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Venemous Violent Bitch (Fuck you. I'd say it anotherway but i dont care )

Member #8479 created: 2008-06-07 03:23:05Simple URL:   

Name: Razzii Dahlia Asher & Lilliah Victoria Asher


haha you wish you had me.
dont give me shit if i deleted you. that just means i am able to contact you outside this useless site. anyone let is because i can't


go to hell i'm happy here. me and and ex.

Crazy kidMistressBondage artist
Bondage artRebel

Looking for
Sharing experiencesMaleHorny Couple
SlaveSexaddictYounger than 18
18-30 years31-45 yearsMaster
Fat peopleMuscular peopleShort people
Tall Peoplebisexualsgenderless

Civil status: alone

Sexual preference: none

Sexual perversions
giving spankinghaving spankinggetting analsex
giving analsexdick-suckingchastity
watching squirtsbukkake

Body shape: big breasted

Height: 64

Age: 22Year of birth: 1987Month of birth: 7Day of birth: 1

Fuck those of who enjoy your self serving egotistical lies you arrogance toward my desires though voiced never truly heard nor seen. I admit my stupidity in trusting you in wanting to believe your lies... Fool no more am I. You will burn eternal for deceit of me and any other. Your std ridden bodies and syphilis filled brains wont last forever. You will wallow in never ending agony whilst I and those you made attempts to destroy sit in rule of hell Not once allowing your freedom in the agony. Your screams will become choked on the vomit and bile in your bellies as it rises from your throats choking and suffocating you. Pleasure will never be yours again.

Slow Venom Flower

im here im staying cause you want so bad for me to leave. well fuck you. im here stay.

oh by the blood spilt

from the throats of those i have slit one more ignorant child asking me a hey doc i think i have a problem with "insert obscene body part here" can you help me with going to tear that person or those people a new what ever that they think they so cleverly inserted into the ridiculous phrase. Ive heard it before p-tards. it isnt amusing, just annoying!

Gender: female

Place of living: Finland

Exact place of living: Helsinki

Known languages

General Interests
pornplain role playingscience
theatretravellingwatching sport

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