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Water Lilly

Member #7078 created: 2007-07-14 05:49:46Simple URL:   


yup old pic


I was playing with my cat when a friend took a pic, goofy i know


Sexual perversions
getting analsexdick-sucking

Age: 35Year of birth: 1986Month of birth: 9Day of birth: 9

Hey all, this is lilly, im starting to become a regular on here, its an alright place, ive met some cool people, but ive also met creepers and pretty much stalkers on here as well. Im open to conversation to just about anyone....thats only if i like you ;)....if i dont answer you that probably means i dont want to talk.
I like a good occasional cyber, but i also like to make friends, but to fore warn you all there is a critera you have to follow in order to cyber with me and one is not to just message me asking to cyber.

Oh and one more thing......DONT TALK TO ME IF YOU DONT HAVE A PIC! I like to see who i am talking to....i also have messengers but i wont give out my addys just like that.

AND, i do like to go both ways but happen to like girls alittle more lol

Gender: female

Place of living: Travelling around

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plain role playingshoppingsporting
travellingwatching sport

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