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Fake Chat Help and Questions   Press <Show Content> to see information.

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Q) What is an "OP"?
A) An OP is a chat operator; it means they are a Moderator in the chat.

Q) I'd like to be a Chat Boss, how do I become one?
A) The Council appoints new Chat Bosses (OPs) as needed, picked from members who are active and helpful on the chat.

Q) I don't know how to use this chat, I'm completely confused.
A) You just type your username into the chat-box widget located above. For a list of commands you can use in the chat, keep reading on.

Q) I have a question not on this list!
A) You can always ask in the "to the crew" forum or comment box of this page. ;)

General Information and Useful Commands

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Command                                                   What it does
/me <action>                                                                Performs an actions. IE: Stephen dances.
/nick <newnickname>                                                         Changes your nickname into the entered nickname.
/ns register {yourPassword} {yourEmailAccountName@yourMailProvider}         Allows you to protect your nickname with a password.
/ignore <nickname>                                                          Ignores all messages from that nickname.
/unignore <nickname>                                                        Remove an ignore from a nickname.
/query <nickname>                                                           Sends a private message to that nickname.
/whois <nickname>                                                           Looks up information about nickname.
/join <#channel name>                                                       Opens another channel in a different tab. (IE: /join #Elfpack)
/clear                                                                      Clears the chat box.
/away <message>                                                             Displays a message when someone uses the "/whois" command on you.

Don't be an asshole!
Don't flood the channel with spam, don't harass people, etc. Doing so will get you kicked/banned.

Try to write correctly
You don't need to use perfect English, but no one feels like trying to decode your typing. Some typo's and grammar messups are OK, but at least try to type normal text.

Listen to and respect the mods!
What they say is final. In the chat, the mods are just like the Fake Guards.

If someone is being an asshole

If there's no mod on and someone is being an asshole, do the following:

1) Type "/whois <harasser's nick>"
2) Find the "hostmark" of the harasser. (It should look like "24-180-208-36", just with different numbers)
3) Screenshot what the harasser is doing and the harasser's hostmark. Send them to [Stephen] in a PM.
4) Type /ignore <harasser's nickname>

You can also chat at Bob's Diner!


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2019-01-13 [Lady Ana Jade]: Now you MY Dear Katya uulyn khokh ni. Inoticed you have been graced with other powers on here.That is about time Katya

2019-01-13 [Tr!X*]: Katya has my old job of accepting members.
Me and Nik have equal privs incase hes not online if needed, acceptingnew members, dealing with reports, changing emails or whatever.
Stephan trumps us all.
Hedda is boss man.

Its a pretty cool switch around.

2019-01-14 [LEAVINGWITH DOOM]: Still waitin :p

2019-01-19 [Stephen]: To answer some things above -
We don't change ownership of a wikipage unless it's under special conditions; all of which have to begin with the owner being inactive for a long time.

Data, including wikipage data, doesn't auto delete because it's a bit much to assume that an inactive member will never come back.
If every page I owned deleted when the page/I was inactive for 180 days, then I'd have lost all the pages I own on Elftown, Elfpack and Fake more than once.

You aren't going to get far most of them time trying to talk to [Virgin Slut]. The entire reason I have so much authority on his sites is because he's too busy to deal with them, or doesn't want to. So unless it's an account issue or a complaint regarding me, it's generally best to talk to me.

2019-01-19 [The Mystik Warrior]: I bet hedda is like the wizard of oz. isn't he and stephen is the guy behind the curtains. and the rabbits control stepen and don't move their lips ha ha

2019-01-19 [Snakebyte Forktounge]: Ok I have a real question. Is Twilight angel really dead?

2019-01-19 [Stephen]: Is Twilight Angel a member?

2019-01-20 [Violen Trapist]: You guys are forgetting about me. I'm essentially second in command on all Heddate sites.

2019-01-20 [Stephen]: Psh. You won't even join a Council. You're useless to me. =|
Go back to the Diner and troll innocent people. D=

2019-01-20 [Master Katya Feinrose]: Get it, Stephen.

2019-01-20 [The Mystik Warrior]: Ok what is a psh. is like a posh? And is Stephen going to be in avengers endgame as fake avenger?

2019-01-20 [Lady Ana Jade]: Ok Mystik. A Psh is a creature that feeds on people who arent here anymore making deleted users out of them. the the deleted users stumble and do zombie stuff around un used profiles on fake

2019-01-20 [Violen Trapist]: Anybody on any Diner is definitely not innocent. Except me. I'm innocent and cute.

2019-01-20 [The Mystik Warrior]: Not really you are caught in the waves of time .the wash over you and re-innocentise you each day like they do reveryone else

2019-01-21 [Stephen]: Chat and Fake Chat now display the exact same information.

2019-01-21 [Lady Ana Jade]: Hello Stephen!! you change the moon wolf to the fake moon yet

2019-01-21 [Stephen]: xD

2019-01-24 [Master Katya Feinrose]: [The Mystik Warrior] I've requested many times you stop tagging me in things such as this and yet it is once again ignored. Stop.

2019-01-25 [Lady Ana Jade]: And I meant wolf moon to fake moon ha ha. And really what is a Psh?Stephen?

2019-02-15 [Master Katya Feinrose]: How is everyone on the site today?

2019-02-15 [Lady Ana Jade]: We are well. and have had a good valentines day.

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