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Written about Friday 2017-09-08
Written: (2272 days ago)

So FAKE disappeared yesterday, and today image links are broken and user accounts have been purged. Was there a server roll back?

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Written about Tuesday 2016-10-25
Written: (2590 days ago)

Good to know this place is just as god-damn boring as it always has been.

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Written about Friday 2016-05-20
Written: (2748 days ago)

No, I'm not "here" or "back again".

I'm merely sharing my erotic stories here. If they suck, if you think you can do better, I encourage you to contact me. I am open to all forms of comments, criticisms and more.
Thank you.

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Written about Monday 2016-05-09
Written: (2759 days ago)
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I'm officially "never here anymore". As one of the last long-standing members of FAKE, I bid you (and it) good bye.
It was fun while it lasted, but there are literally zero members I care to speak to anymore here.

If you want to reach me, the best way to do it is at one of the following:


This is my blog, where I write hentai captions, do hentai reviews, post pictures of my penis, and talk about sex. There was an entry I just wrote which talked about FAKE that might interest you.

Kik: jokester333

If you just want to message me to talk, trade porn pics or something else, Kik is honestly the best way.

I'm around both of these services all day long and I'm far more interested in the people I interact with there. I may pop in for a minute or two on fake, but I'm no longer going to respond to messages, diary entries, guestbook entries, or involve myself in any way, shape, or form with this community. It's not fun anymore.


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Written about Wednesday 2016-03-23
Written: (2806 days ago)

It's my birthday, send nudes.

kik: jokester333

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Written about Friday 2016-03-11
Written: (2818 days ago)

Like porn?
Like open discussions about sex and sexuality?
Want to see super embarrassing shots of my penis?


I post hentai, sex science, and occasionally my cock doing things.

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Written about Wednesday 2016-03-09
Written: (2820 days ago)
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Written about Thursday 2016-03-03
Written: (2826 days ago)


Good morning.

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Written about Saturday 2016-02-27
Written: (2831 days ago)

So I'm getting internal server 500 errors when I attempt to update my House's personal information. is this happening for anyone else, or is this just another broken piece of shit aspect of fake? The error means that the server is likely not caching updates. Anyone in command care to comment, or are you lazy assholes just going to sit around jerking each other off?

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Written about Monday 2016-02-22
Written: (2836 days ago)
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The life cycle of a FAKE member:

1. "Wow, this site looks really cool! teehee, I'll post some semi-naked pics"

2. If male, the slow realization that there are no women on the internet becomes readily apparent. Disinterest or eventually settling for jerking off with other guys sets in. If the rare and elusive female, who we can liken to a unicorn, compulsive vomiting from the constant barrage of dick pics.

3. Bitterness, ego death.

4. "I'm leaving fake"

5. "I'm only here to talk to friends"

6. Visits the site perhaps once or twice a month, often less, when they can't get laid. Desperate times, those. As they scroll through the messages, it becomes readily apparent that any good times had here were like a fever dream, distant and familiar but utterly terrifying.

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Written about Saturday 2016-02-13
Written: (2846 days ago)

As emailing only works sometimes (for unknown reasons), we have removed the requirement to confirm the email address when you register.

I hope this will make it easier to register.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me explain why this is a terrible fucking solution.

First off, this makes it that much easier to abuse the account creation to create multiple accounts.

Secondly, this is a shitty bug report in that absolutely no detail was given on why the emailing system doesn't work, likely because the person in charge of arranging this has no coding experience. As such, not only have we now created another exploit in fake, but the administration of this dead site has essentially came out and indirectly state that the people running the ship have no fucking idea how to run the technical side of things.

Congrats. These are the people you put your faith into.

Hire a fucking programmer.

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Written about Friday 2016-02-05
Written: (2853 days ago)
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HEY feИaddicts!

