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Egotistical Insecurities (Damn you, amoxicillin.... Tastes nasty =_=;)

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Name: Rain Delaney (no, seriously. Hippie parents, I tell you...)


XD Thank you, Natalie, you crazy censor-happy lady.

My friend censored my nipples for me. Apparently she doesn't approve of me showing off my new piercings (they hurt like a bitch right now, just so you know).


Sexual preference: same sex

Body shape: thin

Height: 171

Age: 22

Just thought I'd let y'all know: I'm not cool. I like weird things. I didn't party much in high school. I've only dated a small handful of people. I generally keep to myself in real life, except with a select few. I'm not really the type of guy to be on here... i.e., I'm not a humongous horndog who just wants to have pixel sex XD I like making friends... Be they gay, straight, bi, omni, or whatever. So please feel free to talk to me! I'm generally nice XD

Why, yes, this is me.

Quote/Song/Poem of The Week/Day/Hour/Minute:

"Nothing says 'romance' like the gift of a kidnapped injured woman!"

~Yvaine, from Stardust (This movie is beauteous. 'Nuff said.)


Hello all... my name is Rain, and it's very nice to meet you. I'm about 5'8", kinda skinny, and male, although people used to question that fact XD My hair is medium/light brown with some reddish undertones, and my eyes are hazel-- depending on the day, they're anything from almost green to golden brown to chocolate brown. They're kind of weird. As for skin.. I'm cursed by my Irish heritage, so I burn rather than tan. It's kind of depressing, actually. I hate fake tanning, but I love that golden color some people get so easily... *le sigh*

Anyways, I don't get out much because I'm working on a double major-- creative writing and early child development. I'm sort of aiming to be a teacher, which everyone says I'd be great at. But, since I'm doing so much academically, my social life's pretty much nonexistent.

That's why I'm joining this site. I hope to find friends and, possibly, the man of my dreams (yay, cliches), and just in general waste the little time I have that's not at school. Please, send me a message if you're at all interested in me, whether it's as friends.. or a little more than that. Pretty much whatever I can get, I'll take (and no, that wasn't supposed to sound dirty, you little pervs).

Oh, and one last thing.. I'm only just learning Irish and Japanese. Please don't pick on me!!

Old pic time!!

... I've been informed that my profile leaves much to be desired... so let me first apologize for not putting much imagination into this, and I'll attempt to answer a few questions y'all might have... This list will grow as time goes by, so check back every so often.

Question 1: Is your name really Rain Delaney?

Why, yes, it is. Believe it or not, but that really is my name, thanks to my rather odd parents. They're just about as stereotypically Hippie as you can get. Except, they're also devout Catholics... which often confuses the neighbors.

Question 2: Do you have any siblings?

Yup, 3 to be exact. I'm the second to youngest-- there's Blaze, my 27-year-old brother, Echo, my 23-year-old sister, and Briar, my baby sister. All you need to know about her is that she's too young for you, and don't even consider any sort of perverted thoughts about her, or you will find out just how scary I can be when I'm pissed off T_T

Question 3: Are you religious?

Nope. Although I was raised as such, I'm not Catholic. I'm a philosophical, not religious, person-- meaning that there are values and morals that I uphold and certain things I choose to believe in, but I don't really consider myself part of any religious group. My parents came to terms with this around the same time they came to terms with the fact that I'm gay, so to answer another question along these lines, no, there isn't really any tension between me and my family because of my lifestyle :P

Question 4: With the touchy subject(s) out of the way, what types of music do you like?

Anything except for country and rap. If forced to pick a genre, I'd have to say either symphonic metal or alternative rock. At the moment, however, I'm especially into movie sound tracks-- Danny Elfman and Howard Shore are both great for that sort of thing.

Question 5: What is your favorite color?

Purple. Has been since I was 2, and probably always will be. Secondary favorite colors are black, teal, red, and blue-- in that order.

Question 6: Do you like anime?

YES. Very, VERY much so. I love anime and manga, plain and simple. I wish I had enough time to go to more conventions... *le sigh*

Question 7: What do you look for in men?

What, as in for picking partners or something? Well, physically I like really tall guys. I guess it's 'cause I'm used to being relatively short (my younger sister just recently outgrew me =_=;) so dating people who are my height or shorter kind of messes with my brain. Other than that, I prefer dark hair over light, light eyes over dark, and I find (most) people who are mixed race utterly enthralling. There's just something about combining ethnicities that results in really interesting-looking and attractive people. Now, personality-wise, I'm torn between whether I'm more for the goofy and charming type... or bad boys XD I have a soft spot for the type of guy who'll end up breaking my heart, which probably isn't very healthy. Ah, well...


Feel free to ask me anything!! Although, just because you ask, it doesn't mean I'll comply ;)

My baby! Back when I still had braces. Yay, metal mouth *laughs*
A friend of mine got this shot of me the first (and last) time I ever went snowboarding.

... And, about 2.4 seconds later, I face-planted.
Yaaaaay. I'm a dork. XD
Another older pic :P I look angry for some reason. Briar's friends were probably over again.
My friend Sierra did a series of photomanips based around campus life for her photography midterm, and I was in one of the shots. Yup, that guy half waving, half flipping off the camera is me. The wannabe ghetto kid right behind me who's trying to look macho is my cousin Ian. Why yes, I really am that short :P
Dead Space... kicked my ass. Thus, tribute time! :P And yay for metal mouth, yet again!

[No, you can't see me naked.
And no, I most likely don't want to see YOU naked, either.
Get over yourself.

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