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Looking for
Sharing experiencesFemaleMale
Horny CoupleSlaveSexaddict
Younger than 1818-30 years31-45 years
MistressSlim peopleMuscular people
Short peopleTall Peoplebisexuals

Civil status: alone

Sexual preference: all sexes

Sexual perversions
stalkingrapinggiving spanking
having spankingdick-suckingwatching squirts

Body shape: muscular

Height: 189

Month of birth: 1Day of birth: 13

The air around chills you to the bone as you entered the room. You see claw marks covering the walls. Looking closer at them you notice them to be of a human, yet are larger then any known creature. And yet some of the other markings appear to be that of a large dog. As you look around the room you hear a slight click behind you. Your hand freezes as it traced the claw marks and your breath is caught in your constricting lungs. You turn your head slowly toward the noise and find yourself staring into the dark red eyes of a large, silver-furred wolf*

 “Hello and welcome to my home,” it says in a deep resounding voice.

 *It steps in and slowly it’s fur melts away. Its muscles slowly begin to ripple and enlarge suddenly. The creature lets out a painful wail as its’ body contorts into a different shape. Long black hair begins to on top of its head. The skin slowly changes color and then changes shape. The skin takes on the appearance of clothes. The body enlarges and fills the clothes. Its long muzzle shrinks and the teeth take on the appearance of a human*

 “That will wake you up in the morning,” it laughs.

 *It slowly gets to its feet. A human roughly 6’2” in height wearing a pair of shaggy, cut off jeans and a loose fitting, black t-shirt*

 “So, how can I help you?”

Gender: male

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