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Herviolentappet ite (ooooo)

Member #11867 created: 2014-07-28 00:49:50Simple URL:   

Name: Ivy Silenzio

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Drunk-assSlaveCrazy kid
Bondage artObedient servant

Looking for

Civil status: married

Sexual preference: same sex

Sexual perversions
stalkinghaving spankinggetting analsex
dick-suckingwatching squirts

Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 5

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I enjoy dancing in the rain, and I never eat yellow snow. I like my eggs over easy and unfertilized. i enjoy playing Devil’s advocate, and the The Jerry Springer Show makes me feel like a good person inside. If you play, and/or sing Christmas songs in my presence, I will likely interrupt your choral with a tremendously tragic and graphic story about someone dying in a chimney. I’m not a very sympathetic person, but I would jump into traffic to save a critter (turtle, duck, Narwhal …). I knew a blind guy who is racist. Holy water tastes just like Aquafina, with a kick. Sneeze on me, I sneeze on you. I sleep next to a ninja, bear mace and a machete.

Gender: female

Known languages

General Interests
plain role playingsciencesmoking

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