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Hey everyone! It's [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]! I have loved every minute of fake and wouldn't trade it! So, to get things moving a bit, contests are re-opened to people who have been in them and can now re-apply! We need more fun sex stories and more hot sexy pictures from all you awesome Fakers out there! Don't be afraid to show, or type up, that hot stuff! Click below for contests and stories to add in on!

Love you all! <3 <3 <3

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The pet

The Pet - [Hardee Har har]

Cynthia waited by the window, her gaze never leaving the street. She sat on the couch, as she had for several hours, waiting for the midnight sheen of his car to pull up. She checked the phone he bought for her-still no messages. It was 4:59 Pm. Almost five. He'd be home any moment now, but those seconds stretched into the longest of hours.

Her thoughts wandered, as they often did, to his commitment. To loyalty. Cynthia had certainly been loyal. She'd fallen for Jericho a month after meeting him. He was a warm, happy man that seemed almost like a caricature of what they showed “real men” were on TV. He was a contrast to her in almost every way-Tall, almost so skinny that the autumn winds would blow him away. Cynthia most certainly had hips and a bust, but they felt too close on her small frame.. She had to look up just to speak to him. She felt so lacking compared to Jericho, so unfulfilled.

That's why she had agreed, with a blush in her cheeks, when Jericho told her what he was like behind closed doors.

She checked her phone again. 5 PM. Her heart lept, and she jumped off the couch. She ran to the kitchen, reaching for a black dog collar that lay there. She quickly tore off her top, freeing her G cups as her legs wrestled to get out of her pants. Her panties were an after thought as she ran to the door, snapping the collar around her neck. She sat on her knees again, ignoring their ache as she stood staring at the door handle.

This new addition writes so much we can expect more great sexy stories from him! :) If you wanna read the full version click here! --> http://fake.swedma.com/wiki.html?name=The%20Pet


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If you have already enrolled in Slut of the Week even though you have already, don't be shy and enter again! Many have asked but due to Fake! rules it isn't allowed. But due to the contest being dead and many wanting to show off their kinky goods, an exception has been made! :)

Enroll here to join the contest and show us what you have ;) -> Slut of the Week - Applications

Hope to see what the new contest pics will be! <3

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