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These are the rules of Fake - by using and accessing the site you agree to adhere to these rules. Any violations of the rules should be reported.
Notifications will be given when rules are updated, and changes to rules take place immediately unless otherwise stated.


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Below are the rules for interacting with other members - enforcement of these rules is taken very seriously and tend to result in investigation and consultation between multiple Guards. Multiple violations quickly warrant a ban.

B-1) Harassment is not tolerated on Fake. 
   B-1.1) Harassment is defined as unwanted attention from another member, regardless of if the member doing the harassing sees the attention as positive or negative.
   B-1.2) If a member is bothering you, block them and inform them you do not want them to contact you. Do not chat or banter with them. Unwanted attention should be clearly unwanted for action to be taken.
   B-1.3) If the harassment continues, file a report on the member with detailed information on how and where the member has been harassing you.
   B-1.4) Take note that visiting your profile, befriending your friends, commenting on wikipages you're on (but do not own) and other indirect actions do not count as harassment.

B-2) Do not be an asshole.
  B-2.1) Don't pick a fight with someone, don't randomly insult people, don't tell others you find them fat/ugly/stupid/unappealing.
  B-2.2) If a member randomly insults you out of the blue, block and report them. A warning beforehand is not required in cases like this.

B-3) Fake is a site that is both meant to be safe, while also celebrating and accepting all (legal) forms of kinks and sex.
  B-3.1) There is no rule against members approaching members and trying for a sexual encounter. We do not police kinks and fetishes outside legal requirements.
  B-3.2) If someone makes you uncomfortable, you can tell them to stop and you may also block them. If they are aware you don't want to play along and continue to bother you, then it is harassment and you should report them.
  B-3.3) "Cyber-Rape" is a popular fetish - and one that often makes others uncomfortable. Do not report a member if they express interest in rape fantasies, unless they include you in those fantasies against your will.

B-4) Hate speech is not tolerated on Fake.
  B-4.1) Expressing dislike or a negative opinion is not hate speech; displaying violence or hatred is hate speech.
  B-4.2) Negative comments, true or false, about any member of Fake will be removed without warning.
  B-4.3) A member may request any public comments or media about them be removed at will, without reason upon the filing of a report.

B-5) Any act of spreading the personal information of another member without their consent (name, address, videos, pictures, phone number, password, etc.) will likely result in an immediate ban.
  B-5.1) The Crew of Fake advises against sharing anything anywhere online you don't want to risk having spread; we will do our best to stop issues like these if they arise, but remember that once anything is online it is likely permanently online.

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Below are the rules for media that can be displayed on Fake. While we do have some rules, for the most part Fake is anything goes. Notably, we are 100% against any sexual exploitation or nudity of a minor.

C-1) No media depicting the nudity of a person under the age of 18 is permitted.
  C-1.1) Any indication that media violates this rule will be treated as though the media does violate the rule.
  C-1.2) Drawings or cartoons of (naked) human minors are also not permitted. "Furries" and other non-humans do not have the same applied restrictions.
  C-1.3) This is a no-tolerance rule. Violating this rule will result in an account ban.

C-2) Copyright material will be removed upon the owner's request.
  C-2.1) You are permitted to display any material regardless of copyright, so long as the owner does not complain.
  C-2.2) You also assume legal responsibility for displaying copyright material.
  C-2.3) Do not report others for using the same media as you, unless you own it.
  C-2.4) Do not upload media to the Fake servers unless you own the media. Failure to heed this will result in loss of uploading rights.

C-3) Media that exhibits violence, gore or suicide is not permitted on a profile.
  C-3.1) They are allowed to be displayed on wikipages, however.

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Below are the rules that cover the usage of wikipages on Fake.

W-1) Do not edit someone else's wikipage, unless given permission.
  W-1.1) If a page is "Freely Editable", that does not mean you can change it as you wish. Consult the owner of a page before making changes. If someone has edited your wiki without permission, revert the change and ask they stop. If they do not, report them.
  W-1.2) Do not vandalize someone else's wikipage; this includes blanking it, filling it with hate speech, or flooding it with useless texts and images. This is classed as malicious and should be reported without warning.

W-2) You may display any content on a wikipage, so long as it is not child pornography or personal information about another member.
  W-2.1) Hate speech is permitted on a wikipage, as long as it is not directed towards another member and it is obvious the page is intended for that.

W-3) Official pages are not meant to be used as chatter pages, unless they're marked as such.
  W-3.1) Official pages have a header at the top, indicating the page is official.
  W-3.2) Off-topic comments will be deleted on a regular basis, possibly in middle of a conversation. This is to ensure questions and comments about official content are not missed.
  W-3.3) You will not be banned or get in any serious trouble for breaking this rule, but keep it in mind when on official pages.

W-4) Do not use the comment box of any page to report another member - use the report function.
  W-4.1) Your comment will be deleted, and there's no guarantee a Guard will see it.
  W-4.2) Depending on the content and wording of the report, you may get a warning as well.
  W-4.3) All Guard and Moderation related issues should be kept off public locations, including wikipages.

W-5) Do not cheat on officially hosted contests.
  W-5.1) Do not use media you do not own in an attempt to win a contest.
  W-5.2) Do not use multiple accounts you have access to (even if you do not own them) to get multiple votes.
  W-5.3) Do not pester others to vote for you - it's OK to put something in your mood or diary, it is not OK to ask on wikipages (unless you own them) or flood members with PMs.
  W-5.4) Do not threaten other members to vote for you - "vote for me or I'll block you", "vote for me or you're off my RP", "vote for me or we can't be friends".
  W-5.5) Violation of these rules will result in being disqualified from any ongoing contests, and repeated violations may result in being disqualified from all future contests.

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Below are some general rules and guidelines.

G-1) Fake is an adult websites with adult and pornographic themes; individuals under the legal age of adulthood for their location are not permitted on Fake.
  G-1.1) Anyone found to be under legal age on Fake will have their account banned; but they are welcome back once they're over 18 and we're happy to unban the account.
  G-1.2) Pretending to be under 18 is OK, as long as the member doing so is legally old enough to access Fake. Saying adult-themed pictures are under 18 is not allowed regardless of the age of the model.

G-2) Multiple accounts ("clones") are allowed on Fake, with conditions.
  G-2.1) Extra accounts are only allowed to be used for entertainment purposes.
  G-2.2) Using a secondary account to garner extra votes on polls, harass members, bypass blocks, or sidestep/exploit any rules is in direct violation and will result in all but one account the member owns being banned.

G-3) Guard are not robots, automods, or AI.
  G-3.1) Different Guards may have different reactions towards the same type of violation. Some Guards are more lax, others are more by-the-book. None of the Guards will directly target a member with negative bias.

G-4) Fake is ran by Volunteers, not by paid employees.
  G-4.1) The entire Crew volunteers their time without compensation, and no one has a strictly adhered schedule; we all try to be here as much as we can be.
  G-4.2) Despite that, all the Crew are expected to follow the rules just like all other members, and if a Crew member is not doing so, then report them.

G-5) Fake is meant to be fun, and somewhat pretend/sexual fantasy. Don't take things here too seriously.
  G-5.1) We want everyone to be safe, but still be able to really get into it and get off together.

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These rules are enforced by the Guards and Council. Guards are able to access any location on the site other than private forums. Elite Guards are able to totally delete a wikipage and Guard Captains are able to read all private messages and change password data.

If you have an issue with a Guard, it is always best to address the Guard in PM about the issue and explain what is wrong. If that fails, then contact an Administrator (they're listed on the Council page) via PM and explain the situation.


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