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Wicked_Clownz420 (IM BACK!!!! HMU PEOPLE!!)

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Civil status: alone

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: normal

Height: 163

OK TIME FOR AN UPDATE!!! Well for one.... IM BACK!! HMU PEOPLE!! Its been a few month since i was last on here because i lost my account info but then tonight BAM!! it all came back. A couple days ago i signed up for this site again because i missed it, i missed the friends i made on here missed a few other things, but i obviously wont be needing the new account now that i have this one back. i have changed a bit not alot but enough to make a difference. i dont put up with drama bullshit anymore AT ALL! if you start it expect to be ignored, blocked or both unless im in one of my moods then im just going to fuck with you. if you would like to get to know me there is a lil box at the bottom of my page that you can put words in and the more you type the more it magically gets bigger to fit more words..huh? whoda thunk?! oh and right below that magic box there is a button that you can push to send whatever you have typed in that magic box to my inbox where then i can push a couple buttons on my side and read your message! and who knows you may recieve a message back from me

Check it a life with out a hatchet is no life for a juggalo,He lives with his hatchet dies by the hatchet any one tries to fuck with it will die with a swing of the hatchet blade right to their throat.
a juggalo shows no mercy feels no pain and if you piss one off youll have a clan of them coming through your house coming up from under your bed and stabing you in the head wit wit a piece of glass.
A Juggalo lives by the hatchet and dies by the hatchet wit out the hatchet of his life there is no meaning to a juggalo so if your a juggalo read the pledge put it up on your page or your just a wannabe....

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