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2006-03-18 00:36:25
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<img:flbc-aernys_entry1.jpg> by [RitoriMisu]

And second winner, used in the babe.css:
<img:flbc-2543_entry.jpg> by [Za'leia]


Think this place need a little bit of color around here?! This competition is to design a graphic to go down the left side of the pages of FAKE. Entries must have a sexy FAKE theme, and be a 55 pixel width or less, that’s it. There is no restriction on height, just try to make it something that would look good being repeated down the length of the page. Sounds easy enough? Please place your user name above your entries so we know who to give the credit for your lovely creations!

This competition will end: March 11 2006

The winner gets colour-capabilities and no image-restrictions for their presentation! And eternal honour, of course!

This will be something like the similar contest that was held on CatHug... Take a look at it, if you want ideas:

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SUBMISSIONS for FAKE Left Border Contest:

1a: [saywhaaat]

<img:>  b:<img:>

<img:stuff/BCEntries001.jpg> <img:stuff/bmc6976.JPG.jpg> <img:stuff/1224332.JPG.jpg> <img:stuff/bordes0023.JPG.jpg>

[Lady Di]
<img:>  <img:> <img:>




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2006-03-17 [Lady Di]: hahaha well you were the one who suggested it :P

2006-03-17 [saywhaaat]: :P My vote is for [RitoriMisu] :)

2006-03-17 [Lady Di]: lol well apparently there is already a winner and she ([RitoriMisu]) knows who it is but won't tell me dammit! i'm so mother flipping inpatient around here!!!

2006-03-17 [saywhaaat]: Ooo...:P

2006-03-17 [Lady Di]: *taps fingers on table* grrr

2006-03-17 [saywhaaat]: XD It will probably be Aernys...

2006-03-18 [彼のお媛様]: Told you so.

2006-03-18 [RitoriMisu]: XD

2006-03-18 [彼のお媛様]: well PSSH. Mine were hand drawn.. On ghetto paint. xDD

2006-03-18 [Lady Di]: hahahahahaha ya i'm gonna keeps me mouth shut

2006-03-18 [彼のお媛様]: Oh shush. xDD

2006-03-18 [Lady Di]: :P

2006-03-18 [彼のお媛様]: :D

2006-03-18 [Lady Di]: ya i know and due to my un-creativeness on the computer, mine stink lol

2006-03-18 [彼のお媛様]: Yeaah.. Mine too. xDD

2006-03-18 [Za'leia]: Whee! I was a second winner! :P

2006-03-18 [saywhaaat]: Well done! :P

2006-03-26 [Za'leia]: Thanks! ^__^

2006-03-26 [saywhaaat]: ;)

2007-09-12 [Willow Moonshadow]: i think the first set that wasnt voted looks really nice

2012-08-12 [scottish pride]: i think we need a new border lol

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