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If you could only achieve one orgasm before the world ends, you would... (Suggested by [LooseLips]. Suggest at Poll Topic Suggestions!)

* Masturbate.
* Make love to spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend.
* Make love to a farm animal.
* Hook up with a stranger.
* Find a cheap hooker.
* Find an expensive hooker.
* Organize an orgy with other people needing to orgasm.
* Try a sexual fantasy/experiment (tell details in comments).
* Fuck you, I'm celibate.

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Fake (Real Time) Chat

Fake now has a real time chat! It's accessible on the page Fake Chat - just enter your name in the username box that appears and you'll be good to go and chat with other Fakers.

Encourage your friends to join and hang out!

From: Stephen
2014-03-10 19:08:38


Apply to the Crew

We're always looking for new Crew members to bring a fresh perspective to Fake and give us sexy ideas! If you think you're up to that, then apply to the crew! Note that previous experience is not required, but it does help!

Also note that you cannot apply to be among the Guards.

From: Stephen
2013-12-22 05:25:56

This is the Main of Fake

Welcome to Fake!

Last donors:
Bat Zaddy Tr!X* Stephen NerdyGothCurves Doll
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Fake's Future & You

{This is not "official news", it's more me hijacking the news - like an Editorial in a newspaper.}

Fake is pretty slow nowadays. Not much happens, only a couple hundred active members. That can be changed, and YOU can play a role in that.

Get friends to join Fake. Help recruit new members. Spread some activity; join a contest, offer to host an official contest. Make a fun wikipage for people to use and chat on.

Most of the members who are still here have a reason to be - memories, friends to keep in touch with, or just liking the easy access to porn and community. Keep it that way, help it grow.

The Council wants that to happen, and they'd love to help anyone out. If you have ideas, thoughts, comments or want to help - let us know on the Council page. If there's a page you think should be on Main so more people can see it, tell us about it on the Council page.

PS: Site redesigns aren't likely. Sorry. Nothing we can do. So anything about that is probably a no-go.

Date: 2019-01-15 21:32:23
News #: 117
Reporter: Stephen
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Fake Chat

---- > Submit a story to Daily Sex Story to see your work here, and earn a sexy badge in the process! < ----

Until a new story is selected, here's a temp plug for Fake's Live Chat, normally found on Fake Chat.

Fake Chat Help and Questions   Press <Show Content> to see information.

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Q) What is an "OP"?
A) An OP is a chat operator; it means they are a Moderator in the chat.

Q) I'd like to be a Chat Boss, how do I become one?
A) The Council appoints new Chat Bosses (OPs) as needed, picked from members who are active and helpful on the chat.

Q) I don't know how to use this chat, I'm completely confused.
A) You just type your username into the chat-box widget located above. For a list of commands you can use in the chat, keep reading on.

Q) I have a question not on this list!
A) You can always ask in the "to the crew" forum or comment box of this page. ;)

General Information and Useful Commands

Show content
Command                                                   What it does
/me <action>                                                                Performs an actions. IE: Stephen dances.
/nick <newnickname>                                                         Changes your nickname into the entered nickname.
/ns register {yourPassword} {yourEmailAccountName@yourMailProvider}         Allows you to protect your nickname with a password.
/ignore <nickname>                                                          Ignores all messages from that nickname.
/unignore <nickname>                                                        Remove an ignore from a nickname.
/query <nickname>                                                           Sends a private message to that nickname.
/whois <nickname>                                                           Looks up information about nickname.
/join <#channel name>                                                       Opens another channel in a different tab. (IE: /join #Elfpack)
/clear                                                                      Clears the chat box.
/away <message>                                                             Displays a message when someone uses the "/whois" command on you.

Don't be an asshole!
Don't flood the channel with spam, don't harass people, etc. Doing so will get you kicked/banned.

Try to write correctly
You don't need to use perfect English, but no one feels like trying to decode your typing. Some typo's and grammar messups are OK, but at least try to type normal text.

Listen to and respect the mods!
What they say is final. In the chat, the mods are just like the Fake Guards.

If someone is being an asshole

If there's no mod on and someone is being an asshole, do the following:

1) Type "/whois <harasser's nick>"
2) Find the "hostmark" of the harasser. (It should look like "24-180-208-36", just with different numbers)
3) Screenshot what the harasser is doing and the harasser's hostmark. Send them to [Stephen] in a PM.
4) Type /ignore <harasser's nickname>

Once again -
---- > Submit a story to Daily Sex Story to see your work here, and earn a sexy badge in the process! < ----

More about the Daily Sex Stories
Date: 2019-01-21 02:49:03 Story #: 157 Mod: Stephen
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Slut of the Week

Hey there gorgeous people!

If you're wanting to be noticed, try something new or just be plain out there and show how sexy and slutty you are, sign up for the Slut of the week!

If you have already enrolled in Slut of the Week even though you have already, don't be shy and enter again! Many have asked but due to Fake! rules it isn't allowed. But I had messaged the sexy owner and asked if we could let more go again and many wanting to show off their kinky goods, an exception has been made! :)

Enroll here to join the contest and show us what you have ;) -> Slut of the Week - Applications and message me so I can go check out your application and conduct the interview. You will also receive a SOTW badge on your house page!

Hope to see what the new contest pics will be! <3

About the Slut of the Week
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