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- Do not mess with anyone elses polls! everyone is entitled to their own opinions/ideas
- All suggestions must be placed in this format:
    Name: [put ur user name in here]
- Have a variety of answers, please. We in FAKE love fun!!! And funny ~_^
- The FAKE crew has total control over this poll and its suggestions! Any conserns/complaints, please contact a crew member.
- Once your poll is used, it will be placed in Used Poll Topics for all to remember you by ((also because I, [Lady Di] like organization))!!!




Q: What are you busy doing right now?
A: Looking at porn
Too busy to answer this poll
I dont know
Leave me alone there is porn on here!
Messaging other people

[English Daddy]
Q: Long or thick?
A: Long
Rather have plastic ^_^

[Dreams of a savage nature]
Q: Guys: can you suck your own cock?
A: Yes...*beams with pride, and arrogance*
No...sadly, no.
*wipes the semen from chin*

[Dreams of a savage nature]
Q: Girls: Can you squirt upon orgasm?
A: Yes
I've got the pics to prove it!
Hey! All this time I thought it was pee!

[predator elder21]
Q: When do you come onto Fake!?
A: When im stressed
When im horny
When im bored
When i feel like it
When im happy

[predator elder21]
Q: Which is better?
A: Watching porn
Creating porn
Looking at a porn magazine

Q: Guys or Gals
Finger in the ass during sex or at climax?
A: Oh yea stick it in baby!
Once in a blue moon when I'm feeling really kinky
I might try it some day but not today
Umm not only no but HEll no

[Defender Of Your Freedom]
Q: Ladies what is the best size cock
j)Does not matter as long as it is big enuff to feel and if he knows how to use it

Q: Which is better?
d)all of the above

Q: How would you say "He had (intercourse) with her?"
"He made love to her."
"He fucked her."
"He had sex with her."
"He boinked her."
"He banged her."
"Uh... wanna cyber?"

[Nekko Fox]

Q: What do you like?

A:*Raises an eyebrow* This is Fake! What do you think!
A:I sit in a dark room and write sad poetry that I won't show anyone.
A:Hard core...videogames?
A:Jumping up and down at random intervals
A:Playing with other furverts
A:Hentai! Must HAVE HENTAI!
A:Food and sleep. I'm very dull.

Q: If you were staying in a hotel walked in to the wrong room and there was a beautiful naked guy or girl there asking you to fuck them would you ?

only oral.
only anal.
only finger/wank them off.
if they looked clean.


If you could only achieve one orgasm before the world ends, would you

A.) Masturbate
B.) Make love to spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend
C.) Make love to a farm animal
D.) Find a cheap hooker
E.) Organize an orgy with other people needing to orgasm before the world ends
F.) Fuck you, I'm celibate

[Wesley Foxx]
Q: What are you looking for when you cyber?
Passionate, personal, well-written messages.
Style/Substance, no matter how distant they act.
Anything, as long as it involves my kinks.
rly quik ansrs, cuz i want 2 cum asap

(Q) What is the best thing a man can do for a woman?
A.)Forgive her mistakes.
B.)Hold her when she is sad.
C.)Calm her when she is mad.
D.)Be there for her alway's.
E.)Try to ease her suffering when she is in pain.
F.)Tell her he loves her all the time and meen it.
G.)Make love to her when she want's it.
H.)Tell she is beautiful all the time and meen it.
I.)Tell her nothing but the truth.
J.)Never lie to her.
K.)Give her all that you are and will ever be.
L.)All of the above.

[Sweet P]
Q.How many wikis are you currently watching?
a. None
b. 1-3
c. 4-7
d. 8-15
e. more than 15
f. I could be a proffessional wiki stalker! Sooo many!

[Nekko Fox]
"What are your plans for the future?"

a. I've always been artistically inclined

b. I want to explore the world and discover things!

c. I want to teach others

d. Entertainment always caught my interest...

e. I like to create and invent, bettering people's lives!

f. I like to keep my options open

g. What do you mean "plans"?

Username (or number or email):


2007-04-26 [Deleted user]: Same for me, Lady. The only problem that causes is sometimes if you accidentally click outside the text box, and it makes you go back a page. On most sites thats not a problem but FAKE looses any text you might have entered if you didnt send it. Q_Q

2007-04-26 [Lady Di]: That's the truth. I've done that sometimes around FAKE and kicked myself in the head for it cuz it's soooo annoying!

2007-04-26 [dragonus]: Well to be honest ladies I don't even come close to you in skill on the computer but to be honest it's only normal for I am a man so i'm naturaly dummer than you all it is my curse.

2007-04-26 [Deleted user]: it can be soooooo frustrating @_@ Especially if you just finished writing a huge paragraph for someone.

2007-04-26 [dragonus]: well I do that alot soo when i write it out even with the mistakes I copy it just in case I happen to delete the hole thing so I just paste it back and correct what I messed up on

2009-12-01 [Doll]: the current poll has been up quite a while, further more ^_^
one of the ideas on this page was used but not moved to the Used Poll Topics wiki >.>

2010-01-25 [Doll]: and in response to myself -_-
i can fix it, just give me a minute! ^_^

2010-12-30 [bob_web33]: i think we should have one to see who has been on fake the longest

2010-12-30 [Nekko Fox]: That would be a bit of a search.

2011-01-16 [Ultiem]: [Virgin Slut] wins that one

2011-04-01 [Doll]: we need some more clever poll suggestions.... >.>
i'm going to be slightly active again so that some one is changing the poll :)

2011-04-02 [Nekko Fox]: I have a poll idea;

"What are your plans for the future?"

a. I've always been artistically inclined

b. I want to explore the world and discover things!

c. I want to teach others

d. Entertainment always caught my interest...

e. I like to create and invent, bettering people's lives!

f. I like to keep my options open

g. What do you mean "plans"?

2011-04-02 [Doll]: you should have posted that above :P
on the actual page instead on as a comment

2011-04-02 [Doll]: this wiki really needs to be cleaned up :/

2011-04-02 [Nekko Fox]: Indeed it does.

2011-08-27 [Nekko Fox]: I also realize I have no idea what [Heffalump]'s post actually says. I've read it four times and still can't quite figure it out.

2011-08-28 [Echo]: I guess roughly translated: "If you had one night left to live, where would you ideally get laid?"

2011-08-28 [Nekko Fox]: Ah, thanks Echo, you're my number one translator now!

2011-09-24 [Echo]: Big thanks to [animal] For our most recent poll!

2012-11-06 [Deleted user]: Is this page used any more? O.o'

2012-11-07 [Nekko Fox]: That's a good question.

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