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2006-04-21 11:50:05
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Logo competition…I think that the title pretty much sums it up. FAKE needs a logo! Logos must be 125 x 40 pixels or less ((less being better so small as you can people!)), and must include the text “FAKE”. Remember to add your name ((user name)) above your artwork so we can give the artist credit for the artwork!


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[Lady Di]
   to match the new left border ~_^


Was made by [Echo] and improved by [Sunrose]. Used by their kind permission.

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2006-03-25 [RitoriMisu]: CAUSE IM IN TEH SECRET CLUB!! :O

2006-03-25 [Lady Di]: *cries* secrets don't make friiiends

2006-03-25 [RitoriMisu]: XD We're planning a pick up line contest! And a badge contest!

2006-03-25 [Lady Di]: make sure you have 2 pick up line for girls and one for guys!!!

2006-03-26 [RitoriMisu]: Mebbe...

2006-03-26 [Lady Di]: cuz ya know, some pick up lines would just sound weird if tried on a certain sex

2006-03-26 [Za'leia]: I like the matching-to-the-leftborder one :P And the others..O__o

2006-03-26 [RitoriMisu]: Yeah XD

2006-03-26 [Lady Di]: ya this is gonna b a hard contest to decide on a winner methinks

2006-03-31 [biting_beauty]: Where does the voting take place?

2006-03-31 [calico jac]: yea i'm confused to where the voting place is

2006-03-31 [RitoriMisu]: We havent gotten that set up yet.

2006-04-01 [biting_beauty]: Ok okay. Thanks for the quick response

2006-04-01 [RitoriMisu]: No problem ^^

2006-04-01 [biting_beauty]: :D

2006-04-02 [RitoriMisu]: One Mainstreet poll, coming right up!

2006-04-02 [Lady Di]: *applauds* nice quick work [RitoriMisu]!!!

2006-04-03 [Emo Bear]: ooo this page has had alot of messages since i last saw it lol,  does anybody know who is judging this contest, cause i think that i may just enter, but i am making a shitty little profile at the minit

2006-04-03 [RitoriMisu]: Logo contest is closed, sorry :(

2006-04-03 [Lady Di]: ya and the judging in on the main page poll

2006-04-04 [Emo Bear]: damn it lol, meh, i am still gonna make my profile

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