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<img:stuff/Council.jpg> & <img:stuff/Volunteers.jpg>

The Volunteers members who work together to keep Fake running smoothly are known as the Crew - the Crew itself is composed of specialized groups.

If someone claims to be on the Crew and they're not listed on this page / don't have a badge for that position, report them and we'll get it sorted out.


If you have any questions about Fake, please ask in the comments below.
If someone is doing something they shouldn't be doing, please file a report.


                                         <img:stuff/aj/4455/fakeuberspanker.jpg> <img:stuff/aj/4455/fakewarden.jpg>

These members are the Administration - they're in charge of essentially everything.

[Virgin Slut], Owner & Uberspanker; Programs & Hosts Fake (Part-time, busy.)
[Stephen], Uberspanker; Head of Administration & Guard Captain

[That Nik Guy], Warden; Head of Council Selection, Guard & Council Leader
[Tr!X*], Deputy Warden; Right-Hand of Warden, Guard & Council Co-Leader


Guards are the Moderators of Fake - they handle rule breaking issues.

Take note that Captains can read any Private Message sent to and from anyone and can change account passwords; Elite Guards can delete all versions of a wikipage; Guards can edit user info, access any wikipage without passwords, delete comments from any wikipage, delete guestbook entries and ban members.

Captain [Virgin Slut], Account Issues
Captain [Stephen], Message Harassment, Guard Training & Internal Issues

Elite [That Nik Guy], Wiki Harassment & General Harassment
[Tr!X*], General Harassment & General Issues


Members of the Council help to keep Fake fun and active - they run events, competitions and are go-to for member relations. 

[Virgin Slut], Site Administration
[Stephen], Site Administration

[That Nik Guy], Leader of Council
[Tr!X*], Co-Leader of Council
[NerdyGothCurves], Accepts Members & Maintains Main
[Ultiem], Head of Police
[Sammie h], Relations & Design


Titles listed below this point are donor and contribution titles - they don't grant special authority, and they are generally permanent once earned.


The title of Volunteer is given to a member who has shown true interest in helping run Fake, but is not yet ready for the Council. 

[Majestic Nightmare of Massacre]
[Fallen King]
[nicholas chavez]


The title of Police is given to a member who has filed many well-written reports and assisted the Guards.
It can also be given when a member is a positive example to the community.

[Sammie h]


<img:stuff/aj/4455/fakecontractor.jpg><img:stuff/badgeartisza.gif><img:stuff/aj/4455/fakeartist.jpg><img:stuff/aj/4455/fakedonor.jpg>                                         <img:stuff/donoroffundza.gif>

The above titles are given when a member donates to Fake through various means.
Titles are currently given to members who create and maintain official pages, create official badges (first Artist badge), create official artwork (second Artist badge), donate enormous time or miscellaneous resources, and who <URL:donate.html> money.

To prevent bloat, the list of all donors is on donors.


If you're interested in joining the Crew, check out Apply to the Crew and fill out an application.
Selected members will become Volunteers and will be under consideration for Council.

Once again, if you have any questions about Fake feel free to ask - the Council is here to assist!

Username (or number or email):


2019-02-25 [Hardee Har har]: [Stephen], check your messages.

2019-02-26 [Tr!X*]: Margara- Lady Ballcutter - i presume the council member youre talking about is me, actually, i've had a pretty rough few weeks with a kidney and gallbladder infection, and am currently pre op on a shit tonne of antibiotics and pain meds (sexy, right?) so, if your dig was at me, redirect it. there is always at least one council member on here regular :)

2019-04-04 [Hardee Har har]: Hey folks.

So I messaged stephen over a month ago. It's sitting in his inbox, unread.

I'm going to extend my offer to anyone still paying attention on the staff/council. I would like to help. Please, feel free to hit me up.

2019-04-10 [Tr!X*]: :/ Hardee, hit me up if it's easier? I could talk to you alllll day<3 will check back here tomorrow. but i could schedule a time to chat about work? :)

2019-04-14 [Magara-Lady of the Ravens]: Seems a though we are not getting things done?


