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Reaper89 (Find me on facebook if you wanna chat)

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Looking for
Sharing experiencesFemaleSexaddict
18-30 yearsMistressShort people
Tall Peoplebisexuals

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Sexual perversions
watchinggiving spankinggiving analsex

Body shape: muscular

Age: 33Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 19

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Get Down With The Sickness

Name: Reaper

Hight: 6ft

Eyes: blue

Hair: shaved

Body: little buff

Nature: calm, relaxed not many cares

Favorite drinks: miller light and Dr.pepper

Favorite movie: Boondock saints

Favorite food: pizza or Chinese

Favorite car/truck: Jeep

Favorite bike: my 2007 Rocker 1200'

Favorite band: Disturbed

Favorite sex position: ANY

Number of Tattoos and pircings: 6 tattoos and 4 pircings

Number of most partners at one time: 5

Number ture lovers: 2

Number of people fucked: No idea...

Number of fuck buddy's: 3 that I can think of.

Number of bad relations: goddamn to fucking many...

Number of whores: I may fuck a lot but I don't go that far.

Number of friends: only got 3 true friends but I know a ton of people.

Would you fight for someone: hell yeah!

Would you pick up a friend n jail: if it's one of the 3 I'll help set him/
she free.

would you betray a friend: Hell No!! To many so called friends did that to me, I'm better then that.

Would you go to the end of the world for someone: there is only 2 people I'd do that for.

Would you trip a friend to save your own life in a zombie take over: no I'd trip the guy over there :)

Would you change locations: done it many times why not again.

Would you jump off a bridge: idk might be fun tell I see the ground

Would you cheat on a person: I've done it b4 but that was the old me, people change over time lucky for me.

Would you report this: If by report you mean put it in my profile then yes.

Would you give your own life up 2 save someone: yes I hope for a heros death.

Would you like kids one day or have a kid: Hell yeah!

Would you ever marry:: ...?

Last thing do you have any regrates: yes... Just way to many to list.. Id do anything to fix them but the damage is far to great... Plus the people would never forgive me or look at me the same......

Take my application and see where you stand.

Application For A Date.

Hair color:
Eye color:
Are you still a virgin:
Tattoos or piercings:
Favorite Animal:
Make the first moves:
Opinion on Cuddling:
Favorite Band/music:
Favorite Food/Beverages:
Fav. Colors:
Fav. Sounds:
Fav. smells:
Fav. Movies:
Fav. TV Shows:
FAv. Places to hang out/or just be:
Special Talents:
Describe your perfect date:
One special/unique thing about you:
What would you do to get my attention:
Would you tell me the truth no matter what:
4 words to describe you:
Highest education:
What do you see in your future:
Favorite physical feature/quality:
What’s the longest relationship you’ve had:
Why have you applied to be my girlfriend:
What’s your ultimate weakness:
Who has been the most influential person in your life and why:
Are you a vegetarian:
what turns you on the most:
What kind of a man do you respect:
Have you ever regretted a hookup:
How many sexual partners have you had:
What first attracts you to me:
What’s the most valuable thing you could recieve from another human being:
What’s one thing most people like about you:
If you could have one thing in this whole universe- what would it be:
What’s one part about your body that you would like to change:
What's one bad habit would you like to change:
If you could commit one crime and get away with it completely- what would that crime be:
Who is your favorite comedian:
Why should I pick you:
Any Questions for me:
Also bring with application a Photo, and 3 letters of recommendation at least one from an ex.

Gender: male

Exact place of living: Darkness

Known languages
Sign LanguageEnglishFrench

General Interests
pornplain role playingscience

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