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Today’s movie review is a French classic from the ‘80s entitled Cathy, Fille Soumise, which translated to English means, Cathy, Daughter Submitted.

This is one of those movies where the language barrier DOES make a difference. If not for the sex scenes, I would have been totally confounded by the plot. As it is, I am still mainly confounded by the plot. Maybe not so much confounded by the plot as to the characters’ responses to what takes place within the plot and action.

The French seem to have an extreme lust for forced sex and rape fetishes. I’m not sure if I have ever seen a French porn made that doesn’t involve at least one such scene, and this is no exception.

I think the screen play was written based on the writer wanting to see a woman tied to these trees...

...and of course, the post gang bang catatonic state where she is wondering if she actually was violated or if the really bad stuff is yet to come (no double entendre intended).

The movie begins with a feebly played out abduction scene with edit cuts that will leave you with whiplash and asking, “Why?” Just watch the first five minutes if you don’t believe me. The plot begins unfolding from here with a lackluster bondage/rape scene in which the main female character is tied spread-eagle to four trees in the woods and her three abductors do a pretty crappy job of sexually abusing her. And she does a pretty crappy job of acting like this is a violation. As the plot furthers down this path we come to learn (no double-entendre intended) that the leader of this gang of three is an ex-boyfriend… or maybe an agent… or maybe a promoter… anyway, he’s a guy she used to fuck, but never looked like she enjoyed doing it. After their relationship apparently ended he became abusive and now abducts her occasionally to sexually assault her with his two best friends.

Meanwhile, the main character begins a relationship with… this guy.

Oh look! It's Doug Flutie's Doppelganger!

She plays hard to get with him – when really it is pretty apparent she isn’t hard to get; all he needs is some rope and a couple of friends. 

In typical French fashion the movie moves awkwardly from sex scene to sex scene without seemingly any continuity between any of them. Our main male character on the protagonist side has a fling with the venerable Bridgitte Lahaie on a moving hay wagon. Not as romantic as it sounds. Then he has a fling in his barn with Bridgitte and her friend they picked up from the train station. Again – hay, barnyard animals, the smell, undoubtedly lots of bugs and flies – how erotic can this be in reality? All the while though, he is captivated by the main female character that he cannot have.

What? Sex on a moving hay cart and you're using HONEY as ANAL LUBE??? What the hell are they thinking???

Until after one particularly brutal episode on gang rape by the three amigos where they forced her to masturbate with a zucchini… IN THE PROTAGONIST’S BARN. Yeah… it’s a WTF moment. Afterward she goes running into the arms of her would-be stalker/not-so-secret admirer in tears apparently because she was violated by produce and three guys that might as well be produce. The protagonist, outraged, races to his house to get his gun to enact revenge and the female lead… what does she do? Of course, she quickly gets over it, begs him no to kill her attackers and then love between them blooms.

"Honey, I don't have a chest vagina. Why are you poking me with this here?"

Doesn’t that happen every day with rape victims? Oh, those silly rape victims!

I don't care if you are watching a hot woman masturbate with a zucchini. Sitting around jacking off with two of your friends is GAY.

It is only after this that she gives her new found love and the viewers some insight as to how this all came about. However, if you don’t know French, the subsequent back-story clips are confusing and slightly illogical, but you’ll get the idea.

Oh, and in there somewhere, we get a less than hot lesbian three-way where they use a banana for a dildo. Produce must have been on sale that week. I’m not sure how you can make three hot women getting in on almost a turn-off and a waste of time in a porn movie, but in this one they managed.

No! A banana? Really? Common'!

The story concludes with all of the friends of the male and female protagonists abducting the leader of the three amigos and tying him up shirtless… where else? In the barn. They torture him by biting his penis a little, giving him a swat to the balls, whipping him ONCE with a piece of straw and the most horrific of tortures: they have an orgy and make him watch.


"HA-HA! This'll show'em! What? People enjoy this? People even pay to see this??? Dammit! Get out of my barn!"

They then untie him and kick him out form the scene that was apparently so distressful, he panics and drives his car off of a cliff. And of course, in typical movie fashion, the car drives down the hill, rolls over once and explodes as if shot with a bazooka, thus ending the saga.

"OH NO! A Cliff! I can't watch! Or steer... or do anything logical..."

...ah, it's not so bad...

...I think he's going to be alright...

...he'll be ok....

...well... maybe a little banged up...

..never mind.

And then they end the movie with the antagonists getting it on standing up against a tree in a rain storm – under a practically cloudless sky. 

Miracles like that are regular occurrences in France.

Bonus miracle – not a single hairy armpit on any actress. Unheard of in a French film!

All-in-all I give this one two boners out of five. They do at least attempt some plot structure and some cleanly shaven armpits are a bonus. Blowing up a car must have wiped out the budget, but the ridiculousness of the story and the directing were too much to overcome.

No double entendre intended.

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2011-09-27 [Echo]: LOL! Oh god.

2011-09-27 [crudezza]: That was my reaction to a lot of this movie. LOL! Oh, god!

2011-09-30 [The Mystik Warrior of the Storm]: i love cars going off cliffs but it looks better backwards

2011-09-30 [Echo]: That thing rolled off the hill at like 20 miles an hour, slowly turned over, then exploded.

2011-09-30 [The Mystik Warrior of the Storm]: dont they always explode lmao.

2011-09-30 [Echo]: They must keep bombs under the hood >.>

2011-09-30 [The Mystik Warrior of the Storm]: yep! i guess you could say that could of been the hottest scene in the movie!!! yuk yuk yuk

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