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2018-07-17 05:26:49
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/ [The Iron Warrior]

[THESE ARE MY CATS]----CHARLIE AND MYSTIC]![yes i am a cat kinda guy ok!!!!!]

<img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305481990.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305482015.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305482045.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305482068.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305482110.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305482139.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305482204.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305482339.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305482479.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305482501.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305482521.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305482541.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305482671.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305482696.jpg>CHARLE IS THE BLACK AND WHITE ONE.SHES SHEER EVIL!!!!!!MYSTIC IS MY BLACK CAT<img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305482819.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305482857.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305482877.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305482900.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305482936.jpg>[<----DEVIL EYES THAT GLOW]<img500*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305483039.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305483065.jpg>[<-- AWWWW HES CUTE]<img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305483157.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305483182.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305483293.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305483324.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305483353.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305483381.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305483405.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305483434.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305483455.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305483494.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305484497.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305484522.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305484546.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305484576.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305624491.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305624509.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305624527.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305624552.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305624574.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305624594.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1305624931.jpg>[<----LEAP OF FAITH!]<img:stuff/aj/9841/1305848838.gif><img:stuff/aj/9841/1305848883.gif>[BEHOLD THE CAT AND KITTEN FROM THE ABYSS!]<img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1418788794.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1418788820.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1418788849.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1418788875.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1424119295.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1424119313.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1424119330.jpg><img200*0:stuff/aj/9841/1424119353.jpg><img500*0:stuff/aj/9841/1531804668.jpg><img500*0:stuff/aj/9841/1531804683.jpg><img500*0:stuff/aj/9841/1531804699.jpg><img500*0:stuff/aj/9841/1531804748.jpg><img500*0:stuff/aj/9841/1531804763.jpg><img500*0:stuff/aj/9841/1531804793.jpg> I LOST ALL MYother cats. i had to take them to a farm in the country. my cat chester died in feb 2 years ago, my friend only has arthur and SUNNY. <img500*0:stuff/aj/9841/1531805081.jpg><img500*0:stuff/aj/9841/1531805207.jpg>

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they so cute ur babys

they are so ADORABLE the little black reminds me of one of my old cats Bad Luck >.> I miss that cat

awww drew i love those pics

Awww kittys


yes dear kitties

KITTIES!!!! -squeals with glee-

best. kitties. ever!

hey i named that cat

oh kitty

shhhh leave my height alone

damn it karen is not short will just ht impaired okjoking hon loves you!!!!!(thinking to self hopes she dont huffs!!!!)

you know everyone is short to someone. I'm the shortest in my family and I am of a fairly respectable height for a girl

hon ikm 6ft i have fiends that tower over me!and i love my lady's ht! makes it easier to carry her to our room when we feel romantic!

I'm 5'6" the boy towers over me a little but he can't pick me up I'm too heavy...*shrugs*

i`m guessing DC is the black and white kitteh cuz he has the whole "dont look at me humans!" glare going on

haha I meant I was too heavy as a human only my soul is that of a tiger ask Crystal she's met me in person

I'm the heaviest one of my friends at 155 lol. I'm also the chestiest wonder if that has anything to do with it

no it's not it's relatively close to the weight someone of 5'6" ought to be. "sides the military will take me at this weight so idc

*nod nod nod*

o cool a bobble head badassrocker bitch whoa!!!!!!!!

*growls softly giving you a look that says without words I'm going to take your face*

*gives you a look saying then i'll just remove a limb or two*

I highly doubt that.

I'm pretty solid


Cat, Im a kitty cat, and i dance dance dance and i dance dance dance

*rears back and bitch slaps*


lmao that song ugggg nooo not that song *dies* X.x

Sissy thats your ringtone on my celly and i is crystal

hey theres no dying inmy wiki!!!!

my puppy no like you's

whys that?

*glares at Crystal* I will deal with you later

"Cat, I'm a kitty cat, and I meow Meow Meow and I meow Meow Meow"

*suddenly growls and moving faster that the eye can blink pins [Badass Rocker] to the wall* Enough

hey hon your kitty looks pissed at cats arent regular felines they are felinious diablocousi!!!!!

ah so karens kitty is a tiger big deal!drews cats are also tartarious felinius!)these terms are the scientific terms for devil cat and demon cat for the unenlightened

yea and karens tiger is badius rocker bitchious so there asshole!!!!!!!!you unenlightened twit!!!!!

boys play nice or i get my kitty to kill u both no fighting in wikis it just sad

o all rite i wont fight with him------->(unenlightented twit) anymore

drew i will get her to bite u be nice god it like i have kids already between u and will

wat i said i wouldnt fight with will------->(twit)

stop calling him names

ok i wont call the twit will anymore lmfao

no dont call will a twit anymore drew be nice

ok i wont call him a twit!will------------------->wanker!!!!!

drew stop it

stop wat?ok i wont call will names hee hee but remember will i know yr middle name heh heh

ohhh tell me what is it tell me in a message


please hun

if i do wat i get

hmm my home phone number

i got that lol

lol nope u got my mobile (cell phone) number lol u havent got my house phone number


lol hehehe

u are sneaky karen ill tell you but not here*looks around*the wikis have ears lol

ok hun lol and i aint sneaky there are just 2 numbers for me lol

i know babe lol loves you

lol ok hun love u to

The kitty would like to know what the hell just happened she was scolding her mate and then this happened >.> bizzarre

well he said somethin about his cats u pinned some one to wallthen he said she said etc

lol yeah and u tooo better be nice to each other u hear me will

just because drews ass sx canal waterlmao

and karen i know he told you my secret so   *shouts* my middle name is kaye!!!!!! so ha drew beat u to the puch na nas na na na na!!!!!!!!!!! no shame in my name ha ha

lol hehehehehe fair enuf lol kaye lol

remember every kiss begins with kaye lol

lol ok kaye hehehehehe and not if u just say snog

.> the way every kiss does not begin with kaye....

there so cute

it does so  K---i---s--s  theres a k so lol

play with google translate. Not every kiss begins with kaye. Some begin with other letters

ok every english kiss

ah ah ah ah you didn't specify.

ok thats true lol

sic'em lady's kitty

*eyeballs you and frowns* I do not believe that order came from my lady

true but he was harrassing her hee hee

*growls slightly frowning* you want eaten Shadows?

heh since im mystic yea eat shdows but i think he mite give you indigestion

.> probably wouldn't be the first time

hey i never gasve u indigestion b4

yea hon not your first time eating shadowes?

I've bitten him before never eaten him. The only person I've eaten lately well heh.

These pictures are so sweet, they gave me diabetes ^.^

*looks innocent* I didnt do a thing sissy i promice

innocent yea rite lol

KMCA mystic

*growls at Anita ears going down* I will slap you sister especially if you've drank your forbidden cocktail

how the hell can u eat a shadowe?

*grins* by being more than half dead yourself?

im full dmensional dead ai a reflection of a shadow!meaning im out of sync with your reality unless i choose to exist .this thereand then a soul weapon has no effect on me.nor does any creature of your reality.

*shrugs* I'm a half dead creature born of pure chaos I don't fallow any rules I don't choose to

i didnt i dumped it but i did get to drink my cpt morgan^^

.> good girl I guess right now I want something I'm not allowed to have

and what would that be sissy?

jack daniels since that's the stuff I nearly killed myself on once

so cute!

Kitties! I was really dreading another page of vag... :)

hehehehehehehe you said vag :P

thats why i called it that hee hee

They are so cute those eyes the way they look back at ya and glow hehehe i have seven cats myself :)

i like the disney vhs tapes in the background babe <3

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