2055) What do you look for on Fake? (Suggested by [The AJ])

Number of voters: 199
* a) Cybering
Number of votes: 40 (20%)
* b) RL Hookups
Number of votes: 15 (8%)
* c) Meeting New People
Number of votes: 22 (11%)
* d) Chatting (Friendships)
Number of votes: 49 (25%)
* e) Dating (Relationships)
Number of votes: 5 (3%)
* f) Photos (Trading/Viewing)
Number of votes: 29 (15%)
* g) I don't know why I'm here..
Number of votes: 39 (20%)

2015-11-04 [Wudiseika-Adask Alutsi]: This is now a chat site

2015-11-12 [Whistler]: i come here for the rps. not so much the cybering.

2016-02-14 [XeroBatna]: What happened to the people who just come here to excercise that inner freak... This is fake... create an option that says "I come here to take off the mask and be myself"... then ill vote

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