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Rarovan (On here to read old Writing. Don't contact me. )

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Crazy kidMasterRebel

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To say I'm leaving is not correct. I've been gone for years, coming back on here merely to stare back into my long long past. I've been here longer then almost 98% of you. I Was here when this place FIRST started.

And while this was my home for several years. This place doesn't exist anymore. Oh it's physically here all right, but it is as excavators trudging through ruins, and finding some indigenous aboriginals wandering around.

Most of you are dazed, passing through these halls of madness looking for some meaning. I walk by and I do not judge you. For just like you I too come back to here to stare longingly to the friends I made, all of who have passed into the depths of the real world.

It gives me warmth, to know that I wasn't the only person who remembers fondly of this place. I read my old writings and smut I have conjured with many people. I'm surprised that only one person I thought was a girl turned out actually to be a guy! and he was a transgender, going through hormone therapy to become a biologically female.

Here in these ruins, a 15 year old boy went through every sort of emotion imaginable as he refined his words. He has learned of the worst and the best the virtual world could offer his creative and unique imagination. From siding with the humans, to tolerating those who thought differently, even to accepting an idea that two people of the same gender could fall in love and be just as miserable as two of the opposite gender.

Yes, I learned alot. While the virtual world will never truly be a substitute for real life. What I have experienced here has translated to the real world, rather favorably.

=) no, I don't mean sexually, fantasies remains such for a reason. In that I have thankfully not become like the rest of our generation. Sex is a wonderful thing and not to be taken lightly like so many of us seem to believe.

I mean socially. I learned patience.. which aids in all things of this matter.

Anyway, I'm rambling, something I HAVEN'T learned to fix just yet :P

Just felt like writing something up on here.

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