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Apply for the title of the "Slut of the Week"


Here is a list to get you started, feel free to add any juicy details that you think are appropriate. Stay sexy!

write your Fake-member name here
write the stuff you're into (sex related of course)
How horny are you? we want to know the full extent of it
What makes you so sexy? what's hot about you
What makes you so slutty? now tell us how many people you've skrewed, or something :P
What is special about you? this could be the most important part of your application!
Are we gonna get to see pics of your pussy/cock?
How often do you update your description and photos?
why should we feature you as a slut if you don't even have new hot pics every now and then

HI! This is [NerdyGothCurves] and i run this contest. :3 I update every Sunday and i email new potential SotW winners every Wednesday. I was just wanting to let everyone know I've started doing First Chosen and Runner-Up. The way I have set up runner up is that if the main Chosen SotW is no longer interested, not active, or doesn't answer to my email about being chosen, you get the 1st place and are posted on the main page!


Slut Applications FEMALES

Slut Applications MALES


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2006-01-12 [Kwee]: You'll never be my real dad.

2006-01-13 [RitoriMisu]: No, but I WILL!! *muhahahaha*

2006-01-13 [Kwee]: Hmm... that would explain the penis..

2006-01-14 [RitoriMisu]: >.>

2006-01-16 [Kwee]: =D

2006-01-16 [RitoriMisu]: You mean the one that is attached to teh Kwee?

2006-01-16 [Kwee]: Sure, that one too. =D

2006-01-16 [RitoriMisu]:   >.o;

2006-02-02 [Deleted user]: *prods the page with a tail* Got quiet in here. Oo Curse you picture requirement. I must be a self-proclaimed and unofficial slut. *goes off to defend her title*

2006-02-05 [RitoriMisu]: We're mildly understaffed at the moment... Please bear with us, and someone will answer your call in the order it was recieved, as soon as an agent becomes available.

2006-02-06 [Kwee]: *Hums "The Girl from Epanema"  *

2007-01-14 [ladyofblood]: hello there how are you all doing?

2007-03-01 [i yell at my monkey]: ello

2009-01-31 [manyak_625]: <img:stuff/sm3.gif>

2010-01-25 [Gone baby, gone]: okay, so I'm curious.
is it possible to get re-elected to slut of the week? I got it a LONG time ago and would love a "follow up" interview.

2010-01-25 [Doll]: lol ^_^
i could update your interview to your liking if you wish to have more on it :P

2010-01-26 [Gone baby, gone]: actually, a complete rechange would be great! PM me whenyou've the time with the stuff and I'll gladly help ya.

2011-04-01 [Doll]: I suppose I should be getting around to it any day now, lol
sorry for the absence, working on going through my messages and adding apps for here, now (well after this comment, rather).
send me your revived interview whenever you feel like it and I shall post it up in its rightful place as soon as I get to it :)
oh, if you need the format for it, let me know, here, and I will PM it your way...

2012-08-08 [Tau Unleashed]: Can you ever be "Slut of the Week" more than once? ;)

2012-08-31 [Lollipop Rage]: To answer this question, I'll CONSIDER re-interviewing you after one year. You have to re-apply, though, and you might not get picked. I want to give everyone a fair chance, after all!

2014-05-06 [Taboo_Girl]: Why is there only male and female catergories? What if you're somewhere in between?

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