We are just at 20 days into the crew launch and I couldn't be more pumped. This year, I plan on creating and updating wikis throughout Fake with new graphics, logos, interactive rooms, secret rooms, and more! Fake has come such a long way and I cannot wait for the new users to join the site and see what it's all about. The way to do this is work hard together to make it really special, fun, and sexy of course. If you have any wikis you would like me consult me on, please let me know by inviting me to them and I will have a look. IT IS NOT TOO LATE to make Fake amazing and were going to do that by breathing a new, fresh and hip life into it. We are going to that by hitting it out on Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, & YouTube. We are going to do that by safeguarding the site for age appropriate members and we are going to do that by working as one. This crew run is not about me, it's never been. It is all about you, all of you on Fake who want real change, the kind where users are online at all hours. The kind where role playing is back and chat rooms don't have to hide their times cause they have two week to two month gaps. The kind where you cannot wait to log on because it's exactly what you remember and better than you thought. Together we can do this, but I alone cannot. Chip in by applying an approved supporter banner on your house today! Thank you so much for all of the support!!!

<img:http://fake.swedma.com/stuff/aj/11843/1436079323.png> Иовоdу caи dґag мё dоши!

I was wondering when you'd rear your head again.

It's amazing that all of the things I've pointed out as problematic with FAKE you're actually taking a stance on now. ALbeit an empty one, as you've given no addresses for the social media you're going to use, and you've not provided a practical way to safe guard the site against underage members.

If you're actually serious this time, I'm willing to work with you to improve the site. However, if this is yet another attempt at blatant attention whoring, I'll tear you down just as easily as I did the first time.

And it's absolutely about you. That's what all campaigns-here or elsewhere-are about. Don't deny that. That however doesn't mean you can't do some good.

Prove me wrong about you.

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Written about Tuesday 2015-12-01
Written: (2919 days ago)

Let's crunch some numbers!

On average, there is roughly 5-8 members online at any given hour, with a spike to 10-12 during night time hours in the US.

This means, at any given time, fake is roughly procuring 10-20 relevant hits per hour, for perhaps a total of 100 hits per day from relevant people either in the community or interested in joining. This is excluding people who come across FAKE randomly.

100 is an extremely generous number. I would guess it is much lower, in all reality.

This is absolutely piss-poor site traffic that no one is doing anything about. Including those in charge of the site.

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Written about Monday 2015-11-30
Written: (2920 days ago)

So being fake as fuck is bad now? I think not.


There's being "fake as fuck", and then being manipulative. FAKE is a house of cards held together with white lies. Everyone here lies to a certain degree. However, it's usually over harmless things.

You have willfully manipulated and harrassed people from the very first day you joined the site. There are entire wikis full of screenshots of things you've done and said to people. And every time someone calls you out on it, you duck behind your sock puppet accounts and deny responsbility.

I don't know how I can make this any clearer for you. You refuse to follow the steps to do a council run, so no amount of fake quotes you wrote or diary entries will solve that. You have a toxic reputation with dozens of active members, which has been documented and is up for public display.

I honestly don't know what you're trying to accomplish at this point other than engaging with me. I'm honestly at the point I think this constant banter between us is the only reason you pop your head up. There came a point where I thought you were egotistical or insane, but I'm arriving at the realization you're neither of these things. Just incredibly lonely. That's why FAKE seems so important to you. It's the one place that people still pay you any amount of attention.

Look, run for council or spin your wheels, nobody really cares. Just stop pretending that being a manipulative asshole is something to be proud of, or something other people could get behind.

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Written about Friday 2015-11-20
Written: (2930 days ago)
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I was looking over my block list this morning (up to almost 95 people!), and the results were overwhelmingly male.

Looking over the FAKE profiles by general population, the site overwhelmingly skews towards users citing "male" as their gender.

It takes five seconds to search this up yourself.

And yet we still have members joining daily to find women on the internet.

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Written about Wednesday 2015-11-18
Written: (2932 days ago)

Why Banning Members Solves Nothing:

Hi folks. In an effort to create a more empowered user base, I thought I'd fill you guys in on a few things that affect FAKE's end user experience. This entry is meant for information purposes only.

Let's say hypothetically you have someone that annoys the piss out of you. You've tried reporting them to our radically inactive guard to no avail. You've attempted doing everything in your power to have this member removed. Finally, by stroke of luck or one of the guards waking up and getting off their ass, they're banned. problem solved, right?

Completely incorrect.

