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Virgin Slut (nice pussy!)

Member #1 created: 2005-10-10 18:03:28Simple URL:   

Name: Stina Andersson

Photo missing.


My Master

I am the one and only God Slut of FAKE, I'm an Uber Spanker; making me one of the Guards, I'm on the Council, one of the Donors and Contractors.

Crew work
Communty ÜberspankerProgrammerGod Slut
Professional Wiki Stalker

SlutSlaveBondage art
VirginObedient servant

Looking for

Civil status: owned

Sexual preference: both sexes

Sexual perversions

Body shape: thin

Height: 162

Age: 27Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 11Day of birth: 22

I'm a little horny slutish virgin slave. I Work for my dear master to satisfy his every need. I also take care of this website for him.

Often I have to suck and pose for his friend to, but he's very sexy, so I don't mind:

Gender: female

Place of living: Sweden-Linköping

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