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Fake is pretty lax in what we allow when it comes to artistic works. While we do have some rules, for the most part Fake is anything goes. Notably, we are 100% against any sexual exploitation or nudity of a minor and having images of such will nearly always result in an instant ban.


#1. No pictures depicting the nudity of a minor (under the age of 18) are permitted. This includes those who are clearly over the age of 18 but state they are or were under the age of 18 at the time. Violating this rule will result in a ban placed on your account.

#2. Drawings or cartoons of (naked) human minors are generally also not permitted, as that is seen as "toeing the rules". "Furries" and other non-humans do not have the same applied restrictions.

#3. Copyright material is allowed in your house. You will assume all legal consequences should you be found to be using an illegal image. Additionally, if the owner of an image requests it to be removed, the Guards will remove the image. This includes images of other people, such as members. If you do not own the material, do not report others using it.

#4. Images that promote extreme violence or suicide should be on wiki-pages, not on your house. Fake is a sexy site, and few people find blood and gore to be sexy. Overly violent images on your house are subject to removal. 

#5. While animated images and ASCII images are allowed on your house, please try to limit the amount displayed to be courteous to other members.

#6. Other than images displaying nudity of minor(s) and images belonging to another person that the owner requests be removed, all images are allowed on wikipages.

#7. Stories are considered art and thus listed here; you may have stories of any topic on your house or wikipage, but if the creator of the work requests it removed, it will be removed by the Guards.

These rules are enforced by the Guards. Guards are able to remove content from any location and place bans if needed.
Exact interpretation of the rules will vary from Guard to Guard; if you feel a Guard is being unfair contact an Uber Spanker and the matter will be looked into.

Any update to this page takes effect as soon as the change is implemented. Not being aware of the rules does not excuse breaking them and updates will be posted on Main to ensure everyone is informed.


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2007-06-07 [DRACE]: meh i don't which stuff is in qestion, I just didn't want to seem dumb -.-

2008-03-13 [kittykittykitty]: I think it must be noted that the artist Azuzephre, creator of 'Pon and Zi', those cute emo-kids, requests for his work to not be edited in any way if it is to be used on the internet ^^;

2008-03-14 [Kwee]: This is already noted, but thanks for the reminder, ennehways. :p

2008-03-14 [DRACE]: O.o I ummm huh? which emo kids? o.O

2008-03-14 [Kwee]: If... you read what it said three posts above this one, or even clicked on the link, you'd see that.

2008-03-15 [DRACE]: I read it and clicked the link, it moved too slow cause of my crappy dialup and didn't load properly

so please explain it properly

2009-01-19 [Virgin Slut]: Note: I simplified 2.

I don't want to give the impression that Fake is working for any copyright monopolists. If they have a problem, they better guard themselves and Fake is not responsible for its users' pages.

2009-08-17 [Chetoos]: Is a clearly visible signature/web address proper credit?

2010-03-27 [Stephen]: Er, why exactly does Fake require photo ID? o.o

2010-03-27 [Majestic Nightmare of Massacre]: to make shure that in whatever country it is, that its not child pornography. i know in the US its 18 years and in the UK its 16.

2010-06-07 [Iris]: Is there someone new to send the ID to? Like, someone who hasn't been gone going on 2 years now? Or do we not need it now?

2010-06-07 [Majestic Nightmare of Massacre]: i think it would be [Doll] herself as she is in charge of the FAKE awards, but any guard would do as well.... then again, i may be off on it.

2010-06-08 [Kwee]: I've never looked at an ID. For the record.

2010-06-09 [Majestic Nightmare of Massacre]: -giggles- i showed the former Fake awards administrator myself.

2011-04-21 [scottish pride]: hey i cant upload new pictures to my profile can i get some help?

2011-04-25 [Majestic Nightmare of Massacre]: That would be something to bring to the guards attention. Would get taken care of a lot faster on there.

2012-12-26 [Stephen]: As the only active Guard at the moment, I'm revoking the ID rule.

2013-12-22 [Stephen]: Rewrote all the rules.

2014-01-01 [Deleted user]: Sweet! Much needed.

2014-12-16 [Lolita]: In need of upload personal pics permission

2014-12-22 [Sammie h]: I've never heard of that one, do you use a family laptop/pc, or wifi if so it will be the security level lf your internet

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