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Running Contests:

Pick-Up-Line Contest <---- Deadline: No Set Deadline; Continually Running Contest
Fake Awards <---- Deadline: No Set Deadline; Continually Running Contest
Porn Animation Contest <---- Deadline: N/A
Slutiest Slut Competition <---- Deadline: N/A


Contests Being Judged:


Closed Contests:

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FAKE Left Border Contest <--- congrats to our winners: [RitoriMisu] and [Za'leia]!
FAKE Logo Contest <--- congrats to our winner: [Za'leia]!
FAKE badges <--- congrats to our winner: [Za'leia]!
FAKE Front Page Image Contest
Sexiest Halloween Costume Contest <--- congrats to our winners: [Burnouthappy] and [Fabian]!
Best Halloween Sexy Story <--- congrats to our winners: [Prince Albert] and [horny angel babe 69]!
Fake Christmas Card Competition <--- congrats to our winner: [bondagekitty]!
slutiest make-up contest <--- congrats to our winner: [Echo]!


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2006-10-30 [DRACE]: o.o

2006-10-30 [Lady Di]: *yawns and streaches cat-like*

2006-10-30 [DRACE]: touch my doodle, you know you want to :P

2006-10-30 [Lady Di]: i already did!

2006-10-31 [DRACE]: lol I know, I'm just being silly :P

2006-10-31 [Lady Di]: :P suuuuuuuure you are. you know you want it

2006-10-31 [DRACE]: I want alot more then I can have -.-

2006-10-31 [Lady Di]: don't we all

2006-10-31 [DRACE]: awww

2006-11-01 [Lady Di]: :)

2007-03-16 [cookie]: how do i join the forum

2007-03-16 [Ultiem]: what forum

2007-03-29 [james2077]: is it not somewhat amazing that everyone that seams to win any of these contest`s are on the council? just look at the history. not saying there is any wrong doinging but it is somewhat strange when there are what 200,000 people on here? hummmmm evan the one thats being bid on now the girl is on the council GO FIGURE and has what 3 times as many votes as anyone else..  just interesting

2007-03-29 [Ultiem]: ok? so are you saying the council cant participate? this is mainstreet poll non of them are hackable plus she is a guard
before she chipped in my favorites were the example and [Lust] now [Echo] popped up and i ALways had a thing for wet pics so she got my vote

2007-03-29 [james2077]: no no never said that now did i just stated what anyone can easily see and not starting trouble its just strange thats all. i did like your examples thou but i did say what i thought about complute inhanced photo`s but then again i`m sure your responce will be it`s fake they can do anything that they want to do. ah no biggie

2007-03-29 [Ultiem]: my responce would be where in the rules does it say they cant

2007-04-24 [RitoriMisu]: You know. Maybe the people who are on the Council are there because they seem to be the only people who care enough to participate.

2007-04-24 [Ultiem]: and follow the rules at the same time  DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT slutiest slut competition

2007-06-04 [Caramela]: shouldnt Wet T-shirt Contest be up here also >:D

2007-06-04 [Ultiem]: yep it needs submissions too

2007-11-13 [DRACE]: hmmm, this place really needs to be organised better

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