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2011-05-25 [kazakami]: lol yeah it was lol but still hehehe

2011-05-25 [Death's Hellhound]: yea I'm in a very uncomfortable place between needing to get shit done and having an emo it doesn't work very well... big kitty is stuck in little kitty form right now

2011-05-25 [kazakami]: awww *pets u* wish i could help

2011-05-25 [Death's Hellhound]: *crawls into your lap* you are helping

2011-05-25 [kazakami]: *keeps petting u* good i am glad

2011-05-25 [Death's Hellhound]: *settles there refuses to move purring a little* did you know cats purr when they're upset, scared or sick as well as when they're happy?

2011-05-25 [kazakami]: no i didnt it good to know

2011-05-25 [The Iron Warrior]: hon this is a weird question but not being disrespect full but in yr cat form and u are in a wiki do u use a litter box,i not being funny hon but like if you are in tiger form in a house or somethin ?

2011-05-25 [Death's Hellhound]: mhm that's why when you're upset your kitty purrs he's trying to comfort you. >.> or she. I'm a cat stuck in human form when I take cat form I don't need a litter box...I can just go back to human form and go use the bathroom

2011-05-25 [The Iron Warrior]: and i knew that hon sorry if im but in if so tell me to shut up

2011-05-25 [kazakami]: ahhh ok that makes sense *keeps petting u*

2011-05-25 [Death's Hellhound]: *simply snuggles deeper into my lady's lap daring you to try and move me*

2011-05-25 [kazakami]: *i start trying to shift u slightly*

2011-05-25 [Death's Hellhound]: *moves as you wish me to but not off your lap*

2011-05-25 [kazakami]: *i smile and pet u again* i dont want u to move off my lap

2011-05-25 [The Iron Warrior]: goes to other wiki and starts to hover it.leaving u two alone

2011-05-25 [Death's Hellhound]: *purrs and nods* I know I'm just moving to make you move comfortable my lady*

2011-05-25 [kazakami]: *smiles and gives u a treat*

2011-05-26 [Death's Hellhound]: *contemplates it but just continues to purr*

2013-01-09 [Harden my Heart]: Im looking for a nice owl gif

2018-09-04 [The Iron Warrior]: i have one some where

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