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These are the horniest of all; the Council. They try to devise new ways to make Fake sexier, get more people having sex, and make sure no one has interest in having any clothing on. They'll also help with any problems you have, just ask in the comment box.


[Virgin Slut] - God Slut & Programmer (Part-Time)
[Stephen] - Guard Captain & Communty √úberspanker (Part-Time)

[That Nik Guy] - Warden & Guards Sergent
[Tr!X*] - Reviews Member Applications

[Ultiem] - Police Captain
[Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose] - Slut of the Week & Daily Sex Story
[The Doctor] - General Help
[D.K. Moubitt] - General Help


Who should I talk to?

[Virgin Slut] is the owner and programmer of Fake; he is very busy and should only be contacted for account-related issues. (Passwords, hackings, etc.)

[Stephen] is the Guard Captain; he handles reports about private message harassment - he is also rather busy and should be contacted if you believe a Council member is abusing power or about message harassment.

[That Nik Guy] is the Warden of Fake; meaning he has been entrusted with heading the Council and site affairs - he should be contacted if you have an issue with a Feature or need help someone else cannot provide.

[Tr!X*] assists with important decisions and helps accept applications of new members - however member application inquires should be placed on this page's comment box.

The Feature Bosses handle various aspects of Main - they should be contacted for information about that feature.

If you're not sure who to ask, you can always ask questions on the comment box of this page. Please report members who are breaking the rules.


If you want to join the Council, then submit an application on apply to the crew - pestering the Council about being added seriously reduces your chances.

Retired Council
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[Fallen King]
[Deleted user]
[Sweet P]
[Dark Wizard]
[Lady Di]
[Lollipop Rage]


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2017-10-02 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: i am here

2017-10-02 [Fallen King]: You look like the only one hun

2017-10-02 [Fallen King]: Id help if i could but retired

2017-10-24 [Tr!X*]: i'm here every now and again :)

2017-10-28 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: I know you would [Fallen King].

2017-10-28 [Fallen King]: Hope everything does livin up here. i Remember when this place was fairly active it was great fun

2017-12-09 [Sammie h]: yh i agree

2018-07-21 [Mystik Warrior of the Soulforge]: The place should have a requiem read for her.The lady is losing her battle and her life support is giving out fast!!!i love being ignored. this is what makes fake so great.

2018-07-21 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: Yay sammie has returned!

2018-08-30 [Sammie h]: Im returning fully now :)

2018-08-30 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: I block people who over harass me with things I repeatedly ask not to be sent. Questions are fine, but all the other stuff consistently through every minute of every day is completely different. If you have questions, message here. I gave warning over the last 2 years and you didn't listen.

2018-08-30 [Tr!X*]: ashes is overworked, lol? doing what? this site is mostly a deadzone. there's nothing for mods to do :') i sign in pretty often and short of accepting a few new applications nothing actually happens here anymore.

2018-08-31 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: Running the site
Taking complaints
Updating the main board often
Inviting new people
Working on new contest

etc etc etc and im not a deleted user, so if you are going to post on the main board and put my name in, look at my home page. My name is on there.

2018-09-01 [Tr!X*]: .... my name linked as deleted user aswell. there's no need to be a prick about it, go edit it to be fixed instead of bitching about it? or just whine about it, that's cool too.

p.s. you don't 'run this site'. i'd be surprised if there's any active complaints. there's no-one participating in contests. sorry to burst your bubble but you do the same as me which is log in and be active. there is little need for us mods here now.

2018-09-01 [Sammie h]: :/

If this is the attitude of the site now then i'm out.

2018-09-09 [Hardee Har har]: Trix is absolutely correct.
I've been on this site as long as she has, in one form or another.
FAKE started to go downhill in the wake of superior websites/apps around 2009. Ever since then there's been numerous attempts to "revive it" with none of the suggestions taken seriously.

Nobody actively "runs" the site anymore because literally no one is here.

I used to log on once a day, then once a week, once a month. Now I occasionally log on when I remember this site exist. It's been that way for about the last five years, and guess what?

I'm surprised if there's ever more than 1-2 other people on here.

This site is absolutely dead and pretending at all whatsoever that it takes "time" to manage it, or that it's a "stressful" thing to do is absolute ego-based hyperbole bound in tunnel vision.

This site has been forgotten because it refused to get with the times, much like Geocities or Angelfire. I've said this several times and there's always 1-2 dickheads that come out of the wood work to "prove me wrong", with glaring and obvious evidence staring them right in the face.

Ashes, IDK how or why you're still here. But you're outright lying if you act like this is stressful to do.

2018-09-10 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: Hardee tends to get upset and of course go against anything he believes without actually watching what is going on. And has had several complaints about me since the falling out a few years back. So I don't really care what is said from him because I have messages simply proving the dislike of me. Same goes from trix. Got into an argument and since then treated me like im nothing since I got on the council. Its quite pathetic. If youre here to help then help. Otherwise dont scrutinize what you haven't helped with in the last several years. Ive already put a list in these comment of the things I've done and still gets spit on. I truly wish people here would grow up. I'm not at all surprised that you came back and tried to take over. Ridiculous. *shakes my head* have a good day guys.

2018-09-10 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: Welcome back [Sammie h] and I appreciate your current help and happy attitude. It is long since been needed. <3

2018-09-13 [Sammie h]: Thanks ashes, glad to be home, here if you need the help. :)

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