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Pick-Up-Line Contest


Basic description of a Pick up lines

    The pick up lines are intended to be short and easy methods of 'picking up' another person for sex and/or romance.
They take the form of one liner and are intended to show wit and intended interest in the person that the pick up line is being used on.

However the very nature of the pick up line, short and often crude, means that there is a low chance of success when they are used.

Pick up lines can vary from the generic, if I said, "you have a beautiful body would you hold it against me?" To a more crude versions, "did you grow up on a chicken farm? Because you're adept at raising cocks!" It must be noted however that many of these do not go down well with people they are being used on and often result in rejection and humiliation.

To make it more exiting we want to know who you are making the pick up line to.



1.) No longer then twenty (20) words! We want it short and simple, not a paragraph!
2.) Don't steal other people's Pick-up-lines -- that's not nice, are uncreative!
3.) Don't delete other people's Pick-up-lines -- if you do you will be reported, and not aloud to participate later on!
4.) Please do not submit more then three (3) entries!
5.) Have fun!



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2006-03-31 [Lust]: *steals wiki's virginity*

2006-03-31 [skullhead]: First and last warning [buh bye all] I won’t take any crap from you or anyone in my wiki. Next time is your ass

2006-03-31 [Lust]: That just sounded wrong.. *bends over* what about my ass... *Takes [skullhead] to a priavte room!* See that was a good pick up line!

2006-04-30 [THE Michno]: where do i enter my line?

2007-08-14 [timmM]: wana play train?? u sit on my head and i chew chew chew ;):P

2010-12-12 [Aksi]: My throat hurts, think you could massage it?

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