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These horny little creatures are here to make sure things don't get too out of hand. If they pay you a visit, beware; you're taking away from their sexytime and they really dislike that.


Sergent [That Nik Guy]
God [Virgin Slut]
Captain [Stephen]


Note that the Guards can only help you if you personally request their help by reporting the problem. Your friends cannot file reports for you, and any reports in wiki comments will be deleted. Please try to use the report function, over private messages.

The comment box is intended for questions regarding the rules, not for arguing with other members or reporting those who misbehave.

Retired Guards
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[RitoriMisu] - *steals Kwee's bubbles*
[Kwee] - <~~~ Continues to like bubbles
[Echo] - The wandering guard.


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2013-07-23 [Stephen]: [tentacle monster named Lenny]; You're not a Guard on Fake, or any other member of the site staff. There are only three Guards on the site, as listed above: [Virgin Slut], [That Nik Guy] and myself, [Stephen].

You've also never been listed as a Guard, according to anything I can see.

2013-07-26 [Sammie]: Nope, I believe that's not possible, all new guards are auotmaticly notified when they have become one but also a discussion to see if there the best of the best of our members.

2014-05-21 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: how do i go about becoming a guard?

2014-05-22 [Ultiem]: with great difficulty or exceptional favoritism

2014-05-22 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: ah as is per everything in the world to get to the top.

2014-05-22 [Ultiem]: course. i avoid getting frustrated over the subject as I have been a member of this site for a good 9 years.

2014-05-22 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: of course :)

2014-06-12 [Stephen]: The big thing about Guards is they're added on an as-needed basis; they're not a position someone is promoted to like the Council.

That doesn't mean it's impossible to be a Guard, but it's a process - quite a process. On Fake for instance, Nik would contact me about someone he thinks would be a good Guard, then I'd look into their records and see how they interact with other people (No, that doesn't mean I read their PM's. I never read other peoples' PMs without a corresponding report.) and from there I contact [Virgin Slut], he and I discuss it and then if [Virgin Slut] is okay with it I change the person to a Guard - and then I go through the process of explaining the position to them and training them.

It tends to be much easier to Guards from other sites like Elfpack or Elftown and recruit them here as Guards - for example I could promote [kittykittykitty] as a Guard here since she's my Deputy Warden on Elfpack, and I wouldn't need to worry about the rest of the process since she's already trusted by [Virgin Slut] and trained. That's where the favoritism that [Ultiem] speaks of comes from, unfortunately.

However, on a positive note - if and when Fake is in need of another Guard, I do plan on having one picked from among the members of Fake, instead of taken from elsewhere. x)

We don't really need more Guards on Fake right now, though. We need more than one person who can read messages (myself, currently) but due to how privs are set up anyone who can read messages has complete control over the entire site - including the ability to assign anyone any priv. I've been talking with the programmer about that and trying to get the privs more broken up, that way we can have more than one Guard able to read PM's and those won't end up backed up every time I'm gone for more than a week. x)

Sorry for the long response to that, but I try to be more transparent with explaining things than has been done in the past. x)

2014-06-12 [Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose]: go5t it

2014-06-14 [That Nik Guy]: I'm sorry to hear that some of your messages seem to have been deleted, but I don't think that any of the guards had anything to do with that.

2014-06-17 [Stephen]: I can't delete messages from your inbox, even if I wanted to. If you check the page privs, it's not even within my power to do so.

Unless the actual site programmer did it, which is highly unlikely, it was probably either an accidental deletion on your part or the person you were communicating with, or a hiccup in the system ate the messages.

That is unusual, regardless.

2014-06-17 [Loki]: Or someone could have went into your account like a friend ora significant othet and delete what they didn't like just a thought cause it had happend to me on elftown once

2014-09-12 [Sammie]: The thing is, fake is an all out site, we dont really need guards as the warden is on a lot, he can deal with the reports, the council is the one to keep you on your toes, you could be in charge of an official page, maintaining teamship and all, we dont need more guards, we need more fun!!

2014-09-16 [Ultiem]: also porn

2014-09-16 [Sammie]: So true

2016-04-03 [Whistler]: Hello. Wasn't sure who to talk to on this matter. I seem to get an error page any time I try to upload a picture on my profile.

2016-04-09 [Loki]: Are you doing it from a phone

2016-04-10 [Whistler]: Tried from my phone and tried from my ipad. Both got me the same response. Never had troubles doing it from either one before.

2016-04-10 [Loki]: Yeah it's the same with me I think it's something to do with it being from a mobile device it even did it on my Chromebook so that's nothing they really can fix I think it's in the codeing of the website and all they might bring it to [Virgin Slut] attention but I highly doubt that because this isn't one of his popular sites elftown tends to be manly what he focous on

2016-04-10 [Whistler]: Ahhhsn well that sucks. I don't have access to laptops or desktops as I have my iPad and phone to do all the same work at half the hassle.

2016-04-13 [Loki]: I know how that is sounds like my self

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