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Stephen (

Member #21 created: 2005-10-12 06:19:03Simple URL:   

Name: Stephen

My rabbits are incarnations of evil, if you were unaware.

The talented [Za'leia] drew me this image before the majority of you were even members. ;o)

I'm an Uber Spanker of the Guards, I'm on the Council and I am one of the Contractors and Donors.

Crew work
Communty √úberspankerCommunity SpankerProfessional Wiki Stalker

AdventurerCrazy kidRebel

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: none

Sexual perversions

Body shape: normal

Height: 177

Age: 26Year of birth: 1990

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My name is, obviously, Stephen. I'm a male and I'm currently 26 years old. Here on Fake I'm an uber spanker, which means that I head the Guards and enforce the rules - I take my position very seriously.
While I am on the Council, I have virtually nothing at all to do with it. [That Nik Guy] is the Warden and thus leads the Council and site-affairs; chances are you want to talk to him, not me.

I'm not very talkative. I tend to do silent administration; it's not directly personal. I have no interest in any form of internet friendship, relationship, or sexual encounter. I don't really make effort to respond, and I rarely drive conversation forward. I also tend to be busy during most of the summer.


In regards to Fake and my work here..

A while ago, I came to learn that Fake was lacking even one active Guard and that the prior moderation had been extremely lax in enforcing rules regarding harassment. My reason for being on Fake is solely to ensure that situation does not repeat.
I do not and I will not tolerate harassment of members and I will take any steps necessary to ensure that any undesired harassment ceases in a timely fashion - regardless of who is doing the harassing nor who is being harassed.
I will give two warnings for harassment and then I will place a ban - I take harassment to be a serious issue and no one should be forced into an unwanted situation.

As a note, harassment is repeated and unwanted attention from another member, regardless of if the other member finds the attention to be "good" or "bad". If you tell a member to stop contacting you or you will report them and they cease to leave you be, it is very likely harassment.
... unless you picked the fight and couldn't handle the backlash - then you may get in trouble when a report is filed, even if you file it.

Some Notes:
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- Visiting your house and being in your last visitors list isn't harassment.
- If a member solicitates you for sex on Fake, it's not harassment.
- Should a member comment on your wikipage when you've told them to stop, it's harassment. Regardless of their comment.
- If you feel harassed, you should always report your issue. I hold no bias towards a person, be it friend or Crew.

Remember: If anyone is making you uncomfortable, block them. If they continue to find other ways to bother you report them. Most situations can be resolved with a block.


For nearly any official inquiry or issue, you should message [That Nik Guy]. Do not contact me about apply to the crew applications!
If you feel there is corruption among the Crew, message me and we can discuss it thoroughly.
All administration-level decisions about Fake are made by the Council and Warden; not me. I take no part at all in the selection of Crew, nor in any Council features or events. Please do not contact me in regards to anything official except rules and Guard duties.

Gender: male

Place of living: USA-Michigan

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