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jazzy91468 (gah)

Member #5284 created: 2006-10-26 20:44:05Simple URL:   

Name: jasmond


eh chubby but i like it



SlutCrazy kidVirgin

Looking for
Sharing experiencesMaleTall People

Civil status: for sale

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: big breasted

Age: 23Year of birth: 1987Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 31

Index-pages in the wiki: (help)

[. Your Name:
2. Age:
3. Favorite position (s) ?
4. Do you think i'm hot?
5. Would you have sex with me?
6. lights on or off?
7. Would you have to be drunk?
8. Would you take a shower with me?
9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me?
10. Would you leave after or stay the night?
11. Do you like cuddling afterwards?
12. Condom or skin?
13. Do you give Oral pleasures?
14. Do you like to recieve Oral Pleasures?
15. Have sex on the first date?
16. Would you kiss me during sex?
17. Do you think I would be good in bed?
18. Three sum?
19. would you give Anal yes/no?
20. How many times would you like to cum?
21. do you use a booty call?
22. Do you like fore play?
23. What is fore play to you?
24. Can we take pictures of the act?
25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
26. Would you send me nude pics if I gave you my email?
27. Who would be in control?
28. Would you pull my hair?
29. Would you let me pull yours?
30. Would you whisper in my ear?
31. Would you talk dirty to me befor and after or when?
32. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue?
33. Would you say/moan my name?
34. Would u eat me out?
35. Would you let me give you a hickie?
36. How many rounds would we go?
37. What would you wanna do afterwards?
38. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly?
39. Would you lick and bite me all over?
40. Would you like to play or get straight to the point?
41. How freaky are you, 1 - 10?
42. Would you want fast or slow?
43. Would you be loud or quiet?
44. Would you want me to be loud or quiet?
45. Would u wanna make me moan?
46. What position would u ........ want me to have u in?
47. Would u fuck me in the shower?
48.Would u hancuff me or tie me up 2 the bed and then fuck me?
49. Would you let me handcuff or tie you up to the bed and fuck you?
50. What makes u want 2 fuck me?
51. Would u fuck me in front of people?
52. Would u fuck me again and again?
53. Would u have cyber sex with me?

What would you do if:
1) [I committed suicide:]
2) [I said I liked you:]
3) [I kissed you:]
4) [I lived next door to you:]
5) [I started smoking:]
6) [I stole something:]
7) [I was hospitalized:]
8) [I ran away from home:]


*Are you a virgin? nope
*Age of First Kiss? Real kiss? First kiss= 7 real kiss= 13
*Age you first masturbated? 14
*Age you first had been fingered/ had a hand-job? 15
*Age first had recieved oral sex? 15
*Age first given oral sex? 15
*Age lost virginity? 15
*Favorite sex position? Doggie =]
*Do you make booty calls? What is it?.
*Had sex with a member of the same sex? nope
*Had oral sex? Yes
*Had sex with someone you met online? no
*Had sex with someone you met on MySpace? no
*Kissed anyone you met on MySpace? yes
*The last time you fooled around with someone? Biting ? lol yesterday.
*Had cyber sex? yes
*Kissed a member of the same sex? yes.
*Number of memebers you kissed of the same sex is?about 8
*Kissed in public? yes
*Used more than 3 positions in one session? Oh yeah.
*Devoted a whole day 0f sex ? not that I know of haha
*Had noise complaints from neighbors during a sex session? No only his dad
*Received open praise for sexual technique? what
*Fallen or lost balance during sex? yes
*Brought partner to climax using only hands? yes
*Brought partner to climax using only mouth? mhm
*Had sex while totally dressed? yes
*Had sex while standing up? nope
*Had sex in the kitchen?nope
*Had sex in your bedroom? Mine no
*Had sex in the laundry room? no
*Had sex in your bed? nope
*Had sex in your parents bed? At the time yes
*Had sex on a table? no
*Had sex in a bathroom? no
*Had sex during a party? No
*Exotically licked feet or sucked toes? gross
*Exotically likced someone's nipple? nope
*Used whipped cream/soft chocolate erotically? nope
*Used ice erotically? yea
*Used hot melted wax erotically? yes
*Shaved your pubic hair? always
*Used a sex toy? no
*Own a sex toy? Nope.
*Used an inanimate object (bottle, candle, etc.) no
*Obtained money or a favor for sex? nope
*Paid or granted a favor for sex? nope
*Given sex in sympathy? no
*Had sex with a virgin? yes
*Ever cheated on someone? yea
*Been with someone 10 years older/younger than you? no
*Had sex with your best friend of the opposite sex? yes
*What is the most you've done with them? =]
*Had sex with just a friend? yes
*Had sex with anothers mate? no
*Had sex with a teacher? no
*Had sex with a boss? no
*Had sex with a relative? no
*Had sex with a pet? no
*Had sex with someone the same day that you met them? no
*Had sex with someone whose name you didn't know? nope
*Had sex with someone you never spoke to/spoke different languages? no
*Had more than 20 sexual partners? no.
*Had more than 10 sexual partners? no
*Had more than 5 sexual partners? no
*Had more than 3 sexual partners? 3
*Had two separate sexual partners within 24 hours? no
*Made out with more than 20 different people? yes
*Fooled around with more than 20 different people? Kinda no
*Fooled around with more than 10 different people? yes
*Had a menage-a-trois? ?
*Had group sex (more than 3)?no
*Participated in a swap/swinging club? nope.
*Had two regular partners at the same time? yes
*Had sex in a public place?park?
*Had sex outdoors in broad daylight? yes
*Had sex on the roof of a building? no
*Had sex in a stationary car? yes
*Had sex in a taxi cab? nope
*Had sex in a moving car?no
*Are you a member of the mile high club? No wait wat
*Had sex outdoors at night? yes
*Had sex in the water (ocean, lake, pool, hot tub)? almost
*Had sex in an elevator? no
*Had sex in a store dressing room? no
*Looked at a nude magazine? yes
*Watched a porno? yes
*Look at porn online? yes
*Showered with a partner? yes
*Bathed with someone? yes
*Flashed someone? yes
*Streaked with a group of six or more? no
*Stripped for someone? yes
*Played strip poker (or a similar game involving nudity)? yes
*Showered while someone watched? 1 time
*Masturbated? yes
*Masturbated while someone watched? yes
*Masturbated while on the phone? =]
*The last time you masturbated while on the phone? dont remember
*Been walked in on while having sex? yes
*Walked in on someone else having sex?yes
*Had phone sex? yes
*Watched a porno film with a sexual partner? yes
*Been the photographer for a nude photo? no
*Been photographed nude?no
*Been photographed having sex? nos
*Been videotaped having sex?no
*Watched a regular sexual partner having sex with someone else? no]

Gender: female

Place of living: Travelling around

Exact place of living: under ur bed

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