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Shrine Maidens

Shrine Maidens by [Hardee Har har]

The stone gleamed smooth in the candle light. Worn by time and her hands, Erin slung a rag over her shoulder. Despite it's age, she still could make out the full, round face. The curve of the hips, carved so supple one couldn't help but touch them. But it was the chest that demanded eyes, two massive globes of solid rock. Unlike the rest of the statue, they held the most detail. Two pert nipples, the rock sloped in such a way the breasts appeared to sag. It was these that made Erin bend at the waist, her brow furrowed as she pulled the rag from her shoulder.

She buffed the cleavage of the statue, and scrubbed at the white lichen between them. She wasn't sure how or why it appeared. Yet every morning for the last week, there it was. Regardless of how much she scrubbed, or how hard, it was back again the next day. Erin sighed, and dabbed at her brow with the rag. She turned her head towards the massive double doors behind her. Her ears strained to listen, past the shrine, into the house.

Nothing but a cicada's song broke the silence. She walked towards the doors, and brought them to a close.

Erin reached between her massive breasts, and pulled out a lighter. The green Bic was slick in her hands. She wiped it upon her skirt, and walked back towards the looming statue. She knelt with a sigh, and tried to ignore the warm spiderweb of pain. It always started in her back, but had grown to settle in her knees over the years. She sat upon them, and ignored the pop that flied loose. She leaned forward, her massive breasts meeting her chin. The flame flicked sure from the Bic as she lit a stick of incense. She laid it in a bowl near the statues feet, and clasped her hands together.

She inhaled, the scent of lilac thick as her head tilted back. As she gazed upon the statues face, her lips parted in a silent prayer.

“Mighty Aquiras, gift mother,” said Erin, “Thy will manifest throughout. A humble servant comes to beg pardon at your feet,”

The smoke flickered from the incense stick, and Erin's voice paused. She watched as the smoke wavered, then returned it's continual plume to the ceiling. She swallowed, and inhaled once more as she continued.

“I have served you since before this shrine was built. Before the town around it, before the great forgetfulness. I was young once,” she said. Erin's grip tightened around her fingers. Her nostrils flared as her eyes cinched shut, her head bending forward. As she felt the warmth of her breasts meet her chin, she sighed. Her eyes opened, and her hands met her lap.

“I was young, but that was some time ago. Before motherhood, before age crept upon me. I implore you, pass this burden from me. Pass it to one of the three you've gifted me with, or this servitude will bring my death. I ask this only because-”

Her nose wriggled, and Erin bent forward. The incense had gone out in the bowl, burnt to the end. A full stick had smoldered before her moments before. She tilted her head as she stared, only to jump as the doors behind her slammed open. She gave a cry as she landed on her rump, and turned her head towards the doors.

No one stood there. Not her daughters, not a visitor. Erin turned her head back to the statue, only to be meant with the smell of lilacs once more. Her gaze drifted, the color draining from her face as she saw every stick of incense that was left burning in the bowl. She placed a hand on her knee, and tightened her kimono as she rose with a grunt. She smacked her hand against her lapels. Her breasts jiggled on her chest, and she let out a sigh as she turned away.

“Thy will be done, Aquiras. Thy gift unforgotten,” she said with a sigh. As she approached the doors, she turned her head back. She squinted in the dusky dark of the shrine, towards the massive statue that dominated the back wall.

She could have swore the white lichen reappeared. Right between the breasts. Erin shook her head, and stepped out of the doorway.


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