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While Fake is pretty lax in regards to image and artistic rules, we take all cases of harassment very seriously. Repeated harassing of one or multiple members will quickly warrant a ban.


#1. For all rules regarding artistic works, please see the Uploading Art Rules.

#2. Fake is an adult site with adult themes; as such minors are prohibited from using Fake. If you are found to be below the legal age of adult your access to Fake may be removed.

#3. Harassment in all forms is not tolerated within Fake. If you are being harassed by a member, block them. If they continue to find ways to bother you, then report them. The Guards cannot help you unless you request the assistance.

#4. Don't start fights with other members. Don't insult other members. One of Fake's biggest rules is don't be an asshole.

#5. Do not vandalize wikipages that do not belong to you - just because someone has their page set to everyone can edit, does not mean you are allowed to blank the page.

#6. In all official contests, any form of cheating will disqualify you from that and all future contests. Examples of cheating are as follows; asking others to vote for you in official polls, using multiple accounts to give yourself an unfair advantage in polls and using images/photography/writings you do not own in artistic-related contests.

#7. Sex and cybering are awesome, stalking is not. While there's nothing wrong with approaching a stranger and trying for a sexual encounter, if they turn you down do not continue to pressure them. Repeated unwanted advances are classed as harassment. If someone sends you a single sexual message, that is not grounds for harassment and should not be reported unless they ignore you telling them to stop.

#8. In some cases, such as "cyber-rape", struggling can likely be seen as you going along with the presented situation. Always be very clear when responding in situations such as that. Additionally remember you may block anyone, for any reason.

#9. Public displays of hated of a single member or group of members is not permitted. If you have a problem with someone, report them. If the situation does not require a report and instead is a "rant", then use a private forum. Wiki pages or house pages found to present hatred towards another member(s) will be removed.
- Note that it is allowed to show disdain for groups of people. For example, you can say "I hate Christians!", however you cannot say "I hate [Stephen] because he's a Christian!".

These rules are enforced by the Guards. Guards are able to remove content from any location and place bans if needed; high ranking Guards are able to read private messages, as well.

Exact interpretation of the rules will vary from Guard to Guard; if you feel a Guard is being unfair contact an Uber Spanker and the matter will be looked into.

Any update to this page takes effect as soon as the change is implemented. Not being aware of the rules does not excuse breaking them and updates will be posted on Main to ensure everyone is informed.


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