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crazy.bitch (bye :-))

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Name: Kayla

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Finally found someone better then this.
The 2 people I really care about on this site are Justin aka s33dless and Sara aka Sar. I've been talking to both of them pretty much since I joined the site.
Justin you are such an amazing guy you just don't seem to see it, any girl would be lucky to have you. you're one of my best friends and I know I can trust you completely. I love you hunny!!
Sara you're so beautiful inside and out... you always make me smile when we talk, which hasn't been enough here lately hopefully since I'm back on here we'll get to talk more. I love you babe!
well thats just bout all I'm gonna say on here if you wanna know anything just shoot me a message and I'll reply unless it's a one word message or asking me to cyber right off the bat (I won't cyber anyways)

my fav tummy ever

i love it!

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