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Written about Thursday 2013-01-03
Written: (2117 days ago)

I had this sent to me on Skype. I got the end of the first paragraph, then stopped reading. Thought someone here might enjoy it.

"You begin to remove your full platemail, looking down on your helpless would-be-attacker and soon-to-be victim while licking your lips hungrily. Your bundle of monstrously thick, flared horse-cocks are all far more aware of the situation than she is as you stoop down and strip her of every scrap of her admittedly sparse clothing. While you look her over, one of your obscene group of inhumanly distended, flat-tipped horse-members comes to rest on top of her and the fact that it's bigger than she is gives you a wicked idea.

You have a seat, legs wide, on the ground and hold the little goblin whore with her relatively tiny slit resting at the tip of your equine prick. Finally out of her stupor a look of extreme conflict crosses her face as her need for cock and cum goes to war with her survival instincts. On the brink of defeat, those instinct suddenly regroup and beat back her lust once she feels the pain of just the flare of your monstrously thick, animalistic stallion-prick starting to stretch out her cunt. She does all she can to resist, but with the way you're holding this is little more than flail wildly and push against your equine dong with her feet, practically climbing it like the tree trunk it must look like from her perspective.

Both of you dripping with sweat from your respective exertions, you slowly begin to realize the combination of her furious struggling and the tightness of her pussy is going to keep you from the penetration you were so looking forward to. However, as you begin to consider finishing off in her throat, a darkness stirs and another idea crosses your mind.

The goblin relaxes a little when she feels you no longer pressing her down onto your monstrous, equine dong. She absolutely thrills when you bring her tiny pussy to your lips and begin to have at it. Your tongue plays around both on the inside and outside of her drooling pussy until you coax her little nub out from hiding. You wrap your lips around it and begin putting your corruption to task. As you drive the goblin slut closer and closer to orgasm, working over her clit with an expertise rarely found outside of the infernal ranks, bolts of corrupt energies travel from your tongue, through her clit, and deep into her core. As she cums, screaming, you pull off of her, admiring the outward signs of your demonic handiwork. What before was an average sized love button has swollen five times its size into a proud, engorged clit. And that's not the only thing you enlarged.

You reposition your fucktoy so that now she's facing away from you and again bring your flat-tipped horse-member into contact with her pussy. Again she struggles, but after her orgasm she doesn't have the strength to put up a decent fight; all her resistance does is arouse you further, now that she's fighting the inevitable. You begin to press her down onto yourself.

"Too much..." she says, weakly. The tip of the head pops in.

"You'll kill me..." she pleads. The rest of the head follows.

"Stop..." she begs. The shaft starts to sink in.

"Don't..." More enters her small body.

"Please..." She fills to capacity.

"Please..." And beyond.

"... Fuck me."

You ram home the rest of your inhumanly distended, animalistic stallion-prick left outside of your newly christened dick jockey. It's enough to orgasm the bitch, and you haven't even gotten started. You stretch her so much that you can see the bulge even from this angle and it drives your lust even higher. You withdraw more cock from the hole than your cum starved slut has body, causing her eyes to roll into the back of her head as her cunt clamps down on you and she cums again. Every time you pull out or hammer home brings her off to the point that by the time you've both gotten down on all fours, rutting like a pair of wild animals, she can only lie there, practically foaming at the wide open mouth. Her hair is matted with the sweat of the both of you, and the only sound she makes is an occasional gurgle of ecstasy every few orgasms.

"Alright, whore. You wanted my babies? Here. They. CUM!" you yell. However, while your other cock drench her, the bitch is too tight! Like a natural cock-ring! Your four hideously swollen and oversized nuts are trying but, her spasming drooling pussy is clamping down so hard on your equine dong that it can't release.

The moment passes and you're left unsatisfied. This only serves to piss you off as your cum receptacle fails in its one duty. You, however, are undaunted. In fact you redouble your efforts. If this size queen slut wants to deny you your pay off while getting off herself, well, you'll just have to cum her into oblivion the next go-round.

For what seems like hours you almost literally screw the brains out of her little green head, working yourself back up to the brink. You consider pulling out this time, but decide against it. At least two loads worth at once; it'll work, and the bitch has it coming.

"Let's. Try. This. AGAIN!" you shout, pulling the two of you back into a sitting position and arching both of your backs.

Your equine dong is pressed so firmly against her skin that you can see the cum working its way up and out of your shaft and bloating your goblin toy with only the first shot. Your remaining obscene group of bloated, bestial horse-shafts blast geysers into the air, coating you both in your spunk. The same tightness that prevented your cumming the first time now ensures that none of the copious amount of seed you blast into her escapes until you pull out. It's a good thing your corruption was so effective, as she is beginning to look pregnant enough to hold a beach ball.

Finally you blow your last wad into this latest piece of ass, shoving her off of your bloated, equine prick and letting her fall to the ground. The impact sends torrents of cum sluicing out of her.

You stand and prepare to leave, looking down at the goblin slut you just finished with.

"I hope my daughters are a better fuck than their bitch mother," you say. "Tell'em to find me if they want to get split like a log too."

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