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2016-02-02 [Lord Arthin]: He smiles and dips his oil coated fingers between her legs, teasing her slit, her perineum and her rear entrance.

2016-02-02 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her legs shift slightly, tilting her core up towards his light fingered touch with a quiet moan.

2016-02-02 [Lord Arthin]: He teases her again, fingers pressing against her flesh and moving in small circles as his mouth lowers to take one nipple in.

2016-02-02 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her breathe draws shallow under the blended sensations, her breasts hardening to the touch of his lips against skin.

2016-02-02 [Lord Arthin]: He sucks on her nipple, teeth teasing the bar through it as his fingers press against her tight ring. He adds more oil to his hand and rolls his eyes to look up at her.

2016-02-02 [Pretty Little Slut]: Sharp pants of pleasure slip from her lips as her hips press back. Well oiled skin sliding easily around the slight pressure of his touch, relaxed muscles plaint.

2016-02-02 [Lord Arthin]: He nips her nipple, his thumb in her pearl as his finger slips inside that ring, slowly working around in a circle to loosen and stretch the muscles.

2016-02-02 [Pretty Little Slut]: A groan, breathy with pleasure is caught in her throat as she jerks, briefly tensing her body around his as the trio of sensations melts her open under him.

2016-02-02 [Lord Arthin]: He adds a second finger, stretching her further, opening her up fingers slide into her soaking wet slit, thumb on her pearl as his tongue lathes her nipple, swirling and flicking

2016-02-02 [Pretty Little Slut]: Brows drawn tight with her focus, she balances between relaxing her body to his questing fingers and the building pleasure as her teases and plays along her core, hands carressing his head and shoulders.

2016-02-02 [Lord Arthin]: With one last bite he moves up her body, his hand stroking his shaft, oiling it before placing the tip at her hole and pressing slowly and firmly.

2016-02-02 [Pretty Little Slut]: She bares her teeth in a taunt grin as her legs part slightly to his pressing length, muscles slowly giving way before him. She shifts uo on her elbows behind her, the position holding her body relaxed and oen.

2016-02-02 [Lord Arthin]: He kisses her lips as he pushes himself into her, his hands on either side of her, holding his weight until he hilts himself in her.

2016-02-02 [Pretty Little Slut]: Her moan of pleasure muffles in his kiss as she tilts her head to meet him. A deep shiver convulses her around his hitled lengt, reacting to the deep pressure.

2016-02-02 [Lord Arthin]: Slowly he pulls out just the the rung in him then pushes back into her. "So very tighht..." He whispers against her lips , balancing his weight on one hand so the other can stroke her nethers

2016-02-02 [Pretty Little Slut]: She hisses in need, twisting her hips around his hilting length eagerly. Moving carefully, she tucks her legs under her, spreading her body open to his evan as the position bends and lifts her chest agaisnt him.

2016-02-03 [Lord Arthin]: Slowly he begins to slide himself in and out of her, the bars through his shaft catching ever so slightly on that tight ring of muscles as he takes her anally, his chest pressing against hers.

2016-02-04 [Pretty Little Slut]: Soft groans of pleasure sound the room, punctuated by sharper points at the tug of metal thrusting within her.

2016-02-05 [Lord Arthin]: He lowersmiles his mouth, biting her hard on the neck before pulling out of her suddenly. "Turn over." The note of command in his voice makes it quite clear this is not a request.

2016-02-09 [Pretty Little Slut]: Gasping sharply at the bite a she flinches under him, she flips over once he pulls from her. Tucking her knees slightly under her so she can press her back and ass up against his body in a blatant tease.

2016-02-10 [Lord Arthin]: He groans slightly at the tease and grinds against her. Leaning forward his hand tangled in her hair, gripping tightly and pulling her head back. Playfully, he growls in her ear "you're going to pay for that". Hips away from hers, lining up, and he slams forward into her ass, skin slapping against skin, the new position giving him the leverage to go deeper and harder than before

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