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Slut of the Week

If you have already enrolled in Slut of the Week even though you have already, don't be shy and enter again! Many have asked but due to Fake! rules it isn't allowed. But due to the contest being dead and many wanting to show off their kinky goods, an exception has been made! :)

Enroll here to join the contest and show us what you have ;) -> Slut of the Week - Applications

Hope to see what the new contest pics will be! <3

About the Slut of the Week
Date: 2016-09-09 07:42:03 Slut #: 129 Mod: Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose


We haven't had new sluts in a long while, many are interested but don't put in! :( Don't be shy! Show all Fakers your awesomeness! :)

If interested, sign up here! -> Slut of the week

About the Slut of the Week
Date: 2015-12-20 21:17:22 Slut #: 128 Mod: Ich Bin Master Ashes Feinrose



This week's slut is [DarkWolf69], recently returned from a very long abscence on Fake! Welcome back! This kinky Faker loves BDSM, tattoos and has told us quite honestly that we wouldn't believe him if he told us what makes him so slutty. :( I bet it is pretty kinky. :)

You have to be of special status to recieve dick pics and he has madce it very clear he is no virgin! :p His favorite place to have sex is in the woods, considering outdoors is very fun, and he would love love to be part of a gangbang. One of his sexual fantasies would be to be part of a Poly family. Though if you want to know more about this recently returned Faker, you gotta see his interview!


If you wanna read more kinkiness, click here! --> Slut of the Week - Member # 10303


Want to have a chance to be chosen and featured as Slut of the Week? Then submit your application to Slut of the Week - Applications.

Want to see past winners and their interviews? You can see them here! Slut of the Week Winners & Slut of the Week - Interviews.


I've gotten a bunch of texts stating this interview is locked when it isn't so i do not know why it's messed up :(

see? --> <img500*0:stuff/aj/8458/1437162369.jpg>

About the Slut of the Week
Date: 2015-07-17 18:32:02 Slut #: 127 Mod: Ich Bin Master Ashes



Calling all Fakers! We have run out sluts :( we need more sexy sluts who would be willing to run for slut of the week and be proudly shown up on this main page!

If interested, submit your application here and i'll gladly interview and post along with award you with the Slut of the week badge :) --> Slut of the week - applications

About the Slut of the Week
Date: 2015-06-27 23:17:56 Slut #: 126 Mod: Ich Bin Master Ashes
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