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Hardee Har har

Member #11051 created: 2011-09-09 04:40:51Simple URL:   

Name: bye

Good Morning.


This means i was featured in Daily Sex Story

"I am what you will never be to Fake, a God. I am the bare bones of turning a war torn village into paradise. I am everything and everyone you wish you could be. You are just a pathetic troll who has no life outside of here so you come on here spewing hate to fill some sad void in your fucked up life."

"NEW RULE: ANYONE WHO COMMENTS ON THE WIKI 'responds'toloser is blocked as a relation and blocked from Imitation.

There has to be structure.

Without it, everything falls apart."
^Fenmore, attempting to be objective, failing miserably.

"Your name says bye so be gone."
^Fenmore, completely missing the point.

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