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Fanatical Apathy

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Weakness is the only evil.

More and more I find people lacking the capacity to think or speak objectively. No two people have the same definition of words like, good, bad, better etc. You say you're better than someone? Better at what? How? Elaborate because you're clearly not better at thinking if it's acceptable for you to speak so indecisively.

Beliefs are also irrelevant, you should only apply principles to your life that are helping you and others. There's no way to determine what happens to you after you die unless you've done so, in which case you would no longer be able to discuss it. How can you say your beliefs are going to determine what happens when you die. Ok, I believe I'll instantly be reincarnated as myself within a few hours of being buried, lets see what happens! And I'm going to berate everyone that disagrees so I can convince myself that it's true!

You folks telling us we'll go to hell, or not quite make it to heaven if we don't accept some archaic textbook as the word of God.. You're displacing your beliefs and bigotry on to your god, it's rude.

People have a tendency to believe what they want, what's convenient. Then they push it on to others in the hope that if they get enough people to repeat what they're saying back to them, it will become truth. In reality, nothing outside their mind is changing, just their conviction. Anyone that thinks they can change what's truly in front of them is fucking bonkers. The more you repress fact, the crazier you become. There's no way of winning this game, just going crazier as you try to keep the illusion alive. 

This can be applied to any belief, not just religious ones. Watch for it and you'll see it all the time. Anyone asks you if they're fat or really bad at something when they fucking know better, this is exactly what they're doing.

A list of the most fantastic fakers I've encountered has been long overdue:

[Reaper of profiles] The fiercest exicter to grace this site in the history of excitement!

[foxyvixen17] Has been nothing but reliable, available and grossly underated.. at least by her standards.. Send her some love, you're missing out!

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