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These are the horniest of all; the Council. They try to devise new ways to make Fake sexier, get more people having sex, and make sure no one has interest in having any clothing on. They'll also help with any problems you have, just ask in the comment box.


[Virgin Slut] - God Slut & Programmer (Part-Time)
[Stephen] - Guard Captain & Communty √úberspanker (Part-Time)

[That Nik Guy] - Warden & Guards Sergent
[Tr!X*] - Reviews Member Applications

[Ultiem] - Police Captain
[Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose] - Slut of the Week & Daily Sex Story
[The Doctor] - General Help
[D.K. Moubitt] - General Help


Who should I talk to?

[Virgin Slut] is the owner and programmer of Fake; he is very busy and should only be contacted for account-related issues. (Passwords, hackings, etc.)

[Stephen] is the Guard Captain; he handles reports about private message harassment - he is also rather busy and should be contacted if you believe a Council member is abusing power or about message harassment.

[That Nik Guy] is the Warden of Fake; meaning he has been entrusted with heading the Council and site affairs - he should be contacted if you have an issue with a Feature or need help someone else cannot provide.

[Tr!X*] assists with important decisions and helps accept applications of new members - however member application inquires should be placed on this page's comment box.

The Feature Bosses handle various aspects of Main - they should be contacted for information about that feature.

If you're not sure who to ask, you can always ask questions on the comment box of this page. Please report members who are breaking the rules.


If you want to join the Council, then submit an application on apply to the crew - pestering the Council about being added seriously reduces your chances.

Retired Council
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[Fallen King]
[Sweet P]
[Dark Wizard]
[Lady Di]
[Lollipop Rage]


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2014-06-17 [Samerisam]: anyone need some task done, feel free to call upon [Samerisam] heh lol. just throwing that out there. I want to make fake what it once was...

2014-06-22 [Pretty Little Slut]: [Stephen] how does one send an invite? Fir all I've been here under different names fir years, I've never sent one, as you didn't used ti need approvals. Thank you!

2014-06-22 [Stephen]: [Pretty Little Slut] - you need your privs adjusted to 99 to be able to send out invitations. I changed your priv to 99 so you can invite members.

You can now find the invite button on Mainstuff;


2014-06-22 [Texas Saint]: so has any body figured out what going on with the accepting members because my fiancé still hasn't gotten a e mail and that was over 2 and a half weeks ago?`

2014-06-22 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: I remember that when I joined you had to wait 2 to 3 days then login. I never received an email I just tried every day til it let me login. But that was yrs ago tho I doubt it changed. Try that. It's frustrating but it will let you eventually. Same for my partners account and a few of my friends too. They waited a few days then kept trying until it let them login.

2014-06-22 [Pretty Little Slut]: Thank you [Stephen]!

2014-06-22 [Stephen]: [Texas Saint] - are you positive your fiance signed up using a valid and working email address?

It might be best at this point to just invite them with an invitation or have a friend invite them, which will bypass the application process.

There's a chance the application system will be removed anyway to help increase member join rate, but I'm not sure at the moment. :P

2014-06-22 [Stephen]: [Pretty Little Slut] - you're welcome. :)

2014-06-23 [Texas Saint]: [Stephen] - I personally filled out the forum ill have her sign in im not sure how to send invites lol ( ten years on this site and still don't know the works sad) but ill look into it and let you know 

2014-06-23 [Stephen]: [Texas Saint] - You need a priv level of 99 to be able to invite members; I changed your privs to 99.

You can now find the invite button on Main;


2014-06-23 [Texas Saint]: Thank you oh and if there is any thing that needs to be done ill be more than happy to help i would donate but money is tight i sure we all know how that is thanks every one

2014-06-24 [Stephen]: You're welcome. :)

I have no idea what the to-do list of Fake is, haha. Not my department at all.

[That Nik Guy] is the person to ask for that. :D

2014-06-24 [Texas Saint]: ill send him a message and let him know thanks again

2014-06-26 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: I control update and monitor Slut of the Week & daily sex story.

2014-06-30 [Pretty Little Slut]: Hello agin! A fiend is trying to set up a house, and he needs an old request for the name [RuskoD] canceled out. He's now using the link I set him with the invites, but it's telling him he has to wait until [RuskoD] is cleared or approved. The new name he is trying for is [DamionR].



2014-07-01 [Stephen]: The username [RuskoD] is not currently pending approval under applications - he shouldn't have an issue.

2014-07-13 [Killopkie]: dongs

2014-07-14 [Ultiem]: cocks

2014-07-17 [Caramela]: penor?

2014-07-18 [Samerisam]: shlongs

2014-07-22 [Stephen]: Council members, please look at: [4991 (Unknown or private posting)]

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