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Kemeca_Lerana (Im a vampire. Be back later.)

Member #9551 created: 2009-04-27 00:06:56Simple URL:   

Name: Kemeca Lerana


What my characters face looks like


My character Kemeca Lerana


I won 1st Place in the Best Tits Award

SlaveAdventurerCrazy kid

Looking for
18-30 yearsMasterMistress
Slim peopleMuscular peopleTall People

Civil status: alone

Sexual preference: both sexes

Sexual perversions
having spankingdick-sucking

Body shape: thin

Age: 21Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 11Day of birth: 8


My characters true from

I'm a easy going person that likes to meet new people. I'm a very nice person at all times and at most I get very hyper and sometimes extreamly horny. My most greatest turn ons are licking, bitting, and teasing. I'm a great person to get along with as long as you dont piss me off. I hate when people keep asking the same question over and over, it gets to annoying. I hate when people keep begging after i give them the asnwer they dont like and im sorry but it pisses me off. Also dont message me saying your nlove with me cause of my profile cause thats stupid and a lie so if you plane to message me that then dont bother cause ill either delete the message or reply telling you how stupid you are to love someone just by there fucking profile. Finally dont message me for just my wiki passwords cause i wont give them to you. If you want to know more about me just message me i wont bite, hard.

My favorite songs.

My Mummy = []
My Sons = []
My Fairy God Mothers = []
My Idols = []
My Bitches = []
My Angels = []
My Hotties = []
My Hunis = []
My Babes = []
My Sexy girls =[]
My Camping Partners = []
My Lover = [Peace.]
My Pooh-Bear = []
My Number 1 = []
My Secret Admirers = []
My Prince Charming = [Peace.]
My Whores = []
My Boyfriend = [Peace.]
My Daddy = []
My Sisters = []
My Brothers = [Mad Rick]
My Daughters =
My girlfriend =
My Romeos = []
My Stalkers = [BYE!]
My Stars = []
My Devils = [DeeJay™]
My Funny guys = []
My Soulmate = []
My Partners In Crime = []
My Guardian Angels = []
My Baby boys =[]
My pets = [Body Breakdown]
My Dirty Dancers = []
My Body guards = []
My sexy guys = [Peace.]
My Slaves = [jec], [Body Breakdown]
My Bits on the side = []
My Buddy's = []
My Soul mate = []
My Best guys = []
My Best friends = []
My Smexy Vampires = [],
My Twilights = []
My Vampire believers = []
My Demolition Crew = []
My Rockstars = []
My Master's = [Peace.]

