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2011-06-05 05:28:09
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2010-12-31 [kinkycandycane]: i love the little flame fox thing

2010-12-31 [.:Miu~Misha:.]: its a wolf lol but thank you

2010-12-31 [kinkycandycane]: Your Welcome Its Just Super Adorable I Couldent Helb But Comment

2010-12-31 [.:Miu~Misha:.]: its ok :)

2011-01-02 [Burakku Rozu]: That's quite good! Can't wait to see more :3

2011-01-02 [.:Miu~Misha:.]: thank you :) <3

2011-01-03 [kinkycandycane]: you are good at drawing hun

2011-01-03 [.:Miu~Misha:.]: thank you lol

2011-01-03 [kinkycandycane]: welcome hun

2011-06-07 [The Iron Warrior]: these are marvelous hon!!!!!

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