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You know that feeling, when...

• ...You have experienced the CRAZIEST sex adventure imaginable, but you don't have the money to make a porn movie about it, but want everyone to know?
• ...You lie in bed and can't sleep because your dick can't think of anything but this one fantasy that drives you mad?
• ...You just had the best sex ever and want to share that with everyone??

You are so at the right place!

*UPDATE*: The Daily Sex Story is now updated weekly.


Now you got your big chance to share your fantasies with everyone on Fake! You write a story about the best sex you ever had, or the sex you would wish to have one day, and we put it on the Mainpage!


Rules and Guidelines:

• It must be by the person being nominated. Nothing stolen or copypasted please.
• Use proper English and correct spelling, if at all possible. Try to write in a style that is nice to be read. Have a little introduction, describe the scenery maybe - not just the raw sex part. That way, you may attract romantic girls more easily with your fantasies ^____^

And here you go:

1. Give your story a title
2. Make a wiki page with your username and title
3. Upload the story to that wiki
4. Add your sex story wiki to the list below, be sure to tell us that you wrote it!




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2014-07-17 [NerdyGothCurves]: yes well i was gonna do that but as i asked fakers all over when they were online ppl liked daily so i made it 2x a week thing. but at least we got something out of it :)

2014-07-17 [Nekko Fox]: This is true.

2014-07-17 [Caramela]: So like, do I add my story to the wiki or send it to you o.O

2014-07-17 [Nekko Fox]: I say yes to both!

2014-07-17 [NerdyGothCurves]: you add it to the wiki :)

2014-07-18 [Caramela]: I did it!

2014-07-18 [NerdyGothCurves]: yay!

2014-07-18 [Caramela]: ^_^

2014-07-18 [NerdyGothCurves]: :3

2014-07-18 [Caramela]: *glomps* We need a writer's guild!

2014-07-18 [NerdyGothCurves]: indeed :) i was thinking of throwing my pieces in there except i dont want ppl stealing them lol

2014-07-26 [Stephen]: Making it so a story has to be written by the nominator makes it very difficult to actually get nominations.

If you're concerned about using something stolen or copyrighted, look for it on Google - if someone's stealing it, it's quite likely from a site found via Google.

On that note, I'm going to go and nominate everything listed on Bedtime Stories Collection.

2014-07-26 [Nekko Fox]: YAY!

2014-08-03 [NerdyGothCurves]: All members have been badged for the nomination and posting of all their stories in the Bedtime Stories Collection.

2014-08-17 [~Nox~]: thar, stuff to read

2015-12-27 [Deleted user]: Club story this is my story, don't know if anyone thinks it is any good...

2015-12-27 [NerdyGothCurves]: apply for it and ill post it

2016-05-16 [Hardee Har har]: I've multiple stories I can post. Can I put them in a single wiki or would that not work?

2016-05-16 [NerdyGothCurves]: send them to me and ill put them up since i take care of the dds and sotw

2017-07-26 [Hardee Har har]: more stories coming.
I'm back from vacation and will ship ashes more as soon as I can.

2017-07-26 [NerdyGothCurves]: alright ill be waiting

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