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Everything takes money even FAKE. We use the money to upgrade this site for better sexiness. The dirty sluts who fish the dollars out of their G-Strings and man thongs for FAKE get listed here.


[Virgin Slut]
[Scene*star Sammi]
[Lady Di]
[That Nik Guy]
[Miss Mara]
[=+ Scurvy +=]
[Dreams of a savage nature]
[Scene*star Sammi]


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2007-01-25 [Lust]: Blood Doners...

2007-02-12 [Ultiem]: all badges delivered

2007-03-14 [Lust]: Can I request having the wording to the 'Badges' in colour?

2007-03-14 [Ultiem]: sounds like something a guard can do for you

2007-03-14 [Lust]: I'll talk to Johneh next time I catch him on then =)

2007-09-04 [Virgin Slut]: I'm not sure if all donor are here. If you're missing, just add your name, and I'll make sure you're not lying! <img:stuff/sm5.gif><img:stuff/sm3.gif>

2009-07-31 [Doll]: lol, funnily im on the main page in donor pics and i recieved my badge.... some one forgot to put me here though :P
its ok, i got it :)

2010-02-19 [=+ Scurvy +=]: needs to be updated

2011-09-13 [Doll]: Checked the forum for new Donors during my absence.
I will be updating this wiki and the Donors' pages with badges before I log again :) <3

2011-09-13 [Doll]: Updated <3

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