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You want to be on the Mainpage, don't you?

Do you want the title of the "Slut of the Week", leaving your friends in awe of your inner slut?

Do you think you are sexy and slutty enough to deserve it?

Then you've certainly come to the right place!

So step on up, you tramps and trollops, let's get slutty! ♥


This is how it works

- You upload a hot photo of yourself -

- You think of your dirtiest fantasies -

- Then you add your application to the list-

The Council will work to make sure the hottest, most interesting sluts get picked. So make sure to upload your sexiest photo and tell us a few juicy details about yourself!


Go to:

Slut of the Week - Applications     Slut of the Week - Interviews

For those curious about the past Winners please go to:

Slut of the Week Winners


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2014-05-01 [Master Katya Feinrose]: You can submit yours in Daily Sex Story and i can look it over since i update it every Sunday and Wednesday. If it is someone else's story, they have to submit it. The member must be actie under 50 days for DSS and 30 days for SotW. If you ask them if you can use theirs, please show the message stating it with their name, and i'll ask [That Nik Guy] bout it.

2014-05-05 [Deej]: uhm. why is there a random profile gallery 5360 wiki link at the top of the page?

2014-06-12 [Stephen]: Good question - I fixed that. :P

2015-12-22 [Leonila]: lol

2015-12-23 [Master Katya Feinrose]: ??

2016-01-13 [Leonila]: no more sluts no more fun :)

2016-01-14 [Master Katya Feinrose]: alot of people message me how to apply and i provide the link and instructions and let them know thy can message me if theres issues but then noone joins :(

2016-07-28 [ride or die]: Are you allowed to be slut of the week more then once....itd been a long while since I was. Lol

2016-07-28 [Master Katya Feinrose]: technically no. but i can ask another council member just in case

2016-09-08 [Tr!X*]: <- council member-this place is so dead i don't think the 'old' rules really count all that much anymore. i think any attempt at keeping this place is going is probably good for the site. and i think there's so little interaction and/or competition here now that noone would complain. if it could kick off a competition i don't think it would be a bad thing. i've had 1st's and 2nd and 3rd's in the same competition before. i think the general rule was once every three months to give others a chance of competing.

2016-09-09 [Master Katya Feinrose]: ive been considering doing this as this page needs livening up. Ive already set in motion to doing it again. Ill be posting to the main wall about it.

2017-10-16 [Q_Q]: Yay

2017-10-16 [Master Katya Feinrose]: I have posted about it since then but noone joined

2017-10-16 [Q_Q]: How can I help you liveen up this place

2017-10-18 [Master Katya Feinrose]: Not very sure. I've announced it in the main page several times and in keep with it. I've let the few remaining know of it.

2017-10-19 [Q_Q]: Ok well hmmm I'll try and find some more friends to come here that might help

2017-10-19 [Master Katya Feinrose]: Thanks

2017-10-20 [Q_Q]: Ofcors

2019-02-21 [Tom B.S. Fuckery]: I have been posting tweets about fake on my twitter account as has my friends.As i saw on council. that idea about putting up and making a straight out library of written stories is not bad and then place it on the front page. those wonder stories are going to waste. and many are even on the wiki page. yes there are lots of them but gsathering them up anfd placeing them in a fake library or a memorial libray to our passed members would be a great honor to build

2019-02-22 [Master Katya Feinrose]: If you like, message me and we can perhaps set something of the sort up and then i can post it on the main page for all Fakers to enjoy :)

(18h ago) [Tom B.S. Fuckery]: That will take alot of work. Just to find stories.There are many already on the wiki list. But many are just like looking for needles in a hay stack.. but I have alot on my wiki list and I have no idea if they are listed or not Katya?

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