*Are you a virgin? no
*Age of First Kiss? Real kiss? first was 10 real kiss 17
*Age you first masturbated? 18
*Age you first had been fingered/ had a hand-job? 18
*Age first had recieved oral sex? -shrugs-
*Age first given oral sex? dont know
*Age lost virginity? 18
*Favorite sex position? me on top and doggy
*Do you make booty calls? i would
*Have you responded to a booty call? no
*Had sex with a member of the same sex? yes
*Had oral sex? rememin me what oral is again
*Had anal sex? no
*Had sex with someone you met online? no but i will ;D
*Had sex with someone you met on MySpace? yeah my first ex
*Kissed anyone you met on MySpace? yah
*The last time you had sex was? 8 months
*The last time you fooled around with someone? um 8 months
*Had cyber sex? yeah
*Kissed a member of the same sex? honestly yes with tounge
*Number of memebers you kissed of the same sex is? two
*Kissed in public? Yes
*Used more than 3 positions in one session? yes and it was fun
*Devoted a whole day 0f sex ? no but im willing to
*Had noise complaints from neighbors during a sex session? not yet XD
*Received open praise for sexual technique? i dont know
*Fallen or lost balance during sex? no
*Brought partner to climax using only hands? not yet
*Brought partner to climax using only mouth? yes
*Had sex while totally dressed? no clothes are ove rated. joking XD
*Had sex while standing up? yes the basement and kitchen
*Had sex in the kitchen? yeah, on the counter
*Had sex in your bedroom? yes of course..
*Had sex in the laundry room? no, but lets go try
*Had sex in your bed? yes i hit my head while doing it
*Had sex in your parents bed? no
*Had sex on a table? no
*Had sex in a bathroom? no, but lets try
*Had sex during a party? no but i wana try
*Had drunkin sex? no but i wana
*Exotically licked feet or sucked toes? no
*Exotically likced someone's nipple? kinda
*Had sex during her/your "monthly visit"? no
*Used whipped cream/soft chocolate erotically? no but i might like it
*Used ice erotically? no but it sound turning on
*Used hot melted wax erotically? no
*Shaved your pubic hair? yes always now...
*Used a sex toy? in masterbating yes sex no
*Own a sex toy? yes one
*Used an inanimate object (bottle, candle, etc.)? no
*Obtained money or a favor for sex? no
*Paid or granted a favor for sex? no
*Given sex in sympathy? no
*Had sex with a virgin? no
*Ever cheated on someone? no, but i almost did...
*Been with someone 10 years older/younger than you? no but i don't mind...
*Had sex with your best friend of the opposite sex? no
*What is the most you've done with them? um i dont remember
*Had sex with just a friend? no
*Had sex with anothers mate? no
*Had sex with a teacher? no
*Had sex with a boss? no
*Had sex with a relative? almost
*Had sex with a pet? ewwwww
*Had sex with someone the same day that you met them? no
*Had sex with someone whose name you didn't know? no
*Had sex with someone you never spoke to/spoke different languages? No
*Had more than 20 sexual partners? No
*Had more than 10 sexual partners? no
*Had more than 5 sexual partners? no
*Had more than 3 sexual partners? no but im up to trying only 1 i know pathatic
*Had two separate sexual partners within 24 hours? no
*Made out with more than 20 different people? no even less then ten lets say um... three
*Fooled around with more than 20 different people? N0
*Fooled around with more than 10 different people? no im the shy type
*Had a menage-a-trois? no
*Had group sex (more than 3)? no
*Participated in a swap/swinging club? No
*Had two regular partners at the same time? no
*Had sex in a public place? no
*Had sex outdoors in broad daylight? no
*Had sex on the roof of a building? no
*Had sex in a stationary car? no
*Had sex in a taxi cab? No
*Had sex in a moving car? no but i would like to
*Are you a member of the mile high club? no
*Had sex outdoors at night? no but im up to it
*Had two sexual partners at the same time unaware of each other? no
*Had sex in the host's bedroom while a day guest (party/social visit)? no
*Had sex in the host's bedrom while an overnight guest? kinda it was at my first ex's house.
*Had sex in a public room while an overnight guest? no
*Had sex at your office or other work area? no
*Met partner during work hours to have sex? no
*Had sex in a public restroom? no ewww
*Had sex on public transportation (bus, train, taxi, etc.)? no
*Had sex in a dark theatre? no
*Had sex in the water (ocean, lake, pool, hot tub)? no but i want to
*Had sex in an elevator? No but i want to...
*Had sex in a cemetery? no
*Had sex in a store dressing room? no
*Used alcohol to lower your resistance to sexual advances? No
*Allowed yourself to be felt up by a stranger? no but i woud is a stranger asked
*Felt a stranger up? no
*Looked at a nude magazine? yes
*Looked at an explicit magazine? yes
*Watched a porno? Yes
*Look at porn online? Yes
*Seen a live stripper? no, but i will next year on my 21 birthday!
*Seen a live sex show? no
*Watched someone having sex without their knowledge? no
*Showered with a partner? no but im up to it
*Bathed with someone? no but i want to
*Flashed someone? Yes
*Streaked with a group of six or more? no
*Stripped for someone? yes
*Stripped for a group of 3 or more? no
*Participated at a nude beach or nudist camp? no but wanna
*Been the only nude person in a group of 3 or more? no
*Played strip poker (or a similar game involving nudity)? no
*Showered while someone watched? no
*Masturbated? Yes
*Masturbated while someone watched? yes
*Masturbated for a group of three or more people? no
*Masturbated covertly in public? kinda
*Masturbated while on the phone? yes
*The last time you masturbated while on the phone? two weeks ago
*Masturbated while watching someone on cam? yeah
*The last time you masturbated while watching someone on cam? yeah but dont remember when that was
*Masturbated to someone's picture? yes
*Had sex while you knew someone was watching? no
*Been walked in on while having sex? no
*Walked in on someone else having sex? yeah... kinda gross i was 6 when i walked in on them
*Had phone sex? yes
*Watched a porno film with a sexual partner? no
*Been the photographer for a nude photo? no
*Been photographed nude? yes
*Been photographed having sex? no
*Been videotaped having sex? no
*Watched a regular sexual partner having sex with someone else? no

Did u know? B4 u go to sleep at night there is 1 person of the opposite sex thinking of u. They want you they want to kiss u, They want to be with u they are always thinking about u b4 they go to sleep at night they are longing to be with u. This is all true not a fake if u re post this to in 5 minutes the person that is longing to be with you will approach you in a month and ask u out or grab u and snog the face off u.

1. Your Name:
2. Age:
3. Fave Color:
4. Birthday:
[HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ...]
1. Are we friends?
2. Do you have a crush on me?
3. Would you kiss me?
4. ...with tongue?
5. Would you enjoy it?
6. Would you ever ask me out?
7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater?
9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick?
10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before?
11.Would you walk on the beach with me?
12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me?
13. Do you/have you talked about me?
14. Do you think I'm a good person?
15. Would u take a nap with me?
16. Do you like me more than a friend?
17.Do you think I'm cute?
18. If you could change anything about me would you?
19.Would you dance with me?
20.Would you come over for no reason just to hang out?
[What Do You Think Of My?]
[W0ULD Y0U...]
[] go out with me?
[] give me your number?
[] kiss me?
[] let me kiss you?
[] watch a movie with me?
[] take me out to dinner?
[] drive me somewhere?
[] hug me?
[] buy me food?
[] take me home to meet your family?
[] would you let me sleep with you in your bed if i didn't have one?
[] sing car karaoke w/ me?
[] sit in the doctors office with me because I didn't want to go alone?
[] re-post this for me to answer your questions?

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Gender: female

Place of living: USA-Florida

Exact place of living: Somewhre in the dark corners of your mind

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General Interests
plain role playingwriting

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