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♫LilianaFox♫ (Come Feb. I should have new pictures!)

Member #11657 created: 2013-06-01 20:40:50Simple URL:   

Name: Liliana "Mimi" Hoshino


Real life me!


I'm kawaii so f♥ck off!

This means I was featured as Slut of the Week.

Crazy kidMistressTranssexual

Looking for
Sharing experiencesFemaleSlave

Civil status: alone

Sexual preference: both sexes

Sexual perversions
giving spankinghaving spankinggetting analsex
giving analsex

Body shape: thin

Age: 30Year of birth: 1985Month of birth: 1Day of birth: 2

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My [LillianaFox] account has apparently been hacked.
This is the second time I've had an account on this site and this has happened.. =e.e=
Hopefully..Third time is the charm!


♥My Bubsypoo! [BubbaBear]♥

♥I own my delightful little slave named [Hardee Har har]♥

♫ On and on and on and on...  ....This is my love song! ♪


My Real Life Info:
Name: Liliana Hoshino
Name in Kanji: ( Coming soon!)
Nickname: Mimi
Religion: Satanist <-----( I'm merely curious of this )
Age: ???
Sex: F
Likes: Cosplay / Dance / Reading / Writing / Descriptive Roleplay
Personality: Bubbly, hyper active, fun loving =^_^=
Music / Mewsic : Techno / Trance / Rave / Jpop / Vocaloid
RL Description:
I'm usually sassy and playful and open minded when it comes to nearly any kind of situation. Unless I'm pissed then I'll happily use my kitterfox teeth to make sure my point is made. Though it takes much to anger me and I'm always happy to listen to others problems. Currently I'm only able to take TRAP photos though I AM TRANS just so that's clear. I've simply yet to start the medication but that'll happen SOON.

Just because I have a bubbly happy go lucky accepting personality...Does not mean I'm helpless either. You just may be surprised.

Bunny vibe.
Bad Dragon toy.
Black&Pink Crop whip.
4 pairs of pink furry cuffs.

Please NOTE I Do Roleplay in paragraph format. I expect the same in return or I WILL NOT RESPOND BACK! Example below.

♫Light pink irises framed her doll like face. Long black locks fell in dancing waves with her slender movements, their pink tinted tips swaying as if dancing. Held in place by two oversized pink ribbons adorning either side of her head. Silken frills swayed from bossom to inner thighs. Just below her knees the white frilled top knee high socks covered her subtle childlike pale flesh. Ending in simple yet elegant small light pink sandals. As it was summer. Delicate digits tips reached out in a friendly offering of her palm. Irises mischievous though curious as well. She appeared as any normal girl save for her white tipped fox ears and dancing tail behind her just above her bottom. She usually made an impression easily enough. Which made her happiest. After all, how many adorable foxlings like herself did one tend to encounter in life?♫ ..Hi I'm Mashiro.

Mashiro has an intense obsession with anything cute! So when she says "Adowable!" ANYTHING could happen next!


My wiki's

Any Wiki('s) I've created can all be found here!
Click!---> <--- Click!

Grace Girls Academy
My open Roleplay wiki. Anyone is welcome to join!

XXX stories I've written for my fellow Fakers.

♫CuteFox♫ / ♫CuteFox2♫ / ♫CuteFox3♫
My normal everyday pictures shall be posted to these wiki's.
XXX style pictures of myself are found HERE! Sorry but this ones passworded.

Only going to be for a very small, very select few.

♫SWEET Lolita♫
So I adore the style which is "Lolita Fashion" I'm mainly a SWEET Lolita but at times a GOTHIC Lolita as well. Pictures related to this unique fashion of myself found here.


These People mean EVERYTHING to me.

Interesting person who I look forward to learning more about! =^_^=

This girl is a VERY treasured friend to me. Patient, kind, understanding. Sassy and flirtatious and can easily make me smile. Very few can do that and she's very precious to me. So no hurting her, ever. Clear?

Makes me giggle like a dork at times. Conversation is so easy and always takes a teasing turn quiet often, too! I like the Bubs very much.

[Hardee Har har]
This person means so damn much to me. They at least have the balls to be honest and tell me things. Especially when its something I don't want to hear. That's why this person is so special to me.

[Reaper of profiles]
I like this girl! Apparently, I've become her little mischivous sister. =^_^=

I ADORE this guy greatly! Very fun to talk and flirt with and always gets me grinning like an idiot at his responses. I'm very very ferociously protective of him now so...Yeah! RAWRS!

[The ferociously adorable wolf kitty]
Mah Wolfie - Kitteh! Awesome friend and has always stood by me. What more needs to be said?

My big sister! We're always going to try and remain close. Also I'll always deeply care about her. No matter what. Its just how I am.

[Master Of Puppets]
Very dear friend of mine who I had lost touch with but now get to spend time with him again. Yayness. He's like a big brother to me.♫

[Deleted user]
Love the JacoBear. Glad we are once more back in touch.

[She Fucks Like An Animal]
She's awesome and fun to cuddle glomp!

[Serra Angel]
I wanna claim this girl as...MINE! Lol

Kind sweet guy. Fun to talk to and likes to cuddle. ♪


These people mean nothing to me anymore..





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Place of living: USA-Tennessee

Exact place of living: Chattanooga

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partyplain role playingshopping

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