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These are the horniest of all; the Council. They try to devise new ways to make Fake sexier, get more people having sex, and make sure no one has interest in having any clothing on. They'll also help with any problems you have, just ask in the comment box.


[Virgin Slut] - God Slut & Programmer (Part-Time)
[Stephen] - Guard Captain & Communty √úberspanker (Part-Time)

[That Nik Guy] - Warden & Guards Sergent
[Tr!X*] - Reviews Member Applications

[Ultiem] - Police Captain
[Master Katya Feinrose] - Slut of the Week & Daily Sex Story
[The Doctor] - General Help
[D.K. Moubitt] - General Help


Who should I talk to?

[Virgin Slut] is the owner and programmer of Fake; he is very busy and should only be contacted for account-related issues. (Passwords, hackings, etc.)

[Stephen] is the Guard Captain; he handles reports about private message harassment - he is also rather busy and should be contacted if you believe a Council member is abusing power or about message harassment.

[That Nik Guy] is the Warden of Fake; meaning he has been entrusted with heading the Council and site affairs - he should be contacted if you have an issue with a Feature or need help someone else cannot provide.

[Tr!X*] assists with important decisions and helps accept applications of new members - however member application inquires should be placed on this page's comment box.

The Feature Bosses handle various aspects of Main - they should be contacted for information about that feature.

If you're not sure who to ask, you can always ask questions on the comment box of this page. Please report members who are breaking the rules.


If you want to join the Council, then submit an application on apply to the crew - pestering the Council about being added seriously reduces your chances.

Retired Council
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[Fallen King]
[Deleted user]
[Sweet P]
[Dark Wizard]
[Lady Di]
[Lollipop Rage]


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2018-09-30 [Tr!X*]: 'Same goes from trix. Got into an argument and since then treated me like im nothing since I got on the council'...


have you ever thought, Ashes, that maybe the longer standing members of FAKE!, like myself and Hardee, don't like you for a reason. we know, we remember everything. as much as you try to push your drama onto everyone else, it'll always be remembered, which is why you're a fucking nightmare to deal with. there's reality, the way things actually happened. and then there is your account, which is way more 'woe is me' than anything that realistically happened.
woman up.
i don't HAVE to like you, that isn't one of the rules of being FAKE crew. no-one gives a literal shit. but what people do acknowledge is the sheer levels of bullshit that come out of you on a near constant basis.

now seriously, take your own advice, ("Its quite pathetic. If youre here to help then help. Otherwise dont scrutinize what you haven't helped with in the last several years") and pipe the fuck down with the personal shit. you CANNOT on the one hand say things like "" I appreciate your current help and happy attitude. It is long since been needed. <3" whilst in the same breath talk to and about me (the only other active, longstanding crew member) like absolute shit on a public forum, consistently, which you *have* actually be warned about doing from the higher mods here in the past... just saying... :)

2018-09-30 [Fallen King]: Alright this is just getting fucking stupid. I have been a retired council member from a while back. One this place is not gonna revive let alone im amazed [Virgin sluts] even letting this ghost of a site still run. This drama bullshit from you all is personal egos and stupid drama between individuals. Let it die and let it go like this site has. The doors here will go down one day and thats almost certain. So girls be adults and just enjoy what time here yeah can.

2018-11-25 [Mistress Ana Jade of the Obsidian Rose!]: King as long as people come back it will stay on. I've had friend whos been off for years come back leave and come back again. and so have many people so chill out and let fake live. If you have to bitch do it in your diary!!!!. Ashes is not your punching bag. And the quarrels is part of the place. ITS NOT FACE BOOK WHO STEALS YOUR INFO LOL. IT MAY NOT HAVE MANY MEMBERS BUT ALOT DO RETURN FOR A BIT' SORRY ABOUT YELLING.

2018-11-26 [Sammie h]: Sorry but after seeing all this stuff, i think its time for me to leave permanently, its been fun everyone.

2018-12-01 [Mistress Ana Jade of the Obsidian Rose!]: no sammi we need you as does Ashes

2018-12-02 [Wudiseika-Adask Alutsi]: Sammi this place needs help . Ashes is trying her best. but she has her nay sayers on here.. Whats really bad is Asshes has defenders on here. But to her they are..... How ever we will defend her and fake with our dying breath

2018-12-03 [Master Katya Feinrose]: My "defenders" are my friends but stalking and trying to pick fights isnt the way to go Alutsi and I have reports and screenshots of your harrassment. Yes, I appreciate when people can see I am actually trying, but trying to play the victim in a public forum isnt the way to go.