2019-05-23 [Hardee Har har]: Nah, it's more like I realized there's really no point.

Quite frankly the amount of work needed to pull the site around (not to mention the fact it NEEDS a complete overhaul from the top down) isn't worth it for a staff of largely unpaid volunteers.

The amount of time I could personally spend trying to help FAKE is better spent on my own material/numbers, and again-as there isn't pay being discussed for anyone involved in re-working the site, not to mention a complete and utter lack of capital/revenue for the site at all apparently-why bother?

FAKE is a relic from nearly twenty years ago. There are sites that do it easier, there are better communities, there are simply better things that exist by the thousands than FAKE. I enjoyed my time here, but you're asking people to breathe life into a decayed corpse. You're asking time of people that KNOW it's better spent elsewhere.

That's my two cents.

2019-05-26 [Mistress Dark Jade of the Obsidian Rose]: . Congrats on her new position. told mistress katya not master. She is a rare beautiful intelligent woman not a guy. but thats her

2019-05-29 [NerdyGothCurves]: Finally got my stuff back. Some dumbass tried to hack it lmfao thats what safegaurds are for. How is everyone?

2019-07-05 [Sammie h]: Good thanks. you?

2019-07-08 [Tr!X*]: I have been approving new members whilst you have been off, Ashes :]

2019-07-08 [The Iron Warrior]: Excellent Job Tr!X*<img500*0:stuff/aj/9841/1562592841.jpg>Tr!X's new approval device for fake

2019-07-30 [NerdyGothCurves]: my account was locked. it isnt like i was up and disappearing on purpose. Thans, [Tr!X*]

2019-08-05 [The Iron Warrior]: i hope you are well ashes

2019-08-07 [NerdyGothCurves]: I'm better now. Annoyed as hell dumb asses keep trying to take my acct lmfao. Not today!

2021-04-08 [Onetwoc2]: Is there any way to recover an account?

2021-05-31 [Dreams of a savage nature]: Hello. I am on this page because I have no where else to go. I am wanting to delete my account. Yes, I know that Fake accounts "cannot be deleted." Though in the age of internet security, and a lot of us having grown older and wiser about what we post online - not being able to delete an account ive had since the age of 17; is not good. Fake does take measures to control what information is directly exported outside of the site. And Fake also allows people to delete photos, etc. but this is only an illusion. Anyone on this site can look at previous versions of pages that were supposed to be deleted. Ive tried for years to delete information such as photos - that I no longer feel comfortable having on the internet. These photos never vanish, for example. I can delete 100 times, and they simply can still be found in previous versions. This is a grave security risk - and what was not an issue to me when I was a legal minor, is one now. I am not blaming anyone LOL we all have free will. But I have a right to revoke my likeness, and information at will. I feel as if this site is holding peoples accounts hostage. simply "not logging in" anymore should not be the best resort. I commend the Swedma sites on being innovated; especially long ago before Social Media. That being said....a lot of us came to these sites innocently. Before the global concept of mass social media communities took off. That being said, I feel that it should indeed be made possible to delete someones page. or have their information truly removed at request. I disbelieve that it is not possible to remove information from a server or delete an account. This website has no direct chain of authority - no sense of official support team. and though I understand the numbers are lower on here than what used to be; there should still be a more official channel to contact someone when one needs help. Other than going to a wiki and posting to anyone who may or may not ever read this. HELP PLEASE! :-) I know somebody is out there! lol

2021-06-01 [NerdyGothCurves]: [Dreams of a savage nature] Pm me. I am a council member and will do my best to help you.

2021-08-24 [Whistler]: Question. Who would my friend email to get access to her ancient profile? She can't remember the password and then to boot the email she thought was attached to the account isn't the email attached to the account.

2021-08-28 [NerdyGothCurves]: [Whistler], message me.

2022-05-25 [Violen Trapist]: *spits a wad of tobacco onto the floor*

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