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2016-04-13 11:31:10
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What the hell is FAKE!? It sounds fake..

FAKE is well, fake. It’s a place where there are few rules, with many interesting people with different sexual ideas and ways.
Fake is a great place to discuss sexual fantasies with each other, look at pictures, meet people with the same interests or simply cyber and have fun.
The people are horny as hell, but get along great!
FAKE has many active contest going on physical appearance. You really don’t have to be Madonna to be beautiful on FAKE!

Fake is intended to be..

FAKE is around to keep perverts in there own box, but everyone has that side.
You can meet the most unexpected people on FAKE, maybe some day some one important, or a once internet date stand!
Every day new people join and FAKE slowly expands into a great horny community everyone must love!
Fake is a place where anyone can be their selves without fear of condemnation for there kinks, a place where anyone can make adult friends who share adult pastimes.

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2009-02-19 [Mentality Distorted]: All I did, was spell check....sorry it was bugging me.

2009-03-30 [RitoriMisu]: Thank you.

2009-03-31 [Mentality Distorted]: You're welcome.

2009-11-01 [DroopySleepy]: Are you a Fake on Fake, who Fakes a Faker on Fake!?

2009-11-02 [DeeJay™]: only on tuesdays.

2009-11-02 [Mentality Distorted]: lol. Why Tuesdays? Why not on Mondays? Or Wednesdays? Wednesdays are usually good days.

2009-11-03 [DeeJay™]: well, friday doesnt count, 'cause it's basically the weekend. and thursday is good 'cause it's almost the weekend (almost friday), so tuesday's practically the middle of the week.

2009-11-03 [Mentality Distorted]: lol ok. Sounds reasonable.

2016-04-13 [The Iron Warrior]: we need ppl to care about fake

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