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Lollipop Rage (I rear my head once more.)

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Name: Malice Eloriel Báthory

Long and black to short, blue and blonde.
Because reasons.


I'm retired Council, I was featured as Slut of the Week, I'm one of the Contractors, I won 1st Place in the Sexiest Girl Award and 2nd place in Best Tits Award.

Sex-monsterCrazy kidBondage art

Civil status: strange

Sexual preference: unknown

Sexual perversions
bondage-tyingrapinghaving spanking

Body shape: thin

Age: 26Year of birth: 1988Month of birth: 6Day of birth: 16

Stupid people [You should try not to end up here.]

Current Wiki's you can find me in: Demons among us.
[A short Bio of me:

I serve the God-Emperor. My power-armored feet march to the hymns of the Ecclesiarchy, and though the Emperor is my Father and Guardian, I must also guard the Emperor until my dying breath. I am from Adepta Sororitas, my sisters fighting by my side to kill the heretic, burn the mutant, and purge the unclean.

One day, I'm going to go through ALL the profiles, and personally thank everyone that does not have a ugly peen on their profile. Seriously.

Sometimes I wonder, like seriously wonder. Lets say I do hurt a person who has "So and so" "Watching over them"/"protecting". Now, keeping in mind, that you have nothing to go off of but a random place that I SAY I live at, what exactly can you do?
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's COMPLETELY useless, it's sweet and all, but maybe threatening to hurt someone through a damn computer isn't the best strategy of defense, or offense, now that i think about it...
That being said, you'll never find a picture like that on my pages. Unless it's of a dragon. Everybody knows they're real and will fuck your shit up. I'm not talking about the cute and cuddly types, oh no. This dragon will be colossal in size, with a huge, gaping, bloody maw filled with as many chewed-up people as he can possibly fit in there, surrounded by the flames of hell itself as the screams of the agonized await for the sweet embrace of death. That's what I want protecting and watching over me. Not some squishy person.

I role-play. Big surprise. Currently, I have three characters, but as more artwork is done, there will be more.
The Sleepy Guardian, Elhiem
The Wind Monster Shashale
The Acid Spitter Trinimas
The Thieving Half-breed Marleen Thorne
Just a side note: I'm not too fond of sexual RP, ESPECIALLY If I don't know you. I realize that it's just words on a screen, but shit, TRY to come up with something more interesting than your character trying to hump mine. Also, in order to start RP with me, I suggest you STATE THE NAME OF THE CHARACTER YOU'RE TRYING TO RP WITH. Otherwise, I'll pick one at random.

"An intimate relation with Malice? Pffblt, I'll steal her away before you could dare." -Chelsea. Gotta love her.

"There is a series of questions you must ask yourself before bringing Malice anywhere, two of the most important being 'Is this a quiet place?' and 'If I bring her to a formal event, will she get us kicked out?" - Missa.

"She's like the worst sub a door mat with a hidden bear trap. You go to step on it and WHAM! Malice has your leg now, and she's tearing into it like it was chicken." -James

"Malice is by no means a leader, but she certainly isn't a follower. She's one of those people who's going to do what they want, when they want, and gods save you if she thinks you're in her way." - Dan

*FYI* I speak Na'vi, and I'm going to run around in feathers and a loincloth one day. Fuck yes, I'm a nerd of the worst kind, and I love it.
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Gender: female

Place of living: USA-Virginia

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General Interests
poetryplain role playingscience

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