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[#newsfeed] - FI's Live News Feed Updates About Your Favorite Wiki.
[#FYI] - For Your Information What The Isle Of Dreams Is All About.
[#IC] - Inquiry Chronicles A Poll That Changes Because We Care About Your Opinion On Certain Topics.
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[#AMM] - Ask Mr McAllister Simple Q&A About The Shoreline.
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[#CM] - Candy Mountain Our Brother Browser For The Guys.
[#TWDW] - The Walice Doesn't Work Our First Non-Affiliation Wiki.

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FI's Live News Feed

October 23rd

· Removed [deletionmode] From The Knockouts.

February 5th

· Added NEW Pictures Of [Doll] To The Knockouts.
· Removed The Fantasy Challenges Wiki.
· Added [☆Shαwtÿ] To The Knockouts.

February 9th

· As Of Today, Fantasy Island Has Come To Terms With [Ri]. We Wish Her The Best In Her Future Endeavors.

February 12th

· As Of Today, Fantasy Island Has Come To Terms With [Fuck people.]. We Wish Her The Best In Her Future Endeavors.

March 4th

· Fantasy Island Has Re-Signed [Ri]. You Can Now View Her NEW Photos In The Knockouts.


Want to know more information of what Fantasy Island is all about?
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That's why this is For Your Information.


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328) What's your favorite part about The Isle Of Dreams? (Administrator: [TheThird])

Number of voters: 10
* a) The Knockouts
Number of votes: 9 (90%) Voters: [The Effect], [zzzzzzzzzzzz], [Misty], [Bo], [Cid Highwind], [Taboo_Girl], [ANGEL HEAVEN], [The Iron Warrior], [CrystalMaiden]

* b) The Interviews
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Abide by these Rules & Regulations.
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· Use one of the following: The names "Logan" or "Riley" or Initials "LMA" or "LRM" or Surphrases "III" or "3rd" or wiki names "Fantasy Island" or "FI" or "Knockout" must be written on your body --anywhere on your body: face, boobs, stomach, legs, forehead, collar bone, ear, doesn't matter, just anywhere on your body-- in the photographed area. You may also combine certain names, initials, or surphrases but it is not necessary.
· Nudity is welcomed but not necessary. If you should do nudity, please make it your best asset.
-In the case of nudity, you must be of at least 18 years of age. Any underage nudity will not be posted and will be immediately deleted. Underage nudity will not be tolerated!
· Dressing up is greatly appreciated and encouraged (being this is Fantasy Island) but not necessary. If you choose to dress up, you must dress up as a "fantasy." Choose from fantasies such as Teacher/School Girl, Doctor/Nurse, Cheerleader, Police Officer, A Secretary, etc.
-In the case of dressing up, not much is required if you would like to show nudity as well but you must be able to be identified as your dressed up profession. Also, if you are submitting a photo to be entered in the Project Fantasy contest, please specify.
· As gratitude for your participation, each participant will receive a Fantasy Island logo of their choosing to post on their profile.
· All participants must submit their photos via private message before the photos will be posted.
· All submissions will go into "The Knockouts" section. NOT "Fantasy Challenge" contest section, unless specified by the participant.
· If at any time you feel uncomfortable or just want to be taken down from anything you are featured in, we will be sad to see you go, however, we will honor your request and do so immediately no questions asked.

The Knockouts
What you're about to witness are some of the most beautiful women in the world.
These women are so delicate and gorgeous.
If you look up the word "hot" or "sexy" you'll find pictures of these women.
The women, you ask? Well, you'll find them right down below.

Be Sure To Check Out This Newly Re-Signed Hottie:


To View This Image
For Other Knockouts,
Please Visit:
The Knockouts.

Knockout Speaks gives our Knockouts a chance to tell us about themselves.
There you will find previous Knockouts Speaking and below you'll find new Knockouts Speaking.
Some of these Knockouts may or may not have two interviews.
If you'd rather just jump in to a certain section:
Public Places | Private Parts

Our latest Knockouts to Speak are [Doll] & [elohvee3].
Below you can find both brief bios as well as comments from one of our Board Of Directors.


Brief Public Places Bio:
This gorgeous Knockout is cutoff from technology, still using a CD Player, drinks Jack & Coke, and wants to be a model.
A model, eh? *drools over [Doll]'s pics* Sorry.
Brief Private Parts Bio:
This phenomenal bisexual Knockout loves the taste of her own cum, is practically naked all day and loves generally everything about sex.
Wow. What I wouldn't give for one night with her. No, seriously.


Brief Public Places Bio:
Born in North Hollywood, CA, this Knockout plans to major in Nursing and loves the season of Fall.
Hollywood. 'Nuff Said.

Below is our Board of Directors.
For more information on how you can become a Board of Director, follow the link below.

Mr. McAllister


Mrs. Doll


Chef Scott

Chef Scott owns and operates his own wiki very similar to Fantasy Island called My Sexy Chefs. Be sure to check it out!

Fantasy Island's Board Of Directors

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2009-10-15 [foxyvixen17]: my dad only had a 1 yr subscription and i love to read the maxim ones lots of ideas to use hehe

2009-10-15 [Doll]: lol, cool :P

2009-10-15 [foxyvixen17]: im bad when it comes to swiping things

2009-10-15 [Doll]: lol... >.<

2009-10-15 [foxyvixen17]: *giggles holding a hersheys bar*

2009-10-15 [Doll]: *giggles as well mouth full of hershey kisses* *looks a bit like a chipmunk*

2009-10-15 [foxyvixen17]: *nibbles the bar* DJ is a nutty one huh?

2009-10-15 [Doll]: *mumbles something incoherent, then smiles with cheeks still buldgy*

2009-10-15 [foxyvixen17]: *looks confused* i'll take that as a yes

2009-10-15 [Doll]: um hmmm

2009-10-15 [foxyvixen17]: *smiles* i still have to make him a stick thinking of being a she devil for it but if not i'll be an angel and write "He never listen to me but he's an adorible devil"

2009-10-15 [Doll]: awesome

2009-10-15 [foxyvixen17]: wal-mart is the best place for me to look all i need r wings and a halo sence my graduation gown is white

2009-10-15 [Doll]: yep! oh dressing up is fun :)

2009-10-15 [foxyvixen17]: yes it is well i have to hop in the shower seeing my ex for a date

2009-10-15 [Doll]: oh, fun... shower ^_^

2009-10-15 [foxyvixen17]: lol

2009-10-15 [Doll]: what? showers are fun :)

2009-10-15 [foxyvixen17]: for u maybe but thats cuz u have a partner to jion u

2009-10-15 [Doll]: i still have fun when im by myself -_- splashing around in water, and im a shower singer :P

2010-11-03 [☆Shαwtÿ]: [I would like to be removed *compleatly* from this wiki and all side pages, Please.]

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