little stickman images to people...I don't know why. Engaging in conversation with me can be fun and exciting (I've been known to bubble) or will result in you leaving with your reproductive organs tucked firmly between your legs (unless you reproductive organs are aesthetically pleasing then you will just walk away in shame). I play dumb for the most part...but seeing as I received a JD from Georgetown University at the ripe age of 24, it maybe best that you don't ruffle my feather too much as I have also been known to verbally nuke people into a fine powder. I am for the most part a huge nerd girl. I own more video games than I should (I love going to markets and finding old systems). I also have a hard on for collectible book, cards, etc... I hate math...I just do. My favorite flower is the ironweed. Eric Clapton gets my motor running. I can't dance to save my life (DDR excluded). I have an amazing man. He's loyal, friendly, smart, handsome, and athletic...if only he wasn't so furry (I of course am speaking of my wonderful golden retriever Buddy *mama lurvesh you*). Last but certainly not least I love doing volunteer work. It is just so fun to get to share with my community and other communities. I guess I will work more on this later.

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Gender: female

Place of living: Travelling around

Exact place of living: Here and there

Known languages
Sign LanguageEnglish

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