2061) If you could only achieve one orgasm before the world ends, you would... (Suggested by [LooseLips]. Suggest at Poll Topic Suggestions!)

Number of voters: 40
* a) Masturbate.
Number of votes: 3 (8%)
* b) Make love to spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend.
Number of votes: 18 (45%)
* c) Make love to a farm animal.
Number of votes: 0 (0%)
* d) Hook up with a stranger.
Number of votes: 6 (15%)
* e) Find a cheap hooker.
Number of votes: 0 (0%)
* f) Find an expensive hooker.
Number of votes: 2 (5%)
* g) Organize an orgy with other people needing to orgasm.
Number of votes: 4 (10%)
* h) Try a sexual fantasy/experiment (tell details in comments).
Number of votes: 4 (10%)
* i) Fuck you, I'm celibate.
Number of votes: 3 (8%)

2019-04-28 [Sevas Tra is Creation]: Would have to relive a moment I've played out in my mind a thousand times. While granted it ended up horribly, lust is still powerful so if anything goes and it's my way, then fuck yeah doing it all over again. Just cause it's your ex doesnt mean it isn't fun as fuck.

2019-05-17 [Violen Trapist]: These answers are dumb, especially the ones about hookers. Like anyone is going to be paying for sex if the world is ending. It would just be everybody raping the first person they could find.

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