FAKE bans members based on ISP address/Email address. This is how a majority of websites today function. It's the easiest way to deal both with problematic people and spam bots. An administrative team can line-item block a group of people from a certain ISP number, a certain user, or a certain email address. Typically, this gives the flexibility to deal with a variety of problems without putting unncessary strain on both the administration and user base. This would be a one stop solution to problematic members, were it not 2015.

When it comes to ISP numbers, there's two varieties: Static and dynamic. Static ISP numbers are unchanging. Dynamic ISP do the opposite, and can change for a variety of reasons. When a ban is enforced on a static ISP, it would take the user physically changing their ISP number or logging in from a different location, with a different account, to re-enter the user base. The same doesn't hold true for a dynamic ISP. This is where we typically ban members based on email address AND ISP-it solves the issue of someone with a dynamic ISP re-entering and causing problems.

However, it's incredibly easy and simple to create a false Email account and register for fake. Coupled with a dynamic ISP address, guards and the administrative of fake are caught completely unaware as problematic members re-join fake and start trouble anew.

To be perfectly blunt, there's not a solution to this issue. However, a more active guard would easily solve problems. That said, almost every single one of our guards is completely inactive in their duties, and require hard evidence before proceeding with a ban-meaning that problematic members are usually undealt with, or can easily re-enter general population with zero punishment.

But hey, you can block them right?

Why Blocking Members Solves Nothing:

FAKE's blocking system is one of the worst I have seen in my entire life. When you block a member, it prevents them from showing up on the "online members" list, it prevents them from messaging you, and otherwise interacting with you individually. This would be fine, were it not for the fact that every diary entry/guestbook entry remains public, which allows that member to continue harrassing you through those. If you've ever seen Fenmore claiming I'm his boyfriend (which, by the way, I don't even know the guy), this is but one example of the loopholes in our current blocking system. Couple this with the above information, and what you have is a system in place that might as well be tissue paper. Blocking or banning members is woefully ineffective and trite.

What, realistically, can we do about this?

First of all, if someone is repetitively being a problem, TAKE A FUCKING SCREENSHOT. It's as easy as hitting the "print screen" on your keyboard. Contact guards immeadiately with the information. Copy/pasting messages will not work, as they're text and can be altered. Secondly, report sock puppet accounts the moment you're aware. Encourage guards to be on the lookout for sockpuppets, and be vigilant towards static ISP/email blocking.

If you're unsure, it's as easy as watching the nature in which someone handles their interactions with the community. Most people are too idiotic to make their sockpuppet accounts act radically different. It's part of the reason why, despite being banned several times, I've been able to return each time. Act different, and nobody suspects a thing.

Lastly, while our current guards are completely ineffective morons who can't be bothered with FAKE, don't be afraid to reach out to them. On occasion they actually do something.

Next time, we'll talk about using Firebug to access pass word protected wikis.
Have fun kids.

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Written about Thursday 2015-11-12
Written: (2938 days ago)
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Written about Thursday 2015-11-12
Written: (2938 days ago)

The current feИmore campagin slogan is #wynterforchange

Think of how we are helping his contributions be not in vain!

Love and light bitches!


^pseudonym for a sock puppet account, completely generalized emotional appeal, and using hashtags on a website that doesn't enable them.

I suppose if you can't fight them with logic, being an idiot works just as well.

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Written about Friday 2015-11-06
Written: (2944 days ago)

Let's have a Theme song for the Campaign too. "Angel Duster" by Run The Jewels, Live on Colbert:

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Written about Friday 2015-11-06
Written: (2944 days ago)
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Since I'm running, I suppose I should write some kind of campaign thing, eh?

Folks, my official slogan is "none of the above". That's right. Don't vote for me. Don't vote for Fen, don't vote for sammie or any of the other chuckle fucks. Because that's what we are-a bunch of chuckle fucks trying to win a popularity contest on a website nobody knows about. It ultimately doesn't matter which of us winds up on council, as the job is something that not one single person can accomplish given FAKE's current circumstances.

