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Fakechat-Tech Info

Can't hold back any longer? Messages not fast enough for ya??? Then cum join us at the FakeChat!!!

How do I get mIRC?

You simply visit and download the latest version.

But it only works with Windows! (crap...)

There are plenty of other IRC-clients. You could use Mozilla-irc, and it runs under Linux, MacOS and many OS (Operating Systems). See . For Macs, you can try IRCle, too!

What do I do then?

You install it to your PC and run it.

As soon as you open it, there will be a small window asking you for registration. Ignore it and close it (specifically but clicking on continue). It is not necessary to pay! Don't panic.

After that you see a window asking you for your name, e-mail, nick and alternative nick -- in case the first one you chose is in use or unacceptable by syntax rules. You don't have to fill out the real name and e-mail if you don't feel like it. Notice though that your e-mail has to be correct in syntax (in the form of something@something.else).

In the nick field you have to fill in your Fake nick, the same one that you use here.

After you fill all these click "OK" and you will find yourself in a big white window. This is the "Status" window, you can see that if you look at its title bar.

In the Status window you type
" /server " (if you connect from the European region)
" /server " (if you connect from the American region)
" /server" (if you connect from the Asian region) 
" /server " (if you connect from the African region)
 -- without the quotations of course (quotations are these marks: " ). In the status window messages will appear that you don't understand but you can just ignore them.

When connecting is complete (no more letters appear in the Status window), you type
" /nickserv set lang 2 "
(to switch the language from Italian to English) in it and then
" /nickserv register {password} {E-mail} "
In {password} you fill a password that you have to remember well and in {E-mail} you fill in a working e-mail address because there you will receive an e-mail which is needed to complete the registration of your nick. That e-mail will also be used for password retrieval.

After that, check your e-mail. You'll get an e-mail from "Azzurra". In there you will find a line " /nickserv AUTH {something} ", where {something} will be a personal activation number. You paste that line exactly as you see it into the Status window. And then your nick registration will be complete.

This time, when you connect you'll need to identify yourself so that the server knows that you -- who are using that nick -- is actually you and not someone who stole it (you also see a notice in the Status window about that). So, to get that done, you type in the Status window:
" /identify {password} "
where {password} is the password that you submitted during registration (and that you remember very well). You will get a message in the Status window that you are recognized.

Then you type:
" /join #fake"
-- without quotations again (for those who forgot, quotations are these marks: " ).

When you do that a new window opens. This is the "room" of Fake. "Rooms" in mIRC are called Channels. So this is the Fakechannel, or for short, #Fake.

At the right side of that window there is a column with the nicks of the people who are currently in the channel. Somewhere in there you should see yours too.

So, that was it! Now, in that window you actually see other people (if there are any) talking and whatever you type and then press "enter" appears in that window and other people see it.

(<URL:> for more info)

Click Show Content for information on the #Fake room in mIRC.

No one uses the #Fake Channel on mIRC. So, you can chat in the comment box here, or go have some fun and chat at Bob's Diner!

Username (or number or email):


2011-05-26 [Yokita the Slave]: XD

2011-06-24 [Samerisam]: o.o

2011-09-05 [Scooby Doo]: Hello Everyone.

2011-09-05 [foxyvixen17]: sup

2011-09-06 [Seija]: Hi

2012-12-25 [Stephen]: Since this is an official? page, I changed the editing rights on it.

2012-12-26 [Samerisam]: ?

2013-03-03 [Yokita the Slave]: yayyyy

2013-06-09 [DeeJay™]: the last 20 comments come from 5 different years...

2013-06-09 [foxyvixen17]: ywa it happens

2013-06-12 [Yokita the Slave]: it sadly does

2013-10-13 [Dragonspell]: HALLO

2013-10-14 [Samerisam]: *makes a resolution to comment once every year*

2014-04-02 [Yokita the Slave]: *also makes that resolution*

2015-04-10 [scotty30286]: Does anyone get on this site anymore?

2015-04-11 [foxyvixen17]: Yup

2015-04-11 [scotty30286]: I didn't think that there were that many people still getting on here. Three different responses seems amazing to what I had seen yesterday. I was looking at peoples profiles and everything said 3000 days since last visit so I got fed up and finally deleted my profile. I had just only the other day checked it after a few years though after all lol.

2015-04-11 [foxyvixen17]: Well i dont keep much on mine cuz its annoying being asked to update

2015-04-11 [The Mystik Warrior]: <img:stuff/aj/9841/1428736269.gif>

2015-05-27 [Seija]: Dude...

2015-07-17 [DarkWolf69]: meow

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