2018-12-03 [Wudiseika-Adask Alutsi]: my harressment. you mean like asking how some one got pic of you thats was pw. i asked how he got them because i thought he might of hacked you. but then he gave me the link to them.. and i dont see any friends defending you on the media where you are attacked on.. and here is the place to defend you because this is where they are attacking you publicly. but if you want no one tio say anything so be it. and if you think about it. the people you dont like telling the ones who dont think you are doing a good job is a better show of how you are running this place.

2018-12-05 [Mistress Ana Jade of the Obsidian Rose!]: I am not A BUDDY

2018-12-05 [Master Katya Feinrose]: I am not yours. Good luck trying to find someone else to harrass buddy.

2018-12-06 [Wudiseika-Adask Alutsi]: Ashes forgive me for killing feisty badger!! I'm sorry Iwas out hunting with my snake bow and shot him!!! OR is it her?

2018-12-06 [Wudiseika-Adask Alutsi]: <img500:stuff/aj/10835/1544065667.jpg! By the way i havent seen anyone tell hardee or trix to bugger off. except for me and a few others on here.And if you check many of my friends have returned or come back on and off. i dont care if friends - blow up my stuff. that means they are freinds . yea sometimes i went over board with stuff but thats over with. enjoy trix and hardee.

2018-12-07 [Master Katya Feinrose]: They have been told but because one was a council member at the time she wont stop. As for the messaging they both left me alone so it is good enough. You however do not understand the words LEAVE ME ALONE. Repeatedly said to you all through yhe last year. now, once again: LEAVE ME ALONE.

2018-12-07 [Master Katya Feinrose]: Friends do message yes. They dont stalk and blow up my messages and my wiki pages and journal with bs and they don't keep messaging me when I say go away. You are harassing. Now KNOCK IT OFF

2018-12-13 [Sammie h]: The thing is, as much as i know about all of Heddas sites, i have no power, and no say in any of the matters here, we can get our site out there if we chose to but nobody wishes to help, instead we just argue and quarrel among our selves like school kids, i'm an adult, i don't wish to act like a child.

Arguing in a team is not professional or right, and doing this you are no better than one another, also doing this in a public chat, do you really think that impresses current and new members? no, this is the way to lose them. think before you act.

2018-12-14 [Eques Obsidian Inferos.]: Ok Katya I have an idea. Make a separate page for people to ask questions Use a Name put a cool graphic on top. but don pw like all your other ones lol joke. and thank you for answering my question.Blessed Be<img500*0:stuff/aj/5263/1544762575.jpg>Sorry i for get alot of stuff katya/ashes. from my stroke. . unless you asked him.Trix she had nothing to do with this idea.It was one I came up with by my lonesome.

2018-12-14 [Tr!X*]: there is a page for crew to discuss things. notoriously, Ashes does not utilize this. and cries wolf when people inbox her with anything other than what she wants to talk about, so... :) short of publicly standing up for myself, or be publicly shamed when i do not deserve to be, i have minimal options. i may not use the forums or pages on this site anymore but i do just as much 'work' here as ashes. believe it, or don't. that's cool. but i am not going to be publicly slated for doing my role as a mod :)

2018-12-15 [Mystik Warrior]: <img:stuff/aj/9841/1544843974.gif>

2018-12-15 [Eques Obsidian Inferos.]: My page idea was for any question . More of a Q&A thing. not just abut things on fake.. WITH the way the world is. Some people have points of veiw opposite of others.I fiqure we have a page relevant to reality. Ask about politics.opinions. Everything and anything.What are your thoughts Trix.As you are from overseas you see things differently than we do.So how did you come up with Tr!X?I mean sex is not everthing. but big breast like yours and ashes do play a major part in life. That was a joke. and how about the song-baby its cold outside- FROM 70 YEARS AGO. you women say its offensive. lord what have the females come to!!!! <img500*0:stuff/aj/5263/1544851230.jpg> For you ladies.

(17h ago) [Tr!X*]: my boobs are pretty amazing tbh. my bum is better :D

(14h ago) [Eques Obsidian Inferos.]: Well yea your boobs are great. i dont know about the nipples. but your buttocks are fabuextragreat!!!!!!! even the blind know this. they can sense the awesomeness

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