Here's the facts:
We have an ultimately inactive council and guard. FAKE is dying not because we're losing members, but because we're doing absolutely nothing to procure new members. This is something that electing a new council member WILL NOT solve. Why? Because assuming one person or individual can live up to everything required to fix FAKE is foolish. No one person can, especially if they're not getting paid.

If you want to improve FAKE, don't vote for council. Rather, take the iniative and finally embark on that idea that you thought would help the site. Create a twitter account for us, and link everyone to it. Create a facebook account, and brag about it. Reach out to other fantasy roleplaying/erotic roleplaying sites, tell folks about us. If you're familiar with website creation, take a gander at the various broken parts of FAKE, and devise a solution you can send to it's leadership. Because fixing fake, acquiring members and more is something that's going to take all of us-not a single person with an undependable staff of peers.

So again. Don't vote for anyone, least of all me. Vote for the power you already have in yourself as devoted members of the site, and push that power forward.

I'm going to end this by saying I've made this same appeal before. I was let down the two and only times I did. I'm bracing myself for disappointment again.

So surprise me. Surprise yourself, and surprise the rest of us.

Thanks for your time. I hope your weekend is brilliant.
Your candidate for council,
-Hardee har har

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Written about Friday 2015-11-06
Written: (2944 days ago)

Denial cannot overtake fact. Lies will not ensue more lies...unless you let them. Deplorable? A run for council from someone who refuses to show their face, has yet to make a campaign wiki, literally has no record of what they have done on Fake...and is of course...obsessed with me. Now lets say hypothetically speaking, this person says they don't know me. By that fact, you are borderline psycho. If your life is so bad you have to come on and admittedly troll people you don't know? Tell me dear, what kind of leader is that? Even silly rabbit Trix doesn't bother me anymore. Also by your logic of radical or crazy, if that were true Trump wouldn't be high on the polls. The excitement, tenacity, and keeping it real is what truly rally's people together. I look forward to debating and uniting our issues as we both step to council but I assure you, at the end of the day...I am the only one I know who is continuously active, engaging and trying to put my best foot forward. I don't lie, I don't play games, and I am certainly not cold like say...Wynter? Have a great weekend.
woooooo boy, one day you'll learn to just stop using emotional appeals to make a point. Let's dissect this piece of shit.

1.Denial can absolutely over take fact, and often does. If you think it doesn't, then you've clearly never seen mainstream media. People buy into denial and facts because it's easier than reality, something you've engaged in time and time again.

2. You honestly have no idea how a council run works, do you? It doesn't matter if you get votes from members. Seriously. The ultimate decision rests on the shoulder of current council members, regardless of the communities overall opinion of you. You can put the work in, but if you're an asshole, still lose. This isn't a democracy, despite what you think.

3.I'm anything but obsessed with you. It's just incredibly entertaining to watch how you react to basic questions on what exactly you'll do to improve fake. Outside of asking people to believe in you because you make a bunch of wikis and sockpuppet accounts, you've failed to answer basic questions on advertising, general repair of the GUI frontend for members, and provided unpractical explanations as to how you'll deal with underage members. In short, you're just like me-but I'm a hell of a lot more transparent.

4. So you like Trump. Wow. Kinda says it all right there.

5."I am the only one I know who is continuously active, engaging and trying to put my best foot forward. I don't lie, I don't play games, and I am certainly not cold like say...Wynter? Have a great weekend."

Several members have came forward and commented on how you manipulated them and endangered their emotional well being. You've admitted to being Wynter several times before, as well as your ISP showing both of you to be the same person. I don't care if you treat "Wynter" as a seperate entity, the fact stands that both your account and that one are maintained by the same manipulative, straw-man argument creating person.

So again, in a single post, you've lied, contradicted yourself, and have yet to answer basic questions about your campaign. If you're really so confident that anyone cares to vote for you, I fail to see why you'd have to resort to such low mud-slinging tactics with the opposition. I think you're afraid. I think you're afraid you won't win, and it will only serve to confirm what you already know about your reputation here.

I'm a troll. I come here to harass people. That's it. But at least I'm honest on that fact. You don't even have the courage to be honest with yourself, much less the member base. 

But by all means, try. It's going to be fun to watch you flail aimlessly.

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